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Vipers FC v Onduparaka Head to Head

Last 10 Vipers FC
Comp Date H A S WDL
Prem21‑May‑21Bright Stars FCVipers FC0‑1W
Prem18‑May‑21Vipers FCMbarara City2‑3L
Prem15‑May‑21SC VillaVipers FC1‑3W
Prem12‑May‑21Vipers FCURA FC1‑1D
Prem09‑May‑21KCCA FCVipers FC1‑2W
Prem28‑Apr‑21MYDA FCVipers FC0‑4W
Prem23‑Apr‑21Vipers FCExpress FC0‑1L
Prem20‑Apr‑21Vipers FCWakiso Giants0‑0D
Prem16‑Apr‑21Kitara FCVipers FC0‑3W
Prem13‑Apr‑21Vipers FCJinja SSS4‑0W
Last 10 Onduparaka
Comp Date H A S WDL
Prem22‑May‑21Bul FCOnduparaka3‑1L
Prem18‑May‑21OnduparakaBright Stars FC0‑0D
Prem15‑May‑21Mbarara CityOnduparaka2‑1L
Prem11‑May‑21OnduparakaSC Villa1‑0W
Prem07‑May‑21URA FCOnduparaka3‑1L
Prem28‑Apr‑21Express FCOnduparaka2‑0L
Prem25‑Apr‑21OnduparakaKCCA FC0‑1L
Prem20‑Apr‑21OnduparakaMYDA FC2‑3L
Prem17‑Apr‑21Wakiso GiantsOnduparaka2‑0L
Prem13‑Apr‑21OnduparakaKitara FC2‑1W
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Prem 27‑Feb‑21 Onduparaka Vipers FC 1‑3
Prem 02‑Feb‑20 Vipers FC Onduparaka 1‑0
Prem 26‑Oct‑19 Onduparaka Vipers FC 0‑0
Prem 26‑Feb‑19 Onduparaka Vipers FC 0‑0
Prem 08‑Jan‑19 Vipers FC Onduparaka 3‑0
Prem 13‑Feb‑18 Vipers FC Onduparaka 2‑0
Prem 28‑Oct‑17 Onduparaka Vipers FC 0‑0
Prem 09‑May‑17 Vipers FC Onduparaka 4‑1
Prem 15‑Nov‑16 Onduparaka Vipers FC 1‑0
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Express FC2617724413+3158
2URA FC2617634118+2357
3Vipers FC2617545621+3556
4KCCA FC2714675622+3448
5Bright Stars FC2711974027+1342
6Police FC2711795031+1940
7Mbarara City2710893034-438
8UPDF FC27114123439-537
9Wakiso Giants2681264233+936
10SC Villa279992930-136
11Bul FC2796123941-233
13Jinja SSS2668122144-2326
15MYDA FC2735193277-4514
16Kitara FC2734203580-4513
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1URA FC131021227+1532
2Express FC13940225+1731
3Vipers FC13922278+1929
4KCCA FC13913379+2828
5Police FC148422910+1928
6UPDF FC148331912+727
7SC Villa136521510+523
8Mbarara City13652149+523
9Wakiso Giants135623018+1221
10Bright Stars FC136252316+720
11Bul FC135352021-118
13Jinja SSS134541522-717
15Kitara FC143292139-1811
16MYDA FC1413101940-216
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Vipers FC138322913+1627
2Express FC13832228+1427
3URA FC137421911+825
4Bright Stars FC145721711+622
5KCCA FC145541913+620
6Bul FC144371920-115
7Wakiso Giants133641215-315
8Mbarara City144371625-915
9SC Villa143471420-613
10Police FC133372121+012
12UPDF FC133191527-1210
13Jinja SSS13238622-169
14MYDA FC132291337-248
16Kitara FC1302111441-272
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Express FC6600162+1418
2Wakiso Giants6510207+1316
3Vipers FC6411136+713
4URA FC6411115+613
5Bright Stars FC632162+411
6Mbarara City631289-110
7KCCA FC622276+18
8Kitara FC62221318-58
9Bul FC613288+06
10SC Villa613246-26
11MYDA FC6123812-45
14UPDF FC6033410-63
15Jinja SSS6033413-93
16Police FC6024310-72
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Express FC10721195+1423
2URA FC10631166+1021
3Bright Stars FC10631145+921
4Wakiso Giants106222613+1320
5Vipers FC10622207+1320
6Mbarara City105321312+118
7KCCA FC1043398+115
8Police FC103251714+311
10Bul FC102441416-210
11UPDF FC102351320-79
12Jinja SSS10235719-129
13SC Villa1015459-48
14MYDA FC102261325-128
15Kitara FC102261629-138
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1URA FC6600154+1118
2Express FC6510132+1116
3Wakiso Giants6501207+1315
4Mbarara City642084+414
5KCCA FC6402105+512
6Police FC6321144+1011
7Jinja SSS632177+011
8Bright Stars FC631297+210
9UPDF FC623188+09
11Vipers FC622285+38
12Bul FC622298+18
13Kitara FC62221213-18
14SC Villa614134-17
16MYDA FC6114713-64
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Vipers FC6600162+1418
2Bright Stars FC642091+814
3Express FC6411104+613
4Mbarara City6222810-28
5SC Villa621367-17
6MYDA FC6213814-67
7URA FC613255+06
8Wakiso Giants613278-16
9KCCA FC613224-26
10Jinja SSS6114413-94
11Police FC6105611-53
12Bul FC6033612-63
14UPDF FC6015515-101
16Kitara FC6006621-150
Vipers FC Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Onduparaka Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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