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Premier League Injured Footballers

The following players are currently injured or unavailable for Premier League games in the next week of the 2011-2012 season.

The player's number of league appearances this season, and the total minutes played in these games, are also shown.

Premier League Injuries
Next game: 19-May - Arsenal v Everton
J. TimberLacking Match Fitness50 mins in 1 appearances
A. GomesFace Injury503 mins in 12 appearances
D. AlliMuscle Injury0 appearances
J. HarrisonThigh Injury2,218 mins in 29 appearances
N. PattersonThigh Injury996 mins in 20 appearances
V. MykolenkoAnkle Injury2,472 mins in 28 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Brentford v Newcastle
A. HickeyThigh Injury720 mins in 9 appearances
B. MeeBroken ankle1,275 mins in 16 appearances
J. DasilvaKnee Injury22 mins in 3 appearances
N. CollinsInjury2,650 mins in 32 appearances
R. HenryKnee Injury402 mins in 5 appearances
A. GordonAnkle Injury2,906 mins in 35 appearances
C. WilsonThigh Injury974 mins in 19 appearances
J. LascellesKnee Injury1,081 mins in 16 appearances
J. WillockAchilles Tendon Injury419 mins in 9 appearances
L. MileyBack Injury1,208 mins in 17 appearances
M. TargettAchilles Tendon Injury77 mins in 3 appearances
S. BotmanKnee Injury1,378 mins in 17 appearances
S. TonaliSuspended439 mins in 8 appearances
V. LivramentoAnkle Injury1,302 mins in 26 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Brighton v Man Utd
E. FergusonAnkle Injury1,365 mins in 27 appearances
J. HinshelwoodAnkle Injury871 mins in 12 appearances
J. MilnerKnee Injury779 mins in 15 appearances
J. P. van HeckeThigh Injury2,367 mins in 28 appearances
J. VeltmanKnock1,582 mins in 27 appearances
K. MitomaBack Injury1,485 mins in 19 appearances
L. DunkKnee Injury2,873 mins in 33 appearances
P. EstupinanAnkle Injury1,246 mins in 19 appearances
S. MarchKnee Injury559 mins in 7 appearances
Man Utd
A. MartialLacking Match Fitness445 mins in 13 appearances
H. MaguireMuscle Injury1,650 mins in 22 appearances
L. ShawLeg Injury963 mins in 12 appearances
M. MountMuscle Injury511 mins in 14 appearances
R. VaraneInjury1,352 mins in 21 appearances
T. MalaciaKnee Injury0 appearances
V. LindelofHamstring Injury1,331 mins in 19 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Burnley v Nottingham Forest
A. Al DakhilInjury1,056 mins in 13 appearances
A. RamseyKnee Injury525 mins in 14 appearances
J. BeyerThigh Injury1,239 mins in 15 appearances
L. KoleoshoKnee Injury983 mins in 15 appearances
N. RedmondMuscle Injury130 mins in 12 appearances
Nottingham Forest
N. DominguezGroin Injury1,504 mins in 26 appearances
N. WilliamsThigh Injury1,633 mins in 26 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Chelsea v Bournemouth
C. MephamIllness614 mins in 10 appearances
L. SinisterraInjury692 mins in 20 appearances
R. FaivreAnkle Injury36 mins in 5 appearances
R. FredericksCalf Injury0 appearances
C. ChukwuemekaKnee Injury222 mins in 9 appearances
E. FernandezGroin Injury2,215 mins in 28 appearances
M. MudrykHead Injury1,579 mins in 31 appearances
R. JamesRed Card420 mins in 10 appearances
R. LaviaInjury32 mins in 1 appearances
R. SanchezIllness1,434 mins in 16 appearances
W. FofanaKnee Injury0 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
Aston Villa
A. MorenoInjury1,028 mins in 21 appearances
B. KamaraKnee Injury1,662 mins in 20 appearances
E. BuendiaKnee Injury0 appearances
J. RamseyFoot Injury848 mins in 16 appearances
M. CashCalf Injury2,143 mins in 29 appearances
M. RogersThigh Injury639 mins in 11 appearances
N. ZanioloLeg Injury831 mins in 25 appearances
T. MingsKnee Injury31 mins in 1 appearances
Y. TielemansMuscle Injury1,619 mins in 32 appearances
Crystal Palace
C. DoucoureAchilles Tendon Injury922 mins in 11 appearances
Matheus FrancaMuscle Injury224 mins in 10 appearances
N. AhamadaRed Card333 mins in 20 appearances
R. HoldingInjury0 appearances
S. JohnstoneElbow Injury1,797 mins in 20 appearances
W. HughesKnee Injury1,898 mins in 30 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Liverpool v Wolverhampton
B. DoakKnee Injury13 mins in 1 appearances
Diogo JotaInjury1,150 mins in 21 appearances
J. MatipKnee Injury783 mins in 10 appearances
ThiagoMuscle Injury5 mins in 1 appearances
C. DawsonGroin Injury2,211 mins in 25 appearances
L. ChiwomeAnkle Injury175 mins in 3 appearances
P. SarabiaInjury1,749 mins in 30 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Luton v Fulham
I. DiopRed Card1,426 mins in 18 appearances
S. LukicCalf Injury1,117 mins in 24 appearances
A. BellThigh Injury1,722 mins in 21 appearances
D. PottsInjury0 appearances
I. KaboreAnkle Injury1,734 mins in 24 appearances
J. BrownKnee Injury1,019 mins in 19 appearances
M. AndersenCalf Injury398 mins in 8 appearances
M. NakambaKnee Injury1,133 mins in 13 appearances
R. BarkleyCalf Injury2,622 mins in 32 appearances
R. BurkeCalf Injury1,666 mins in 22 appearances
T. LockyerHeart Problems1,173 mins in 14 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Man City v West Ham
Man City
EdersonEye injury2,720 mins in 32 appearances
K. De BruyneAnkle Injury1,138 mins in 17 appearances
West Ham
K. MavropanosKnock1,408 mins in 18 appearances
K. PhillipsInjury396 mins in 12 appearances
N. AguerdAnkle Injury1,859 mins in 21 appearances
Next game: 19-May - Sheffield Utd v Tottenham
Sheffield Utd
A. BrooksIllness914 mins in 19 appearances
B. OsbornThigh Injury1,357 mins in 23 appearances
C. BashamAnkle Injury319 mins in 8 appearances
D. JebbisonMuscle Injury0 appearances
G. BaldockCalf Injury969 mins in 13 appearances
J. EganAnkle Injury484 mins in 6 appearances
M. LoweAnkle Injury431 mins in 9 appearances
O. ArblasterCalf Injury0 appearances
O. McBurnieThigh Injury1,283 mins in 21 appearances
R. Norrington-DaviesThigh Injury109 mins in 5 appearances
T. DaviesKnock216 mins in 9 appearances
B. DaviesCalf Injury1,086 mins in 17 appearances
D. UdogieThigh Injury2,398 mins in 28 appearances
F. ForsterAnkle Injury0 appearances
M. SolomonKnee Injury198 mins in 5 appearances
R. SessegnonThigh Injury0 appearances
RicharlisonCalf Injury1,493 mins in 28 appearances
T. WernerThigh Injury815 mins in 13 appearances
Y. BissoumaKnee Injury2,083 mins in 28 appearances

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