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Nott'm Forest v West Ham Head to Head

Last 10 West Ham
Comp Date H A S WDL
Europa16‑Sep‑21Dinamo ZagrebWest Ham0‑2W
EPL11‑Sep‑21SouthamptonWest Ham0‑0D
EPL28‑Aug‑21West HamCrystal Palace2‑2D
EPL23‑Aug‑21West HamLeicester4‑1W
EPL15‑Aug‑21NewcastleWest Ham2‑4W
EPL23‑May‑21West HamSouthampton3‑0W
EPL19‑May‑21West BromWest Ham1‑3W
EPL15‑May‑21BrightonWest Ham1‑1D
EPL09‑May‑21West HamEverton0‑1L
EPL03‑May‑21BurnleyWest Ham1‑2W
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
FA Cup05‑Jan‑14Nott'm ForestWest Ham5‑0
Champ21‑Jan‑12West HamNott'm Forest2‑1
Champ28‑Aug‑11Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑4
FA Cup30‑Jan‑11West HamNott'm Forest3‑2
Champ26‑Dec‑04West HamNott'm Forest3‑2
Champ26‑Sep‑04Nott'm ForestWest Ham2‑1
Champ28‑Dec‑03Nott'm ForestWest Ham0‑2
Champ22‑Oct‑03West HamNott'm Forest1‑1
EPL13‑Feb‑99West HamNott'm Forest2‑1
EPL19‑Sep‑98Nott'm ForestWest Ham0‑0
EPL01‑Jan‑97West HamNott'm Forest0‑1
EFLC23‑Oct‑96West HamNott'm Forest4‑1
EPL21‑Sep‑96Nott'm ForestWest Ham0‑2
EPL03‑Feb‑96West HamNott'm Forest1‑0
EPL26‑Aug‑95Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑1
EPL08‑Apr‑95Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑1
EPL31‑Dec‑94West HamNott'm Forest3‑1
EFLC27‑Oct‑93Nott'm ForestWest Ham2‑1
EPL02‑May‑92West HamNott'm Forest3‑0
EPL28‑Sep‑91Nott'm ForestWest Ham2‑2
EPL18‑May‑89Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑2
EPL12‑Nov‑88West HamNott'm Forest3‑3
EPL20‑Apr‑88Nott'm ForestWest Ham0‑0
EPL21‑Nov‑87West HamNott'm Forest3‑2
EPL14‑Feb‑87Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑1
EPL02‑Sep‑86West HamNott'm Forest1‑2
EPL02‑Apr‑86Nott'm ForestWest Ham2‑1
EPL28‑Sep‑85West HamNott'm Forest4‑2
EPL30‑Mar‑85Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑2
EPL22‑Sep‑84West HamNott'm Forest0‑0
EPL12‑May‑84West HamNott'm Forest1‑2
EPL17‑Dec‑83Nott'm ForestWest Ham3‑0
EPL15‑Jan‑83Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑0
EPL28‑Aug‑82West HamNott'm Forest1‑2
EPL27‑Mar‑82West HamNott'm Forest0‑1
EPL07‑Nov‑81Nott'm ForestWest Ham0‑0
EFLC12‑Dec‑79Nott'm ForestWest Ham3‑0
EFLC04‑Dec‑79West HamNott'm Forest0‑0
EPL04‑Mar‑78Nott'm ForestWest Ham2‑0
EPL08‑Oct‑77West HamNott'm Forest0‑0
EFLC30‑Aug‑77Nott'm ForestWest Ham5‑0
EPL18‑Mar‑72West HamNott'm Forest4‑2
EPL21‑Aug‑71Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑0
EPL10‑Apr‑71Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑0
EPL24‑Feb‑71West HamNott'm Forest2‑0
EPL27‑Dec‑69West HamNott'm Forest1‑1
EFLC23‑Sep‑69Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑0
EPL30‑Aug‑69Nott'm ForestWest Ham1‑0
EPL08‑Mar‑69Nott'm ForestWest Ham0‑1
EPL17‑Aug‑68West HamNott'm Forest1‑0
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