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Shandong Luneng v Shanghai SIPG Head to Head

Last 10 Shandong Luneng
Comp Date H A S WDL
Super20‑Oct‑18Shandong LunengTianjin Teda2‑0W
Super05‑Oct‑18Shandong LunengTianjin Quanjian3‑2W
Super30‑Sep‑18Shandong LunengBeijing Renhe1‑1D
Super22‑Sep‑18Henan JianyeShandong Luneng1‑4W
Super16‑Sep‑18Shandong LunengGuangzhou R&F2‑1W
Super01‑Sep‑18Dalian YifangShandong Luneng4‑3L
Super25‑Aug‑18Shandong LunengGuangzhou Evergrande1‑4L
Super18‑Aug‑18Guizhou ZhichengShandong Luneng3‑1L
Super15‑Aug‑18Shandong LunengHebei Zhongji3‑1W
Super11‑Aug‑18Chongqing LifanShandong Luneng0‑2W
Last 10 Shanghai SIPG
Comp Date H A S WDL
Super21‑Oct‑18Jiangsu SaintyShanghai SIPG0‑0D
Super07‑Oct‑18Shanghai SIPGGuizhou Zhicheng5‑0W
Super29‑Sep‑18Beijing GuoanShanghai SIPG0‑1W
Super22‑Sep‑18Shanghai SIPGChangchun Yatai3‑1W
Super18‑Sep‑18Shanghai SIPGGuangzhou Evergrande2‑1W
Super14‑Sep‑18Tianjin TedaShanghai SIPG2‑5W
Super01‑Sep‑18Hebei ZhongjiShanghai SIPG1‑1D
Super25‑Aug‑18Shanghai SIPGHenan Jianye2‑1W
Super18‑Aug‑18Chongqing LifanShanghai SIPG2‑3W
Super15‑Aug‑18Shanghai SIPGGuangzhou R&F3‑1W
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Super 17‑Jul‑18 Shandong Luneng Shanghai SIPG 1‑1
Super 30‑Jul‑17 Shandong Luneng Shanghai SIPG 2‑1
Super 07‑Apr‑17 Shanghai SIPG Shandong Luneng 2‑1
Super 22‑Oct‑16 Shanghai SIPG Shandong Luneng 4‑1
Super 19‑Jun‑16 Shandong Luneng Shanghai SIPG 0‑0
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shanghai SIPG2618536423+4159
2Guangzhou Evergrande2618357028+4257
3Shandong Luneng2615654831+1751
4Beijing Guoan2614756040+2049
5Jiangsu Sainty2610973729+839
6Shanghai Shenhua2697103744-734
7Hebei Zhongji268993942-333
8Beijing Renhe268993041-1133
9Dalian Yifang2695123149-1832
10Changchun Yatai2687114248-631
11Guangzhou R&F2685134354-1129
12Tianjin Teda2677123443-928
13Tianjin Quanjian2677123042-1228
14Chongqing Lifan2667133543-825
15Henan Jianye2674152241-1925
16Guizhou Zhicheng2663173357-2421
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Guangzhou Evergrande131111409+3134
2Shanghai SIPG131111379+2834
3Beijing Guoan148513621+1529
4Shandong Luneng139222514+1129
5Dalian Yifang138322516+927
6Jiangsu Sainty136522010+1023
7Shanghai Shenhua136522217+523
8Beijing Renhe136341818+021
9Hebei Zhongji135441614+219
10Changchun Yatai135352219+318
11Guangzhou R&F135352626+018
12Tianjin Teda134452528-316
13Tianjin Quanjian134361116-515
14Henan Jianye134361222-1015
15Guizhou Zhicheng124261820-214
16Chongqing Lifan133372023-312
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shanghai SIPG137422714+1325
2Guangzhou Evergrande137243019+1123
3Shandong Luneng136432317+622
4Beijing Guoan126242419+520
5Jiangsu Sainty134451719-216
6Hebei Zhongji133552328-514
7Chongqing Lifan133461520-513
8Tianjin Quanjian133461926-713
9Changchun Yatai133462029-913
10Tianjin Teda13337915-612
11Beijing Renhe132651223-1112
12Guangzhou R&F133281728-1111
13Shanghai Shenhua133281527-1211
14Henan Jianye133191019-910
15Guizhou Zhicheng1421111537-227
16Dalian Yifang131210633-275
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Shanghai SIPG6510164+1216
2Guangzhou Evergrande6501175+1215
3Shandong Luneng6411159+613
4Dalian Yifang64021011-112
5Guizhou Zhicheng6312811-310
6Chongqing Lifan6222108+28
7Shanghai Shenhua622287+18
8Hebei Zhongji6222910-18
9Beijing Guoan621387+17
10Henan Jianye621367-17
11Jiangsu Sainty61321010+06
12Changchun Yatai61321113-26
13Beijing Renhe6132612-66
14Guangzhou R&F6114511-64
15Tianjin Quanjian6024411-72
16Tianjin Teda6024715-82
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Guangzhou Evergrande10901337+2627
2Shanghai SIPG10820259+1626
3Shandong Luneng106132217+519
4Dalian Yifang106131818+019
5Beijing Guoan105142115+616
6Hebei Zhongji104331716+115
7Changchun Yatai103432123-213
8Beijing Renhe103431619-313
9Guizhou Zhicheng104151217-513
10Jiangsu Sainty102531414+011
11Shanghai Shenhua103251317-411
12Chongqing Lifan102441314-110
13Tianjin Teda101451221-97
14Guangzhou R&F102171121-107
15Henan Jianye10217818-107
16Tianjin Quanjian10145819-117
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Guangzhou Evergrande6600222+2018
2Shanghai SIPG6600174+1318
3Dalian Yifang6600156+918
4Guizhou Zhicheng6411126+613
5Shandong Luneng6411129+313
6Beijing Guoan6321127+511
7Changchun Yatai63211410+411
8Guangzhou R&F63121411+310
9Hebei Zhongji631297+210
10Jiangsu Sainty623185+39
11Shanghai Shenhua6231119+29
12Beijing Renhe622299+08
13Tianjin Quanjian621346-27
14Henan Jianye6213611-57
15Tianjin Teda61321216-46
16Chongqing Lifan6123811-35
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Guangzhou Evergrande6402188+1012
2Shanghai SIPG6321106+411
3Shandong Luneng62221210+28
4Jiangsu Sainty62221010+08
5Beijing Guoan62131211+17
6Tianjin Teda621358-37
7Changchun Yatai61321114-36
8Chongqing Lifan613269-36
9Beijing Renhe6132915-66
10Hebei Zhongji61231217-55
11Shanghai Shenhua6114511-64
12Dalian Yifang6114415-114
13Henan Jianye610549-53
14Tianjin Quanjian6033715-83
15Guangzhou R&F6006315-120
16Guizhou Zhicheng6006216-140
Shandong Luneng Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Shanghai SIPG Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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