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U18 Premier League North Form Table

U18 Premier League North Form (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS G15 km15
1Man Utd U1865012410+1415600
2Man City U186501178+915600
3Wolves U186501137+615500
4Nott'm Forest U18632188011400
5Derby U1863121511+410400
6Leeds U1863031310+39400
7Blackburn U186303141409600
8Newcastle U1863031118-7941173
9Everton U1862131711+67410
10Middlesbrough U1861141012-24500
11Stoke U1861141116-54500
12Liverpool U1861141125-144600
13Sunderland U1861051019-93600
U18 Premier League North Form (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS G15 km15
1Man City U18109012711+1627900
2Wolves U18106311811+721900
3Man Utd U18106223218+1420900
4Derby U18105232319+417800
5Leeds U18105141916+316700
6Blackburn U18105052223-115900
7Nott'm Forest U18103431419-513800
8Everton U18103342115+612610
9Newcastle U18104061827-91271173
10Stoke U18103252123-211900
11Middlesbrough U18102261520-58700
12Liverpool U18102262033-1381000
13Sunderland U18102171526-117800
U18 Premier League North Form (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS
1Man Utd U1865012011+9155
2Man City U186501167+9155
3Derby U186420196+13145
4Wolves U18632196+3115
5Nott'm Forest U186321880114
6Leeds U1863031010093
7Everton U186213128+472
8Stoke U1862131516-176
9Blackburn U1862131112-175
10Newcastle U1862041115-466
11Liverpool U1862041320-766
12Middlesbrough U186123911-254
13Sunderland U186015715-815
U18 Premier League North Form (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS
1Man City U186501188+10156
2Blackburn U1864021513+2126
3Man Utd U1863211911+8116
4Leeds U1863121511+4105
5Wolves U1863121110+1105
6Nott'm Forest U186222910-185
7Everton U1862131010074
8Stoke U1862131213-175
9Middlesbrough U186213910-174
10Sunderland U186213812-473
11Derby U1862041118-764
12Newcastle U186204916-763
13Liverpool U1861231318-556

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Goals scored and conceded (Last 10)
1Man City U18271116389/10 (90%)6/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)1/10 (10%)19
2Wolves U1818117299/10 (90%)8/10 (80%)2/10 (20%)1/10 (10%)27
3Man Utd U18321814509/10 (90%)7/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)1/10 (10%)13
4Derby U1823194428/10 (80%)8/10 (80%)2/10 (20%)1/10 (10%)19
5Leeds U1819163357/10 (70%)7/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)3/10 (30%)31
6Blackburn U182223-1459/10 (90%)8/10 (80%)2/10 (20%)0/10 (0%)22
7Nott'm Forest U181419-5338/10 (80%)4/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)2/10 (20%)19
8Everton U1821156366/10 (60%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)3/10 (30%)31
9Newcastle U181827-9457/10 (70%)0/10 (0%)10/10 (100%)0/10 (0%)23
10Stoke U182123-2449/10 (90%)3/10 (30%)7/10 (70%)0/10 (0%)21
11Middlesbrough U181520-5357/10 (70%)4/10 (40%)6/10 (60%)0/10 (0%)25
12Liverpool U182033-135310/10 (100%)3/10 (30%)7/10 (70%)0/10 (0%)18
13Sunderland U181526-11418/10 (80%)4/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)2/10 (20%)19
Key to column names
  • F - Goals "for" (scored)
  • A - Goals "against" (conceded)
  • GD - Goal difference (F - A)
  • MG - Match goals (F + A)

  • BTTS - Both Teams to Score (number of games, max 10)
  • SF - Team to Score First (number of games, max 10)
  • CF - Team to Concede First (number of games, max 10)

  • CS - Clean Sheets (number of games, max 10)
  • TF - Mean Time of First Goal (in minutes, by either side)

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players (Last 10)
Pos TeamPts SP Pl
1Man City U18272734
2Wolves U18211925
3Man Utd U18202733
4Derby U18172429
5Leeds U18162330
6Blackburn U18152533
7Nott'm Forest U18132130
8Everton U18121825
9Newcastle U18122732
10Stoke U18113947
11Middlesbrough U1881926
12Liverpool U1882431
13Sunderland U1872327
Key to column names
  • Pts - Team points
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes
Distance travelled in 15 days (Km)
Pos Team km miles
1Newcastle U18173107
2Blackburn U1800
3Derby U1800
4Everton U1800
5Leeds U1800
6Liverpool U1800
7Man City U1800
8Man Utd U1800
9Middlesbrough U1800
10Nott'm Forest U1800
11Stoke U1800
12Sunderland U1800
13Wolves U1800

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