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West Brom v Aston Villa Head to Head

Last 10 West Brom
Comp Date H A S WDL
Champ14‑Sep‑21West BromDerby0‑0D
Champ11‑Sep‑21West BromMillwall1‑1D
Champ28‑Aug‑21PeterboroughWest Brom0‑1W
EFLC25‑Aug‑21West BromArsenal0‑6L
Champ21‑Aug‑21BlackburnWest Brom1‑2W
Champ18‑Aug‑21West BromSheffield Utd4‑0W
Champ14‑Aug‑21West BromLuton3‑2W
Champ06‑Aug‑21BournemouthWest Brom2‑2D
EPL23‑May‑21LeedsWest Brom3‑1L
EPL19‑May‑21West BromWest Ham1‑3L
Last 10 Aston Villa
Comp Date H A S WDL
EPL11‑Sep‑21ChelseaAston Villa3‑0L
EPL28‑Aug‑21Aston VillaBrentford1‑1D
EFLC24‑Aug‑21BarrowAston Villa0‑6W
EPL21‑Aug‑21Aston VillaNewcastle2‑0W
EPL14‑Aug‑21WatfordAston Villa3‑2L
EPL23‑May‑21Aston VillaChelsea2‑1W
EPL19‑May‑21TottenhamAston Villa1‑2W
EPL16‑May‑21Crystal PalaceAston Villa3‑2L
EPL13‑May‑21Aston VillaEverton0‑0D
EPL09‑May‑21Aston VillaMan Utd1‑3L
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
EPL25‑Apr‑21Aston VillaWest Brom2‑2
EPL20‑Dec‑20West BromAston Villa0‑3
Champ14‑May‑19West BromAston Villa1‑0
Champ11‑May‑19Aston VillaWest Brom2‑1
Champ16‑Feb‑19Aston VillaWest Brom0‑2
Champ07‑Dec‑18West BromAston Villa2‑2
EPL23‑Jan‑16West BromAston Villa0‑0
EPL19‑Sep‑15Aston VillaWest Brom0‑1
FA Cup07‑Mar‑15Aston VillaWest Brom2‑0
EPL03‑Mar‑15Aston VillaWest Brom2‑1
EPL13‑Dec‑14West BromAston Villa1‑0
EPL29‑Jan‑14Aston VillaWest Brom4‑3
EPL25‑Nov‑13West BromAston Villa2‑2
EPL19‑Jan‑13West BromAston Villa2‑2
EPL30‑Sep‑12Aston VillaWest Brom1‑1
EPL28‑Apr‑12West BromAston Villa0‑0
EPL22‑Oct‑11Aston VillaWest Brom1‑2
EPL30‑Apr‑11West BromAston Villa2‑1
EPL11‑Dec‑10Aston VillaWest Brom2‑1
EPL10‑Jan‑09Aston VillaWest Brom2‑1
EPL21‑Sep‑08West BromAston Villa1‑2
EPL09‑Apr‑06Aston VillaWest Brom0‑0
EPL02‑Jan‑06West BromAston Villa1‑2
EPL10‑Apr‑05Aston VillaWest Brom1‑1
EPL22‑Aug‑04West BromAston Villa1‑1
EPL14‑Dec‑02Aston VillaWest Brom2‑1
EPL16‑Nov‑02West BromAston Villa0‑0
Champ18‑Dec‑87Aston VillaWest Brom0‑0
Champ16‑Sep‑87West BromAston Villa0‑2
EPL28‑Dec‑85Aston VillaWest Brom1‑1
EFLC26‑Nov‑85West BromAston Villa1‑2
EFLC19‑Nov‑85Aston VillaWest Brom2‑2
EPL04‑Sep‑85West BromAston Villa0‑3
EPL08‑Apr‑85West BromAston Villa1‑0
EPL01‑Jan‑85Aston VillaWest Brom3‑1
EPL14‑Jan‑84West BromAston Villa3‑1
EFLC30‑Nov‑83West BromAston Villa1‑2
EPL27‑Aug‑83Aston VillaWest Brom4‑3
EPL19‑Apr‑83Aston VillaWest Brom1‑0
EPL02‑Oct‑82West BromAston Villa1‑0
EPL08‑May‑82West BromAston Villa0‑1
EPL30‑Mar‑82Aston VillaWest Brom2‑1
EFLC19‑Jan‑82Aston VillaWest Brom0‑1
EPL08‑Apr‑81Aston VillaWest Brom1‑0
EPL08‑Nov‑80West BromAston Villa0‑0
EPL23‑Feb‑80West BromAston Villa1‑2
EPL13‑Oct‑79Aston VillaWest Brom0‑0
EPL11‑May‑79Aston VillaWest Brom0‑1
EPL25‑Nov‑78West BromAston Villa1‑1
EPL22‑Apr‑78West BromAston Villa0‑3
West Brom Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Aston Villa Over/Under (last 6 months)
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