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Priority for transfer window?

Reduce squad size
Strengthen defence
Strengthen midfield
Strengthen attack
No change needed

Liechtenstein v Macedonia Head to Head

Last 10 Liechtenstein
Comp D H A S WDL
Eur Ch Qul09‑Oct‑17MacedoniaLiechtenstein4‑0L
Eur Ch Qul06‑Oct‑17LiechtensteinIsrael0‑1L
Eur Ch Qul05‑Sep‑17LiechtensteinSpain0‑8L
Eur Ch Qul04‑Sep‑17AlbaniaLiechtenstein2‑0L
Eur Ch Qul11‑Jun‑17ItalyLiechtenstein5‑0L
Eur Ch Qul24‑Mar‑17LiechtensteinMacedonia0‑3L
Eur Ch Qul12‑Nov‑16LiechtensteinItaly0‑4L
Eur Ch Qul09‑Oct‑16IsraelLiechtenstein2‑1L
Eur Ch Qul06‑Oct‑16LiechtensteinAlbania0‑2L
Last 10 Macedonia
Comp D H A S WDL
Eur Ch Qul09‑Oct‑17MacedoniaLiechtenstein4‑0W
Eur Ch Qul06‑Oct‑17ItalyMacedonia1‑1D
Eur Ch Qul05‑Sep‑17MacedoniaAlbania1‑1D
Eur Ch Qul02‑Sep‑17IsraelMacedonia0‑1W
Eur Ch Qul11‑Jun‑17MacedoniaSpain1‑2L
Eur Ch Qul24‑Mar‑17LiechtensteinMacedonia0‑3W
Eur Ch Qul12‑Nov‑16SpainMacedonia4‑0L
Eur Ch Qul09‑Oct‑16MacedoniaItaly2‑3L
Last 10 Meetings
Comp D H A S
Eur Ch Qul 09‑Oct‑17 Macedonia Liechtenstein 4‑0
Eur Ch Qul 24‑Mar‑17 Liechtenstein Macedonia 0‑3
Friendly 12‑Nov‑05 Liechtenstein Macedonia 1‑2
Eur Ch Qul 07‑Jun‑03 Macedonia Liechtenstein 3‑1
Eur Ch Qul 08‑Sep‑02 Liechtenstein Macedonia 1‑1

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