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South Melbourne v Green Gully Head to Head

League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1South Melbourne2015235117+3447
2Oakleigh Cannons2014334820+2845
3Port Melbourne2012443320+1340
4Avondale FC2010464127+1434
5Green Gully2010373024+633
6Bentleigh Greens209563425+932
7Heidelberg United1910273529+632
8Dandenong Thunder208482727+028
9Melbourne Knights FC2072112932-323
10Altona Magic2072111527-1223
11St. Albans Saints196491731-1422
12Hume City2044122742-1516
13Dandenong City2034131746-2913
14Eastern Lions SC2013161552-376
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1South Melbourne9810296+2325
2Oakleigh Cannons117222813+1523
3Bentleigh Greens10631146+821
4Green Gully116141414+019
5Avondale FC105231811+717
6Port Melbourne95131310+316
7Melbourne Knights FC105141515+016
8Dandenong Thunder103431415-113
9Heidelberg United93241216-411
10Hume City113171823-510
11Altona Magic10316615-910
12St. Albans Saints9126518-135
13Dandenong City10127829-215
14Eastern Lions SC100010628-220
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Port Melbourne117312010+1024
2Oakleigh Cannons9711207+1322
3South Melbourne117132211+1122
4Heidelberg United107032313+1021
5Avondale FC105232316+717
6St. Albans Saints105231213-117
7Dandenong Thunder105051312+115
8Green Gully94231610+614
9Altona Magic10415912-313
10Bentleigh Greens103252019+111
11Dandenong City10226917-88
12Melbourne Knights FC102171417-37
13Hume City9135919-106
14Eastern Lions SC10136924-156
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Heidelberg United6510138+516
2South Melbourne6411155+1013
3Port Melbourne6402148+612
4Oakleigh Cannons6321145+911
5Avondale FC6321147+711
6Bentleigh Greens6231106+49
7Green Gully6222109+18
8Hume City62131011-17
9Dandenong Thunder621367-17
10Dandenong City6204715-86
11Altona Magic6204413-96
12Melbourne Knights FC6123811-35
13St. Albans Saints6123310-75
14Eastern Lions SC6015316-131
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Oakleigh Cannons10721248+1623
2Heidelberg United107212415+923
3South Melbourne107122410+1422
4Port Melbourne107031912+721
5Green Gully105232112+917
6Bentleigh Greens103521411+314
7Hume City104241816+214
8Dandenong Thunder104241214-214
9Avondale FC103431915+413
10Altona Magic10415916-713
11Melbourne Knights FC102261116-58
12St. Albans Saints10226720-138
13Dandenong City10217920-117
14Eastern Lions SC10028524-192
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1South Melbourne6510195+1416
2Oakleigh Cannons6411155+1013
3Bentleigh Greens633073+412
4Melbourne Knights FC631296+310
5Hume City6303108+29
6Port Melbourne630399+09
7Avondale FC6222119+28
8Heidelberg United6222910-18
9Green Gully6213911-27
10Dandenong Thunder613289-16
11Altona Magic6204411-76
12St. Albans Saints6024211-92
13Dandenong City6015417-131
14Eastern Lions SC6006114-130
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Oakleigh Cannons6510143+1116
2Heidelberg United6501158+715
3Port Melbourne6501115+615
4South Melbourne6402115+612
5Dandenong Thunder640287+112
6Green Gully6321135+811
7St. Albans Saints6312811-310
8Avondale FC62221212+08
9Dandenong City6213610-47
10Altona Magic621359-47
11Bentleigh Greens612399+05
12Hume City6123812-45
13Eastern Lions SC6024515-102
14Melbourne Knights FC6015613-71
South Melbourne Over/Under (last 6 months)
GoalsOverUnder% Over
Green Gully Over/Under (last 6 months)
GoalsOverUnder% Over