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PSS Sleman v Pusamania Borneo Head to Head

Last 10 PSS Sleman
Comp Date H A S WDL
IL103‑Dec‑19PSS SlemanPerseru Serui5‑1W
IL128‑Nov‑19Barito PuteraPSS Sleman1‑0L
IL120‑Nov‑19PSS SlemanPusamania Borneo0‑1L
IL106‑Nov‑19PSS SlemanBali United0‑0D
IL102‑Nov‑19PSIS SemarangPSS Sleman3‑0L
IL129‑Oct‑19Persebaya SurabayaPSS Sleman2‑3W
IL124‑Oct‑19PSS SlemanPersija Jakarta0‑0D
IL118‑Oct‑19PSS SlemanKalteng Putra FC1‑0W
IL104‑Oct‑19Bhayangkara FCPSS Sleman0‑2W
IL129‑Sep‑19PSS SlemanPersepam Madura Utd2‑2D
Last 10 Pusamania Borneo
Comp Date H A S WDL
IL102‑Dec‑19PSM MakassarPusamania Borneo2‑2D
IL127‑Nov‑19Pusamania BorneoPersela Lamongan1‑2L
IL120‑Nov‑19PSS SlemanPusamania Borneo0‑1W
IL111‑Nov‑19Persija JakartaPusamania Borneo4‑2L
IL105‑Nov‑19Pusamania BorneoPerseru Serui1‑1D
IL131‑Oct‑19Barito PuteraPusamania Borneo1‑0L
IL126‑Oct‑19PSIS SemarangPusamania Borneo2‑2D
IL122‑Oct‑19Pusamania BorneoKalteng Putra FC2‑0W
IL118‑Oct‑19Pusamania BorneoBali United6‑0W
IL111‑Oct‑19Persebaya SurabayaPusamania Borneo0‑0D
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
IL1 20‑Nov‑19 PSS Sleman Pusamania Borneo 0‑1
IL1 04‑Aug‑19 Pusamania Borneo PSS Sleman 2‑2
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bali United3019654528+1763
2Persipura Jayapura3013894335+847
3Pusamania Borneo30111364837+1146
4Bhayangkara FC30111184435+944
5Persepam Madura Utd30128104637+944
6Arema FC30127115448+643
7PSS Sleman30111093938+143
8PSM Makassar30134134438+643
9Persebaya Surabaya30101284540+542
10Persib Bandung30101193937+241
11Persija Jakarta30911103537-238
12PS Tira30911104647-138
13Barito Putera30910113945-637
14PSIS Semarang30107132534-937
15Persela Lamongan30810124043-334
16Perseru Serui3079143056-2630
17Kalteng Putra FC3086163146-1530
18Semen Padang30610142840-1228
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1PSM Makassar1613123412+2240
2Bali United1413102911+1840
3Arema FC1611413915+2437
4Pusamania Borneo159422913+1631
5Persepam Madura Utd179352918+1130
6Persija Jakarta158432314+928
7Persib Bandung157532313+1026
8Persipura Jayapura157532415+926
9Persela Lamongan146622314+924
10PSS Sleman155822317+623
11Barito Putera147251617-123
12PS Tira165742923+622
13Kalteng Putra FC146441915+422
14Bhayangkara FC165741916+322
15Persebaya Surabaya144912317+621
16PSIS Semarang135351315-218
17Perseru Serui153661924-515
18Semen Padang164391622-615
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bali United166551617-123
2Bhayangkara FC146442519+622
3Persebaya Surabaya166372223-121
4Persipura Jayapura156361920-121
5PSS Sleman156271621-520
6PSIS Semarang175481219-719
7PS Tira144461724-716
8Pusamania Borneo152941924-515
9Persib Bandung153661624-815
10Perseru Serui154381132-2115
11Persepam Madura Utd133551719-214
12Barito Putera162862328-514
13Semen Padang142751218-613
14Persija Jakarta151771223-1110
15Persela Lamongan1624101729-1210
16Kalteng Putra FC1622121231-198
17Arema FC1413101533-186
18PSM Makassar1403111026-163
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bhayangkara FC6510146+816
2PSIS Semarang640285+312
3Persela Lamongan632196+311
4Persebaya Surabaya63211210+211
5Barito Putera632153+211
6Persija Jakarta63211211+111
7Persib Bandung631296+310
8Bali United622276+18
9PSM Makassar6213109+17
10PSS Sleman621388+07
11Kalteng Putra FC621367-17
12Perseru Serui6213911-27
13Semen Padang613268-26
14Arema FC6123710-35
15Pusamania Borneo6123710-35
16Persipura Jayapura6114511-64
17Persepam Madura Utd6105412-83
18PS Tira601539-61
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bhayangkara FC10631179+821
2Barito Putera10631135+821
3Persija Jakarta105321513+218
4Persib Bandung10523169+717
5PSIS Semarang10523119+217
6PSS Sleman104331310+315
7Persela Lamongan104331110+115
8Bali United104331415-115
9Persipura Jayapura104241214-214
10Pusamania Borneo103431712+513
11PSM Makassar104151514+113
12Semen Padang103341113-212
13Persebaya Surabaya103341316-312
14Kalteng Putra FC10325911-211
15Arema FC102441319-610
16Persepam Madura Utd103161017-710
17Perseru Serui102261019-98
18PS Tira10037516-113
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bali United6510147+716
2Persija Jakarta6501137+615
3Barito Putera6501105+515
4Arema FC6420112+914
5Pusamania Borneo6411134+913
6Persib Bandung6411114+713
7PSM Makassar6411104+613
8Bhayangkara FC632196+311
9Kalteng Putra FC632174+311
10Persela Lamongan632152+311
11PSIS Semarang632176+111
12Perseru Serui6312118+310
13PSS Sleman623184+49
14Persepam Madura Utd630389-19
15Persipura Jayapura6222108+28
16Persebaya Surabaya614188+07
17Semen Padang621379-27
18PS Tira603359-43
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bhayangkara FC6411147+713
2Persipura Jayapura631267-110
3Semen Padang623176+19
4PSS Sleman6303610-49
5Persib Bandung622297+28
6Persela Lamongan6213910-17
7Persebaya Surabaya6213710-37
8PSIS Semarang621347-37
9Barito Putera613245-16
10Pusamania Borneo613279-26
11Persija Jakarta613248-46
12Bali United6123410-65
13Persepam Madura Utd6114511-64
14Arema FC6024817-92
15Perseru Serui6024314-112
16Kalteng Putra FC601539-61
17PS Tira6015211-91
18PSM Makassar6006615-90
PSS Sleman Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Pusamania Borneo Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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