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Bonnyrigg Rose v Cumbernauld Colts Head to Head

Last 10 Bonnyrigg Rose
Comp Date H A S WDL
Lland28‑Nov‑20Bonnyrigg RoseEast Kilbride2‑1W
Lland24‑Nov‑20Bonnyrigg RoseVale of Leithen5‑0W
Lland14‑Nov‑20Spartans FCBonnyrigg Rose0‑2W
Lland10‑Nov‑20Bonnyrigg RoseCivil Service Strollers2‑0W
Lland07‑Nov‑20East StirlingBonnyrigg Rose2‑1L
Lland31‑Oct‑20Bonnyrigg RoseCumbernauld Colts1‑1D
Lland28‑Oct‑20Stirling UniversityBonnyrigg Rose1‑1D
Lland17‑Oct‑20Bonnyrigg RoseGretna 20083‑0W
Lland13‑Oct‑20Bonnyrigg RoseCaledonian Braves2‑0W
Lland10‑Oct‑20Gala FairydeanBonnyrigg Rose0‑4W
Last 10 Cumbernauld Colts
Comp Date H A S WDL
Lland04‑Dec‑20Cumbernauld ColtsSpartans FC2‑6L
Lland28‑Nov‑20Cumbernauld ColtsCaledonian Braves0‑1L
Lland25‑Nov‑20Cumbernauld ColtsKelty Hearts0‑2L
Lland21‑Nov‑20Kelty HeartsCumbernauld Colts5‑0L
Lland14‑Nov‑20Vale of LeithenCumbernauld Colts0‑4W
Lland11‑Nov‑20East StirlingCumbernauld Colts2‑3W
Lland07‑Nov‑20Cumbernauld ColtsGala Fairydean0‑2L
Lland31‑Oct‑20Bonnyrigg RoseCumbernauld Colts1‑1D
Lland28‑Oct‑20BSC GlasgowCumbernauld Colts4‑0L
Lland24‑Oct‑20Cumbernauld ColtsEdinburgh University3‑0W
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Lland 31‑Oct‑20 Bonnyrigg Rose Cumbernauld Colts 1‑1
Lland 21‑Dec‑19 Bonnyrigg Rose Cumbernauld Colts 5‑1
Lland 23‑Aug‑19 Cumbernauld Colts Bonnyrigg Rose 0‑2
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1East Stirling118122810+1825
2BSC Glasgow117313313+2024
3Kelty Hearts9801234+1924
4Bonnyrigg Rose10721235+1823
5East Kilbride10721216+1523
6Bo'ness United95312111+1018
7Spartans FC116052718+918
8Gala Fairydean96031815+318
9Stirling University115152120+116
10Civil Service Strollers104241010+014
12Cumbernauld Colts123181627-1110
13Gretna 200893061316-39
14Caledonian Braves11308923-149
15Dalbeattie Star8116919-104
16Edinburgh University11119534-294
17Vale of Leithen110011549-440
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bonnyrigg Rose6510152+1316
2Bo'ness United6420157+814
3East Kilbride5410163+1313
4BSC Glasgow5410143+1113
5Kelty Hearts5401151+1412
6Gala Fairydean6402139+412
7East Stirling531184+410
8Civil Service Strollers531153+210
9Spartans FC5302116+59
11Stirling University62131112-17
12Gretna 2008420275+26
13Caledonian Braves5104511-63
14Cumbernauld Colts6105613-73
15Edinburgh University6105320-173
16Dalbeattie Star301227-51
17Vale of Leithen4004420-160
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1East Stirling6501206+1415
2Kelty Hearts440083+512
3BSC Glasgow63211910+911
4East Kilbride531153+210
5Spartans FC63031612+49
6Stirling University5302108+29
7Bonnyrigg Rose421183+57
8Cumbernauld Colts6213914-57
9Gala Fairydean320155+06
10Caledonian Braves6204412-86
11Bo'ness United311164+24
12Civil Service Strollers511357-24
14Dalbeattie Star5104712-53
15Gretna 20085104611-53
16Edinburgh University5014214-121
17Vale of Leithen7007129-280
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Gala Fairydean6501155+1015
2Kelty Hearts6501112+915
3Bonnyrigg Rose6411134+913
4Civil Service Strollers641173+413
5Spartans FC6402229+1312
6East Stirling64021410+412
7BSC Glasgow6321188+1011
8East Kilbride632194+511
9Gretna 20086303115+69
10Bo'ness United62311110+19
11Stirling University62041014-46
12Cumbernauld Colts6204913-46
13Caledonian Braves6204616-106
15Dalbeattie Star6114614-84
16Edinburgh University6114418-144
17Vale of Leithen6006030-300
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Kelty Hearts10811238+1525
2Bonnyrigg Rose10721235+1823
3East Kilbride10721216+1523
4East Stirling107122710+1722
5BSC Glasgow106313112+1921
6Gala Fairydean107032214+821
7Bo'ness United95312111+1018
8Stirling University105142018+216
9Spartans FC105052517+815
10Civil Service Strollers104241010+014
12Cumbernauld Colts103161420-610
13Gretna 2008103071317-49
14Caledonian Braves10307921-129
15Dalbeattie Star10127923-145
16Edinburgh University10118530-254
17Vale of Leithen100010548-430
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1East Kilbride6510203+1716
2BSC Glasgow6510174+1316
3Bonnyrigg Rose6510152+1316
4Bo'ness United6420157+814
5Kelty Hearts6411155+1013
6Civil Service Strollers641163+313
7Spartans FC6402137+612
8Gala Fairydean6402139+412
10East Stirling631297+210
11Gretna 2008622286+28
12Stirling University62131112-17
13Caledonian Braves6105714-73
14Cumbernauld Colts6105613-73
15Edinburgh University6105320-173
16Dalbeattie Star6024313-102
17Vale of Leithen6015423-191
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Kelty Hearts6600133+1018
2East Stirling6501206+1415
3BSC Glasgow63211910+911
4East Kilbride632175+211
5Bonnyrigg Rose6312138+510
6Spartans FC63031612+49
7Stirling University63031010+09
8Gala Fairydean62221114-38
9Cumbernauld Colts62131012-27
10Caledonian Braves6204412-86
11Civil Service Strollers612368-25
12Bo'ness United311164+24
14Dalbeattie Star6114712-54
15Gretna 20086105612-63
16Edinburgh University6015216-141
17Vale of Leithen6006128-270
Bonnyrigg Rose Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Cumbernauld Colts Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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