The Fishy - Grimsby Town FC

Man Utd v Nott'm Forest Head to Head

Last 10 Man Utd
Comp Date H A S WDL
Champ Lg14‑Sep‑21Young BoysMan Utd2‑1L
EPL11‑Sep‑21Man UtdNewcastle4‑1W
EPL29‑Aug‑21WolverhamptonMan Utd0‑1W
EPL22‑Aug‑21SouthamptonMan Utd1‑1D
EPL14‑Aug‑21Man UtdLeeds5‑1W
Europa26‑May‑21VillarrealMan Utd1‑1D
EPL23‑May‑21WolverhamptonMan Utd1‑2W
EPL18‑May‑21Man UtdFulham1‑1D
EPL13‑May‑21Man UtdLiverpool2‑4L
EPL11‑May‑21Man UtdLeicester1‑2L
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
EPL06‑Feb‑99Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑8
EPL26‑Dec‑98Man UtdNott'm Forest3‑0
EFLC11‑Nov‑98Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑1
EPL26‑Dec‑96Nott'm ForestMan Utd0‑4
EPL14‑Sep‑96Man UtdNott'm Forest4‑1
EPL28‑Apr‑96Man UtdNott'm Forest5‑0
EPL27‑Nov‑95Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑1
EPL17‑Dec‑94Man UtdNott'm Forest1‑2
EPL22‑Aug‑94Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑1
EPL27‑Jan‑93Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑0
EPL29‑Aug‑92Nott'm ForestMan Utd0‑2
EPL20‑Apr‑92Man UtdNott'm Forest1‑2
EFLC12‑Apr‑92Man UtdNott'm Forest1‑0
EPL18‑Mar‑92Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑0
EPL16‑Mar‑91Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑1
EPL29‑Sep‑90Man UtdNott'm Forest0‑1
EPL02‑May‑90Nott'm ForestMan Utd4‑0
EPL12‑Nov‑89Man UtdNott'm Forest1‑0
EPL27‑Mar‑89Nott'm ForestMan Utd2‑0
EPL26‑Dec‑88Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑0
EPL19‑Mar‑88Nott'm ForestMan Utd0‑0
EPL31‑Oct‑87Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑2
EPL28‑Mar‑87Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑0
EPL04‑Oct‑86Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑1
EPL18‑Jan‑86Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑3
EPL31‑Aug‑85Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑3
EPL06‑May‑85Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑0
EPL08‑Dec‑84Nott'm ForestMan Utd3‑2
EPL16‑May‑84Nott'm ForestMan Utd2‑0
EPL29‑Aug‑83Man UtdNott'm Forest1‑2
EPL22‑Jan‑83Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑0
EFLC19‑Jan‑83Man UtdNott'm Forest4‑0
EPL01‑Sep‑82Nott'm ForestMan Utd0‑3
EPL05‑May‑82Nott'm ForestMan Utd0‑1
EPL31‑Aug‑81Man UtdNott'm Forest0‑0
EPL18‑Mar‑81Man UtdNott'm Forest1‑1
EPL04‑Oct‑80Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑2
EPL02‑Apr‑80Nott'm ForestMan Utd2‑0
EPL22‑Dec‑79Man UtdNott'm Forest3‑0
EPL18‑Apr‑79Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑1
EPL16‑Sep‑78Man UtdNott'm Forest1‑1
EPL17‑Dec‑77Man UtdNott'm Forest0‑4
EPL12‑Nov‑77Nott'm ForestMan Utd2‑1
Champ22‑Mar‑75Nott'm ForestMan Utd0‑1
Champ07‑Sep‑74Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑2
EPL22‑Apr‑72Nott'm ForestMan Utd0‑0
EPL04‑Dec‑71Man UtdNott'm Forest3‑2
EPL13‑Mar‑71Man UtdNott'm Forest2‑0
EPL14‑Nov‑70Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑2
EPL31‑Mar‑70Nott'm ForestMan Utd1‑2
Man Utd Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Nott'm Forest Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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