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Bethlehem Steel FC v Pittsburgh Riverhounds Head to Head

Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
USLC 02‑Aug‑20 Pittsburgh Riverhounds Bethlehem Steel FC 4‑0
USLC 19‑Jul‑20 Bethlehem Steel FC Pittsburgh Riverhounds 0‑6
USLC 04‑Jul‑19 Pittsburgh Riverhounds Bethlehem Steel FC 1‑0
USLC 30‑Mar‑19 Bethlehem Steel FC Pittsburgh Riverhounds 2‑2
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Indy Eleven540194+512
2Saint Louis FC430163+39
3FC Tampa Bay Rowdies422064+28
4Birmingham Legion321062+47
5Pittsburgh Riverhounds4202104+66
6New York Red Bulls II420274+36
7Charleston Battery320152+36
8Hartford Athletic220042+26
9Charlotte Independence211043+14
10Louisville City FC310224-23
11Memphis 9014022611-52
12Loudoun United101000+01
13Carolina Railhawks201123-11
14Atlanta United II401338-51
15Bethlehem Steel FC4013314-111
16Swope Park Rangers200224-20
17Miami FC100114-30
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Saint Louis FC220051+46
2Indy Eleven220041+36
3Birmingham Legion211041+34
4FC Tampa Bay Rowdies211043+14
5Charleston Battery210142+23
6Hartford Athletic110032+13
7New York Red Bulls II310223-13
8Atlanta United II201123-11
9Memphis 901201146-21
10Bethlehem Steel FC3012111-101
11Charlotte Independence000000+00
12Loudoun United000000+00
13Miami FC000000+00
14Swope Park Rangers100112-10
15Carolina Railhawks100101-10
16Pittsburgh Riverhounds100101-10
17Louisville City FC200214-30
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Pittsburgh Riverhounds3201103+76
2Indy Eleven320153+26
3Charlotte Independence211043+14
4FC Tampa Bay Rowdies211021+14
5New York Red Bulls II110051+43
6Birmingham Legion110021+13
7Charleston Battery110010+13
8Hartford Athletic110010+13
9Louisville City FC110010+13
10Saint Louis FC210112-13
11Carolina Railhawks101022+01
12Loudoun United101000+01
13Memphis 901201125-31
14Bethlehem Steel FC100123-10
15Swope Park Rangers100112-10
16Miami FC100114-30
17Atlanta United II200215-40
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Louisville City FC6510143+1116
2Charleston Battery6510112+916
3El Paso Locomotive6510105+516
4Pittsburgh Riverhounds6501151+1415
5Reno 1868 FC64202110+1114
6Charlotte Independence6411105+513
7Hartford Athletic6411108+213
8San Diego Loyal6330104+612
9FC Tampa Bay Rowdies640283+512
10San Antonio FC6402128+412
11Sacramento Republic63301310+312
12La Galaxy II63211212+011
13Phoenix Rising6312149+510
14New York Red Bulls II63031817+19
15Carolina Railhawks630389-19
16New Mexico United622287+18
17Tulsa Roughnecks622278-18
18Saint Louis FC6222810-28
19Austin Bold61411310+37
20Birmingham Legion6213129+37
21Atlanta United II62131212+07
22Real Monarchs SLC621377+07
23Indy Eleven621358-37
24Swope Park Rangers62041013-36
25Colorado Switchbacks613269-36
26Portland Timbers II62041018-86
27Memphis 9016123913-45
28Bethlehem Steel FC61231016-65
29Miami FC612339-65
30Orange County SC611437-44
31Seattle Sounders II6114914-54
32Oklahoma City Energy604227-54
33Las Vegas Lights FC6024614-82
34Rio Grande Valley FC Toros6015715-81
35Loudoun United6015414-101
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Louisville City FC10820225+1726
2Reno 1868 FC107213115+1623
3El Paso Locomotive107211610+623
4Pittsburgh Riverhounds10712235+1822
5Phoenix Rising107122813+1522
6FC Tampa Bay Rowdies10712165+1122
7Sacramento Republic106401811+722
8Charleston Battery10631168+821
9San Antonio FC10622199+1020
10Hartford Athletic106221815+320
11Charlotte Independence106131613+319
12New Mexico United105231612+417
13La Galaxy II105231820-217
14Tulsa Roughnecks104421311+216
15Austin Bold103612316+715
16Birmingham Legion104331812+615
17Carolina Railhawks105051014-415
18San Diego Loyal103431111+013
19Saint Louis FC103431416-213
20Orange County SC10415911-213
21Indy Eleven10325711-411
22Seattle Sounders II103161819-110
23Swope Park Rangers103161421-710
24New York Red Bulls II103072328-59
25Las Vegas Lights FC102351823-59
26Memphis 901102351419-59
27Miami FC10235818-109
28Atlanta United II102261519-48
29Colorado Switchbacks101541218-68
30Bethlehem Steel FC102261426-128
31Real Monarchs SLC10217914-57
32Portland Timbers II102081529-146
33Loudoun United10127821-135
34Oklahoma City Energy10055217-155
35Rio Grande Valley FC Toros100371020-103
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Charleston Battery6600133+1018
2Louisville City FC6510153+1216
3San Antonio FC6510155+1016
4El Paso Locomotive6510105+516
5Phoenix Rising6501187+1115
6FC Tampa Bay Rowdies6420124+814
7Sacramento Republic6420149+514
8Pittsburgh Riverhounds6411184+1413
9Reno 1868 FC6411188+1013
10Seattle Sounders II6402127+512
11Orange County SC632153+211
12Hartford Athletic6321109+111
13Austin Bold63121410+410
14Swope Park Rangers631295+410
15Saint Louis FC6312109+110
16Charlotte Independence6312910-110
17New York Red Bulls II63031411+39
18Las Vegas Lights FC62311210+29
19New Mexico United6231108+29
20Tulsa Roughnecks623176+19
21Colorado Switchbacks615087+18
22Loudoun United62131413+17
23Birmingham Legion62131010+07
24San Diego Loyal621357-27
25Indy Eleven621358-37
26La Galaxy II62131015-57
27Real Monarchs SLC620479-26
28Carolina Railhawks620449-56
29Bethlehem Steel FC6204918-96
30Atlanta United II61231012-25
31Memphis 9016123610-45
32Miami FC6123512-75
33Oklahoma City Energy604228-64
34Rio Grande Valley FC Toros6114815-74
35Portland Timbers II6105816-83
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Louisville City FC6510103+716
2Reno 1868 FC6411158+713
3La Galaxy II64111310+313
4Pittsburgh Riverhounds6402103+712
5FC Tampa Bay Rowdies640283+512
6Birmingham Legion6321124+811
7Sacramento Republic632153+211
8San Antonio FC6312116+510
9Charlotte Independence6312109+110
10Carolina Railhawks631288+010
11San Diego Loyal623186+29
12Charleston Battery623175+29
13Tulsa Roughnecks623187+19
14Hartford Athletic6303613-79
15Phoenix Rising6222118+38
16New Mexico United622287+18
17Indy Eleven622276+18
18Austin Bold61411212+07
19Real Monarchs SLC621367-17
20Orange County SC620469-36
21El Paso Locomotive613225-36
22Memphis 90161231215-35
23Colorado Switchbacks61231116-55
24Saint Louis FC612349-55
25Miami FC6123410-65
26Oklahoma City Energy6123411-75
27Atlanta United II6114712-54
28Loudoun United6114514-94
29New York Red Bulls II61051119-83
30Swope Park Rangers6105817-93
31Portland Timbers II6105720-133
32Rio Grande Valley FC Toros6024511-62
33Bethlehem Steel FC6024619-132
34Seattle Sounders II6015816-81
35Las Vegas Lights FC6006716-90
Bethlehem Steel FC Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Pittsburgh Riverhounds Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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