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Incheon United v Pohang Steelers Head to Head

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Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
KL28‑Nov‑21Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers0‑0
KL24‑Oct‑21Pohang SteelersIncheon United0‑1
KL11‑May‑21Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers1‑1
KL28‑Feb‑21Pohang SteelersIncheon United2‑1
KL26‑Jul‑20Pohang SteelersIncheon United1‑1
KL31‑May‑20Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers1‑4
KL25‑Aug‑19Pohang SteelersIncheon United5‑3
KL20‑Jul‑19Pohang SteelersIncheon United1‑2
KL11‑May‑19Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers0‑1
KL22‑Sep‑18Pohang SteelersIncheon United1‑0
KL04‑Aug‑18Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers1‑2
KL02‑May‑18Pohang SteelersIncheon United0‑0
KL14‑Oct‑17Pohang SteelersIncheon United5‑0
KL20‑Aug‑17Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers2‑0
KL21‑Jun‑17Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers0‑3
KL09‑Apr‑17Pohang SteelersIncheon United2‑0
KL29‑Oct‑16Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers3‑2
KL21‑Sep‑16Pohang SteelersIncheon United0‑1
KL23‑Jul‑16Pohang SteelersIncheon United3‑1
KL20‑Mar‑16Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers0‑2
KL12‑Aug‑15Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers0‑2
KL17‑Jun‑15Pohang SteelersIncheon United0‑2
KL25‑Apr‑15Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers1‑1
KL11‑Oct‑14Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers2‑1
KL23‑Jul‑14Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers0‑0
KL27‑Apr‑14Pohang SteelersIncheon United3‑0
KL30‑Oct‑13Pohang SteelersIncheon United2‑1
KL28‑Sep‑13Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers2‑2
KL29‑Jun‑13Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers2‑1
KL06‑Apr‑13Pohang SteelersIncheon United1‑1
KL22‑Jul‑12Pohang SteelersIncheon United2‑1
KL14‑Jun‑12Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers1‑1
KL17‑Sep‑11Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers0‑1
KL09‑Apr‑11Pohang SteelersIncheon United2‑2
KL22‑Aug‑10Pohang SteelersIncheon United3‑2
KL18‑Apr‑10Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers4‑0
KL04‑Oct‑09Pohang SteelersIncheon United2‑2
KL21‑Jun‑09Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers1‑4
KL23‑Aug‑08Incheon UnitedPohang Steelers2‑1
KL29‑Mar‑08Pohang SteelersIncheon United1‑2
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Jeonbuk Motors37301115+3273
2Ulsan Hyundai3721186+2171
3Daegu FC3720249-555
4Jeju United FC3730193+1054
5Suwon City FC3710368-648
6Pohang Steelers371210154043-346
6Suwon Bluewings3701318-646
8Incheon United371210153744-746
9FC Seoul371111154445-144
10Seongnam FC371111153344-1144
11Gangwon FC37913153850-1240
12Gwangju FC37106214153-1236
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Ulsan Hyundai1812513619+1741
2Jeonbuk Motors1812333620+1639
3Daegu FC198652123-230
4Seongnam FC198561919+029
5Incheon United197661714+327
6Jeju United FC187652424+027
7Suwon City FC188372628-227
8Gangwon FC186842318+526
9Pohang Steelers196582022-223
10FC Seoul195682122-121
11Suwon Bluewings195682129-821
12Gwangju FC185492226-419
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Jeonbuk Motors199733317+1634
2Ulsan Hyundai198652622+430
3Jeju United FC196942818+1027
4Suwon Bluewings187472119+225
5Daegu FC187472023-325
6FC Seoul186572323+023
7Pohang Steelers186572021-123
8Suwon City FC195682529-421
9Incheon United185492030-1019
10Gwangju FC1952121927-817
11Seongnam FC183691425-1115
12Gangwon FC1935111532-1714
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Jeonbuk Motors6411147+713
2Jeju United FC6321137+611
3FC Seoul6321127+511
4Ulsan Hyundai6312128+410
5Seongnam FC631267-110
6Incheon United623153+29
7Pohang Steelers621386+27
8Gwangju FC62131111+07
9Suwon Bluewings621348-47
10Daegu FC6213512-77
11Gangwon FC6132612-66
12Suwon City FC6105714-73
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Jeonbuk Motors10721198+1123
2Jeju United FC106222211+1120
3FC Seoul10541179+819
4Ulsan Hyundai105231611+517
5Seongnam FC105231111+017
6Daegu FC105231014-417
7Gangwon FC103431015-513
8Suwon Bluewings10325915-611
9Incheon United1024457-210
10Suwon City FC103161217-510
11Pohang Steelers102171215-37
12Gwangju FC102171420-67
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Ulsan Hyundai6510136+716
2Seongnam FC642083+514
3Jeonbuk Motors6411105+513
4Jeju United FC641184+413
5FC Seoul623196+39
6Suwon City FC6303911-29
7Gangwon FC622279-28
8Daegu FC6213411-77
9Suwon Bluewings6123513-85
10Incheon United611435-24
11Gwangju FC61141014-44
12Pohang Steelers6105911-23
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Jeju United FC6411178+913
2Jeonbuk Motors6411136+713
3Daegu FC632165+111
4FC Seoul6312118+310
5Ulsan Hyundai621398+17
6Gwangju FC621388+07
7Suwon Bluewings621345-17
8Pohang Steelers621346-27
9Incheon United613257-26
10Suwon City FC612388+05
11Gangwon FC6123511-65
12Seongnam FC6105413-93
Incheon United Over/Under (last 6 months)
GoalsOverUnder% Over
Pohang Steelers Over/Under (last 6 months)
GoalsOverUnder% Over