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PSM Makassar v PSS Sleman Head to Head

Last 10 PSM Makassar
Comp Date H A S WDL
IL122‑Dec‑19Persib BandungPSM Makassar5‑2L
IL115‑Dec‑19PSM MakassarPSS Sleman1‑1D
IL111‑Dec‑19Barito PuteraPSM Makassar3‑2L
IL107‑Dec‑19Persela LamonganPSM Makassar3‑1L
IL102‑Dec‑19PSM MakassarPusamania Borneo2‑2D
IL127‑Nov‑19PSIS SemarangPSM Makassar1‑0L
IL123‑Nov‑19PSM MakassarBali United1‑0W
IL118‑Nov‑19PSM MakassarPersipura Jayapura4‑0W
IL114‑Nov‑19Persebaya SurabayaPSM Makassar3‑2L
IL110‑Nov‑19Kalteng Putra FCPSM Makassar3‑1L
Last 10 PSS Sleman
Comp Date H A S WDL
IL122‑Dec‑19PSS SlemanPS Tira5‑2W
IL115‑Dec‑19PSM MakassarPSS Sleman1‑1D
IL111‑Dec‑19Persela LamonganPSS Sleman1‑0L
IL107‑Dec‑19PSS SlemanPersib Bandung0‑0D
IL103‑Dec‑19PSS SlemanPerseru Serui5‑1W
IL128‑Nov‑19Barito PuteraPSS Sleman1‑0L
IL120‑Nov‑19PSS SlemanPusamania Borneo0‑1L
IL106‑Nov‑19PSS SlemanBali United0‑0D
IL102‑Nov‑19PSIS SemarangPSS Sleman3‑0L
IL129‑Oct‑19Persebaya SurabayaPSS Sleman2‑3W
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
IL1 15‑Dec‑19 PSM Makassar PSS Sleman 1‑1
IL1 23‑Aug‑19 PSS Sleman PSM Makassar 3‑2
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bali United3419784835+1364
2Persebaya Surabaya34141285743+1454
3Persipura Jayapura34141194738+953
4Bhayangkara FC34141195143+853
5Persepam Madura Utd34158115544+1153
6Persib Bandung34131294939+1051
7Pusamania Borneo34121575542+1351
8PSS Sleman341212104542+348
9Arema FC34137145962-346
10Persija Jakarta341111124342+144
11Persela Lamongan341111124745+244
12PSM Makassar34135165050+044
13Barito Putera341110134551-643
14PSIS Semarang34127153641-543
15PS Tira341012125157-642
16Perseru Serui3489173565-3033
17Semen Padang34711163245-1332
18Kalteng Putra FC3487193354-2131
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1PSM Makassar1713223513+2241
2Bali United1713223015+1541
3Arema FC1712414217+2540
4Pusamania Borneo1710433315+1834
5Persela Lamongan179622915+1433
6Persib Bandung179533215+1732
7Persija Jakarta179442816+1231
8Persebaya Surabaya177913319+1430
9Persepam Madura Utd179352918+1130
10Persipura Jayapura178632717+1030
11Barito Putera179262222+029
12PSS Sleman176922819+927
13Bhayangkara FC176742016+425
14PSIS Semarang177372422+224
15PS Tira175843024+623
16Kalteng Putra FC176562122-123
17Perseru Serui174672327-418
18Semen Padang174491723-616
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bhayangkara FC178453127+428
2Persebaya Surabaya177372424+024
3Persepam Madura Utd176562626+023
4Persipura Jayapura176562021-123
5Bali United176561820-223
6PSS Sleman176381723-621
7Persib Bandung174761724-719
8PSIS Semarang175481219-719
9PS Tira175482133-1219
10Pusamania Borneo1721142227-517
11Semen Padang173771522-716
12Perseru Serui1743101238-2615
13Barito Putera172872329-614
14Persija Jakarta172781526-1113
15Persela Lamongan1725101830-1211
16Kalteng Putra FC1722131232-208
17Arema FC1713131745-286
18PSM Makassar1703141537-223
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Persebaya Surabaya6510166+1016
2Persela Lamongan6510113+816
3Bhayangkara FC6501118+315
4Barito Putera640286+212
5Persib Bandung6312127+510
6PSIS Semarang6303129+39
7Persipura Jayapura623164+29
8Persija Jakarta630398+19
9Persepam Madura Utd63031113-29
10PSS Sleman6222116+58
11Bali United621389-17
12Pusamania Borneo6132109+16
13Perseru Serui6204914-56
14Semen Padang612358-35
15Kalteng Putra FC612349-55
16PS Tira6114512-74
17Arema FC6114616-104
18PSM Makassar6024815-72
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bhayangkara FC108112114+725
2Persebaya Surabaya107212413+1123
3Persela Lamongan10631168+821
4Persib Bandung10622198+1120
5PSIS Semarang106041912+718
6Persija Jakarta105232016+417
7Barito Putera10523119+217
8PSS Sleman103341412+212
9Persepam Madura Utd104061319-612
10Pusamania Borneo102441415-110
11Semen Padang102441013-310
12Persipura Jayapura10244914-510
13Perseru Serui103161420-610
14Bali United102351013-39
15PSM Makassar102261621-58
16Kalteng Putra FC10226815-78
17Arema FC102261224-128
18PS Tira10127819-115
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Persela Lamongan651081+716
2Persija Jakarta6501167+915
3Barito Putera6501105+515
4PSM Makassar6420114+714
5Arema FC6420104+614
6Bhayangkara FC6420104+614
7Persib Bandung6411145+913
8Persebaya Surabaya6411168+813
9PSIS Semarang6402137+612
10Pusamania Borneo6312145+910
11PSS Sleman6231104+69
12Perseru Serui6303118+39
13Persepam Madura Utd630389-19
14Persipura Jayapura622288+08
15Bali United622289-18
16Kalteng Putra FC6213610-47
17Semen Padang612369-35
18PS Tira603359-43
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bhayangkara FC65011310+315
2Persebaya Surabaya6312910-110
3Persepam Madura Utd6303912-39
4Persib Bandung622265+18
5Persela Lamongan622299+08
6Persipura Jayapura622246-28
7PSS Sleman621368-27
8PSIS Semarang621347-37
9Barito Putera613245-16
10Pusamania Borneo6132810-26
11Bali United612367-15
12Semen Padang612368-25
13Persija Jakarta6123611-55
14PS Tira6105413-93
15Kalteng Putra FC601528-61
16Perseru Serui6015316-131
17PSM Makassar6006818-100
18Arema FC6006520-150
PSM Makassar Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
PSS Sleman Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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