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Spartans FC v Vale of Leithen Head to Head

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Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Lland15‑Jan‑22Spartans FCVale of Leithen8‑0
Lland13‑Nov‑21Vale of LeithenSpartans FC1‑2
Lland10‑Nov‑20Spartans FCVale of Leithen6‑0
Lland28‑Feb‑20Spartans FCVale of Leithen2‑1
Lland23‑Nov‑19Vale of LeithenSpartans FC1‑5
Lland07‑Dec‑18Spartans FCVale of Leithen6‑0
Lland04‑Aug‑18Vale of LeithenSpartans FC1‑4
Lland24‑Feb‑18Vale of LeithenSpartans FC0‑5
Lland03‑Oct‑17Spartans FCVale of Leithen5‑0
Sc Cup23‑Sep‑17Spartans FCVale of Leithen3‑0
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bonnyrigg Rose2521227121+5065
2Spartans FC2617365834+2454
3Rangers II2417168328+5552
4Celtic II2416445619+3752
5East Kilbride2516366933+3651
6Civil Service Strollers2614575237+1547
8East Stirling2511684628+1839
9Dalbeattie Star22110113335-233
10Gala Fairydean239593733+432
11Caledonian Braves2595114543+232
12Bo'ness United2394103834+431
13BSC Glasgow2783163352-1927
14Stirling University2265114049-923
15Edinburgh University2664164176-3522
16Cumbernauld Colts2663174162-2121
17Gretna 20082625192678-5211
18Vale of Leithen2511239134-1254
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bonnyrigg Rose1412113811+2737
2Rangers II1210025314+3930
4Civil Service Strollers138323015+1527
5Celtic II12822228+1426
6Spartans FC127142914+1522
7East Kilbride127141914+522
8Dalbeattie Star107032215+721
9Caledonian Braves134452322+116
10East Stirling124261412+214
11Bo'ness United124261820-214
12BSC Glasgow124261618-214
13Gala Fairydean114161420-613
14Edinburgh University133462233-1113
15Cumbernauld Colts133282233-1111
16Stirling University123181622-610
17Gretna 2008131391240-286
18Vale of Leithen120012676-700
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Spartans FC1410222718+932
2East Kilbride139225019+3129
3Bonnyrigg Rose11911307+2328
4Celtic II128223411+2326
5East Stirling137423216+1625
6Rangers II127143014+1622
7Civil Service Strollers136252121+020
8Gala Fairydean125432313+1019
9Bo'ness United115242014+617
10Caledonian Braves125162019+116
11Stirling University103432425-113
12BSC Glasgow1541101734-1713
14Dalbeattie Star124081120-912
15Cumbernauld Colts133191929-1010
16Edinburgh University1330101642-269
17Gretna 20081312101438-245
18Vale of Leithen131111358-554
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Celtic II6510164+1216
2Bonnyrigg Rose6510101+916
3East Kilbride6501218+1315
5Rangers II6411298+2113
6Spartans FC64111710+713
7Stirling University6321135+811
8Civil Service Strollers6222108+28
9East Stirling6213129+37
10Cumbernauld Colts6204812-46
11Dalbeattie Star6204916-76
12BSC Glasgow6204714-76
13Bo'ness United6123610-45
14Caledonian Braves6123512-75
15Gretna 20086114714-74
16Gala Fairydean603329-73
17Edinburgh University6105720-133
18Vale of Leithen6105225-233
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bonnyrigg Rose10910182+1628
2East Kilbride108113414+2025
3Celtic II108112610+1625
5Spartans FC106312314+921
6Rangers II106133313+2019
7East Stirling104242212+1014
8Civil Service Strollers104241413+114
9Bo'ness United104241115-414
10Stirling University103341614+212
11Caledonian Braves103251818+011
12Gala Fairydean10235814-69
13Dalbeattie Star103071123-129
14Edinburgh University103071228-169
15Cumbernauld Colts102171525-107
16BSC Glasgow102081228-166
17Gretna 200810127927-185
18Vale of Leithen10118438-344
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Celtic II6510165+1116
2Bonnyrigg Rose6510101+916
4Rangers II6501259+1615
5Spartans FC6411197+1213
6Dalbeattie Star64021410+412
7East Kilbride6402128+412
8Bo'ness United640296+312
9Civil Service Strollers632194+511
10Edinburgh University63121311+210
11BSC Glasgow630388+09
12Stirling University6213118+37
13East Stirling6213108+27
14Gala Fairydean621379-27
15Cumbernauld Colts62041015-56
16Caledonian Braves6123814-65
17Gretna 20086123717-105
18Vale of Leithen6006538-330
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Bonnyrigg Rose6600232+2118
2East Kilbride6510279+1816
3East Stirling6411154+1113
4Celtic II6411137+613
5Spartans FC6321710-311
6Stirling University62311614+29
7Civil Service Strollers63031112-19
8Gala Fairydean622266+08
9Bo'ness United6222610-48
10Rangers II6213129+37
11Caledonian Braves62041210+26
13Cumbernauld Colts6114914-54
14Vale of Leithen6114219-174
15Dalbeattie Star6105415-113
16Edinburgh University6105621-153
17Gretna 20086006313-100
18BSC Glasgow6006621-150
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Vale of Leithen Over/Under (last 6 months)
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