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Chornomorets Odesa v Oleksandria Head to Head

Last 10 Chornomorets Odesa
Comp Date H A S WDL
Visch16‑Mar‑19Chornomorets OdesaOleksandria0‑3L
Visch09‑Mar‑19FC MariupolChornomorets Odesa0‑0D
Visch02‑Mar‑19Chornomorets OdesaShakhtar Donetsk0‑1L
Visch23‑Feb‑19FK lvivChornomorets Odesa0‑1W
Visch08‑Dec‑18Chornomorets OdesaVorskla Poltava0‑1L
Visch03‑Dec‑18Dynamo KievChornomorets Odesa2‑0L
Visch25‑Nov‑18Chornomorets OdesaArsenal Kyiv2‑1W
Visch10‑Nov‑18Desna ChernihivChornomorets Odesa2‑0L
Visch04‑Nov‑18Chornomorets OdesaZorya Luhansk0‑3L
Visch28‑Oct‑18Chornomorets OdesaKarpaty Lviv0‑5L
Last 10 Oleksandria
Comp Date H A S WDL
Visch16‑Mar‑19Chornomorets OdesaOleksandria0‑3W
Visch10‑Mar‑19OleksandriaOlimpik Donetsk1‑1D
Visch03‑Mar‑19OleksandriaFC Mariupol1‑1D
Visch25‑Feb‑19Shakhtar DonetskOleksandria2‑0L
Visch09‑Dec‑18OleksandriaFK lviv1‑2L
Visch03‑Dec‑18Vorskla PoltavaOleksandria0‑1W
Visch25‑Nov‑18OleksandriaDynamo Kiev2‑1W
Visch10‑Nov‑18Arsenal KyivOleksandria0‑3W
Visch04‑Nov‑18OleksandriaDesna Chernihiv1‑1D
Visch27‑Oct‑18Zorya LuhanskOleksandria0‑0D
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Visch 16‑Mar‑19 Chornomorets Odesa Oleksandria 0‑3
Visch 06‑Oct‑18 Oleksandria Chornomorets Odesa 3‑2
Visch 21‑Apr‑18 Chornomorets Odesa Oleksandria 1‑3
Visch 10‑Mar‑18 Oleksandria Chornomorets Odesa 0‑0
Visch 04‑Nov‑17 Oleksandria Chornomorets Odesa 0‑0
Visch 06‑Aug‑17 Chornomorets Odesa Oleksandria 2‑2
Visch 21‑May‑17 Oleksandria Chornomorets Odesa 1‑1
Visch 16‑Apr‑17 Chornomorets Odesa Oleksandria 1‑0
Visch 11‑Dec‑16 Oleksandria Chornomorets Odesa 2‑1
Visch 11‑Sep‑16 Chornomorets Odesa Oleksandria 1‑0
Visch 19‑Mar‑16 Chornomorets Odesa Oleksandria 1‑2
Visch 30‑Aug‑15 Oleksandria Chornomorets Odesa 0‑0
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shakhtar Donetsk221831529+4357
2Dynamo Kiev2216244011+2950
4Zorya Luhansk228862820+832
5FK lviv227961920-130
6FC Mariupol228682433-930
7Vorskla Poltava2292111828-1029
8Desna Chernihiv2284102324-128
9Karpaty Lviv2256112637-1121
11Olimpik Donetsk2248102533-820
12Chornomorets Odesa2244141234-2216
13Arsenal Kyiv2233161242-3012
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shakhtar Donetsk11830255+2027
2Dynamo Kiev11902233+2027
4FC Mariupol115331215-318
5Zorya Luhansk11452127+517
6Vorskla Poltava11515914-516
7Desna Chernihiv11317814-610
8Chornomorets Odesa11317618-1210
9Olimpik Donetsk112361219-79
10FK lviv11155815-78
11Karpaty Lviv11128622-165
12Arsenal Kyiv11038625-193
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shakhtar Donetsk111001274+2330
2Dynamo Kiev11722178+923
3FK lviv11641115+622
5Desna Chernihiv115331510+518
6Karpaty Lviv114432015+516
7Zorya Luhansk114341613+315
8Vorskla Poltava11416914-513
9FC Mariupol113351218-612
10Olimpik Donetsk112541314-111
11Arsenal Kyiv11308617-119
12Chornomorets Odesa11137616-106
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Dynamo Kiev6600192+1718
2Shakhtar Donetsk6510142+1216
3FK lviv632164+211
4Zorya Luhansk631286+210
6FC Mariupol614168-27
7Desna Chernihiv612346-25
8Karpaty Lviv6123612-65
9Vorskla Poltava6123310-75
10Arsenal Kyiv6123412-85
11Chornomorets Odesa611417-64
12Olimpik Donetsk603369-33
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shakhtar Donetsk10820213+1826
2Dynamo Kiev10703257+1821
3Zorya Luhansk10532148+618
5FK lviv1044287+116
6Desna Chernihiv10433117+415
7FC Mariupol10343814-613
8Karpaty Lviv103251417-311
9Vorskla Poltava10325714-711
10Chornomorets Odesa10217318-157
11Olimpik Donetsk100551015-55
12Arsenal Kyiv10127521-165
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Dynamo Kiev6501161+1515
2Shakhtar Donetsk6420123+914
3FC Mariupol641176+113
4Zorya Luhansk632182+611
6Desna Chernihiv620457-26
7FK lviv613246-26
8Olimpik Donetsk612357-25
9Vorskla Poltava611429-74
10Chornomorets Odesa6105214-123
11Arsenal Kyiv6024312-92
12Karpaty Lviv6015215-131
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shakhtar Donetsk6600161+1518
2FK lviv642051+414
4Dynamo Kiev6402116+512
5Karpaty Lviv6312139+410
6Vorskla Poltava631276+110
7Desna Chernihiv623163+39
8Zorya Luhansk622289-18
9FC Mariupol6132510-56
10Chornomorets Odesa611438-54
11Olimpik Donetsk603369-33
12Arsenal Kyiv6105211-93
Chornomorets Odesa Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Oleksandria Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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