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Stranraer v Arbroath Head to Head

Last 10 Stranraer
Comp Date H A S WDL
Sc L217‑Oct‑20StranraerElgin1‑4L
Sc Lg Cup13‑Oct‑20StranraerAlbion2‑2D
Sc Lg Cup10‑Oct‑20Annan AthleticStranraer1‑1D
Sc L110‑Mar‑20StranraerMontrose0‑1L
Sc L107‑Mar‑20MontroseStranraer4‑1L
Sc L122‑Feb‑20East FifeStranraer4‑2L
Sc L115‑Feb‑20ForfarStranraer1‑1D
Sc L108‑Feb‑20StranraerRaith Rovers1‑1D
Sc L101‑Feb‑20StranraerFalkirk1‑1D
Sc L125‑Jan‑20Airdrie UtdStranraer0‑0D
Last 10 Arbroath
Comp Date H A S WDL
Sc Champ17‑Oct‑20Raith RoversArbroath3‑0L
Sc Lg Cup13‑Oct‑20Ross CountyArbroath2‑1L
Sc Lg Cup10‑Oct‑20ArbroathMontrose3‑1W
Sc Lg Cup06‑Oct‑20StirlingArbroath1‑2W
Sc Champ07‑Mar‑20MortonArbroath1‑1D
Sc Champ04‑Mar‑20ArbroathDunfermline0‑0D
Sc Champ22‑Feb‑20ArbroathAyr1‑1D
Sc Champ15‑Feb‑20ArbroathQueen of Sth2‑0W
Sc Champ01‑Feb‑20Dundee UtdArbroath0‑1W
Sc Cup28‑Jan‑20FalkirkArbroath2‑0L
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Sc L1 23‑Mar‑19 Stranraer Arbroath 0‑0
Sc L1 12‑Feb‑19 Arbroath Stranraer 1‑1
Sc Cup 24‑Nov‑18 Arbroath Stranraer 0‑1
Sc L1 27‑Oct‑18 Stranraer Arbroath 0‑1
Sc L1 11‑Aug‑18 Arbroath Stranraer 3‑1
Sc L1 24‑Mar‑18 Arbroath Stranraer 2‑3
Sc L1 20‑Feb‑18 Stranraer Arbroath 1‑4
Sc L1 02‑Dec‑17 Arbroath Stranraer 1‑2
Sc L1 23‑Sep‑17 Stranraer Arbroath 2‑6
Sc L1 12‑Apr‑14 Arbroath Stranraer 4‑2
Sc L1 15‑Feb‑14 Stranraer Arbroath 1‑1
Sc L1 07‑Dec‑13 Arbroath Stranraer 1‑2
Sc L1 05‑Oct‑13 Stranraer Arbroath 3‑2
Sc L1 20‑Apr‑13 Arbroath Stranraer 1‑0
Sc L1 19‑Feb‑13 Stranraer Arbroath 2‑0
Sc L1 21‑Nov‑12 Arbroath Stranraer 2‑1
Sc L1 11‑Aug‑12 Stranraer Arbroath 1‑1
Sc L2 26‑Mar‑11 Arbroath Stranraer 2‑2
Sc L2 29‑Jan‑11 Stranraer Arbroath 3‑4
Sc L2 15‑Dec‑10 Arbroath Stranraer 0‑0
Sc L2 25‑Sep‑10 Stranraer Arbroath 4‑1
Sc L1 25‑Apr‑09 Arbroath Stranraer 2‑0
Sc L1 14‑Feb‑09 Stranraer Arbroath 1‑5
Sc L1 22‑Nov‑08 Arbroath Stranraer 1‑0
Sc L1 27‑Sep‑08 Stranraer Arbroath 2‑2
Sc L1 10‑May‑08 Stranraer Arbroath 1‑0
Sc L1 07‑May‑08 Arbroath Stranraer 2‑0
Sc L2 26‑Apr‑08 Arbroath Stranraer 0‑0
Sc L2 08‑Mar‑08 Stranraer Arbroath 0‑3
Sc L2 16‑Nov‑07 Arbroath Stranraer 2‑2
Sc L2 06‑Oct‑07 Stranraer Arbroath 1‑1
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Arbroath Over/Under (last 6 months)
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