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Bright Stars FC v KCCA FC Head to Head

Last 10 Bright Stars FC
Comp Date H A S WDL
Prem18‑Dec‑20Wakiso GiantsBright Stars FC2‑2D
Prem15‑Dec‑20Bright Stars FCMYDA FC3‑2W
Prem12‑Dec‑20Express FCBright Stars FC2‑1L
Prem08‑Dec‑20URA FCBright Stars FC0‑0D
Prem03‑Dec‑20Bright Stars FCKCCA FC1‑2L
Prem04‑Mar‑20Bright Stars FCMbarara City1‑3L
Prem28‑Feb‑20SC VillaBright Stars FC2‑1L
Prem22‑Feb‑20Bright Stars FCProline1‑0W
Prem18‑Feb‑20Police FCBright Stars FC1‑2W
Prem05‑Feb‑20Bright Stars FCJinja SSS3‑0W
Last 10 KCCA FC
Comp Date H A S WDL
Prem18‑Dec‑20KCCA FCURA FC1‑2L
Prem15‑Dec‑20SC VillaKCCA FC2‑1L
Prem11‑Dec‑20KCCA FCMbarara City2‑0W
Prem08‑Dec‑20KCCA FCOnduparaka8‑0W
Prem03‑Dec‑20Bright Stars FCKCCA FC1‑2W
Prem03‑Mar‑20KCCA FCProline0‑0D
Prem26‑Feb‑20Police FCKCCA FC0‑1W
Prem22‑Feb‑20KCCA FCExpress FC1‑1D
Prem18‑Feb‑20Vipers FCKCCA FC0‑0D
Prem04‑Feb‑20KCCA FCMaroons FC2‑1W
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Prem 03‑Dec‑20 Bright Stars FC KCCA FC 1‑2
Prem 14‑Jan‑20 Bright Stars FC KCCA FC 2‑1
Prem 05‑Oct‑19 KCCA FC Bright Stars FC 1‑1
Prem 09‑Feb‑19 Bright Stars FC KCCA FC 0‑0
Prem 23‑Oct‑18 KCCA FC Bright Stars FC 2‑0
Prem 19‑May‑18 Bright Stars FC KCCA FC 1‑2
Prem 17‑Oct‑17 KCCA FC Bright Stars FC 0‑0
Prem 04‑Apr‑17 KCCA FC Bright Stars FC 2‑1
Prem 25‑Oct‑16 Bright Stars FC KCCA FC 1‑2
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1UPDF FC5401113+812
2URA FC532073+411
3Police FC5311112+910
4KCCA FC5302145+99
6Express FC422053+28
8Vipers FC321085+37
9SC Villa521286+27
10Wakiso Giants505066+05
11Bright Stars FC512278-15
12Bul FC511368-24
13Mbarara City5032510-53
14MYDA FC4013812-41
15Jinja SSS5014515-101
16Kitara FC5014416-121
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1UPDF FC330061+59
3KCCA FC3201112+96
4SC Villa220051+46
5Express FC220031+26
6Police FC211030+34
7URA FC211021+14
8Vipers FC110021+13
9Wakiso Giants303055+03
10Bright Stars FC210144+03
12Mbarara City202022+02
13Bul FC201124-21
14MYDA FC301269-31
15Jinja SSS301259-41
16Kitara FC3003213-110
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1URA FC321052+37
2Police FC320182+66
4Vipers FC211064+24
5UPDF FC210152+33
6Bul FC310244+03
7KCCA FC210133+03
9Express FC202022+02
10Wakiso Giants202011+02
11Bright Stars FC302134-12
12Kitara FC201123-11
13SC Villa301235-21
14Mbarara City301238-51
15MYDA FC100123-10
16Jinja SSS200206-60
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Police FC6411133+1013
2UPDF FC5401113+812
3Vipers FC6321148+611
4URA FC632185+311
5Express FC632175+211
6KCCA FC6312145+910
7SC Villa631296+310
10Bul FC6213108+27
11Wakiso Giants606066+06
12Mbarara City6132811-36
13Bright Stars FC6123811-35
14Jinja SSS6114615-94
15MYDA FC4013812-41
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Vipers FC105411810+819
2SC Villa106131510+519
3KCCA FC10532187+1118
4URA FC105321411+318
5Express FC10532118+318
7Bright Stars FC104241514+114
8Police FC10415149+513
9Mbarara City103431416-213
10Jinja SSS104151118-713
11UPDF FC5401113+812
12Bul FC103161516-110
13Wakiso Giants101721011-110
15MYDA FC4013812-41
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1SC Villa6600113+818
3Vipers FC641192+713
4URA FC641195+413
5Express FC640295+412
6Bright Stars FC6402118+312
7Mbarara City633052+312
8KCCA FC6321144+1011
9Jinja SSS6312109+110
10UPDF FC330061+59
11Bul FC6222108+28
12Police FC622275+28
13Wakiso Giants615087+18
15MYDA FC301269-31
16Kitara FC3003213-110
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1URA FC632187+111
2KCCA FC631275+210
3Police FC6303106+49
4Vipers FC6231109+19
5Express FC623154+19
6Bright Stars FC613278-16
8Jinja SSS6204311-86
10SC Villa612379-25
11Mbarara City61231014-45
12UPDF FC210152+33
13Wakiso Giants603325-33
14Bul FC6105610-43
15Kitara FC201123-11
16MYDA FC100123-10
Bright Stars FC Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
KCCA FC Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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