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Chelsea v Leicester Head to Head

Last 10 Chelsea
Comp Date H A S WDL
Champ Lg29‑May‑21Man CityChelsea0‑1W
EPL23‑May‑21Aston VillaChelsea2‑1L
FA Cup15‑May‑21ChelseaLeicester0‑1L
EPL08‑May‑21Man CityChelsea1‑2W
Champ Lg05‑May‑21ChelseaReal Madrid2‑0W
Champ Lg27‑Apr‑21Real MadridChelsea1‑1D
EPL24‑Apr‑21West HamChelsea0‑1W
Last 10 Leicester
Comp Date H A S WDL
FA Cup15‑May‑21ChelseaLeicester0‑1W
EPL11‑May‑21Man UtdLeicester1‑2W
EPL26‑Apr‑21LeicesterCrystal Palace2‑1W
EPL22‑Apr‑21LeicesterWest Brom3‑0W
FA Cup18‑Apr‑21LeicesterSouthampton1‑0W
EPL11‑Apr‑21West HamLeicester3‑2L
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
EPL 18‑May‑21 Chelsea Leicester 2‑1
FA Cup 15‑May‑21 Chelsea Leicester 0‑1
EPL 19‑Jan‑21 Leicester Chelsea 2‑0
FA Cup 28‑Jun‑20 Leicester Chelsea 0‑1
EPL 01‑Feb‑20 Leicester Chelsea 2‑2
EPL 18‑Aug‑19 Chelsea Leicester 1‑1
EPL 12‑May‑19 Leicester Chelsea 0‑0
EPL 22‑Dec‑18 Chelsea Leicester 0‑1
FA Cup 18‑Mar‑18 Leicester Chelsea 1‑2
EPL 13‑Jan‑18 Chelsea Leicester 0‑0
EPL 09‑Sep‑17 Leicester Chelsea 1‑2
EPL 14‑Jan‑17 Leicester Chelsea 0‑3
EPL 15‑Oct‑16 Chelsea Leicester 3‑0
EFLC 20‑Sep‑16 Leicester Chelsea 2‑4
EPL 15‑May‑16 Chelsea Leicester 1‑1
EPL 14‑Dec‑15 Leicester Chelsea 2‑1
EPL 29‑Apr‑15 Leicester Chelsea 1‑3
EPL 23‑Aug‑14 Chelsea Leicester 2‑0
FA Cup 18‑Mar‑12 Chelsea Leicester 5‑2
EPL 11‑Jan‑04 Leicester Chelsea 0‑4
EPL 23‑Aug‑03 Chelsea Leicester 2‑1
EPL 02‑Feb‑02 Leicester Chelsea 2‑3
EPL 13‑Oct‑01 Chelsea Leicester 2‑0
EPL 03‑Feb‑01 Leicester Chelsea 2‑1
EPL 17‑Sep‑00 Chelsea Leicester 0‑2
EPL 15‑Jan‑00 Chelsea Leicester 1‑1
EPL 14‑Aug‑99 Leicester Chelsea 2‑2
EPL 18‑Apr‑99 Chelsea Leicester 2‑2
EPL 21‑Nov‑98 Leicester Chelsea 2‑4
EPL 21‑Feb‑98 Leicester Chelsea 2‑0
EPL 18‑Oct‑97 Chelsea Leicester 1‑0
EPL 19‑Apr‑97 Chelsea Leicester 2‑1
EPL 12‑Oct‑96 Leicester Chelsea 1‑3
EPL 06‑May‑95 Leicester Chelsea 1‑1
EPL 08‑Oct‑94 Chelsea Leicester 4‑0
Champ 15‑Apr‑89 Leicester Chelsea 2‑0
Champ 01‑Oct‑88 Chelsea Leicester 2‑1
EPL 02‑May‑87 Chelsea Leicester 3‑1
EPL 29‑Nov‑86 Leicester Chelsea 2‑2
EPL 01‑Feb‑86 Chelsea Leicester 2‑2
EPL 28‑Aug‑85 Leicester Chelsea 0‑0
EPL 02‑Feb‑85 Leicester Chelsea 1‑1
EPL 29‑Sep‑84 Chelsea Leicester 3‑0
EFLC 25‑Oct‑83 Chelsea Leicester 0‑2
EFLC 05‑Oct‑83 Leicester Chelsea 0‑2
Champ 03‑Jan‑83 Leicester Chelsea 3‑0
Champ 04‑Sep‑82 Chelsea Leicester 1‑1
Champ 09‑Mar‑82 Chelsea Leicester 4‑1
Champ 16‑Oct‑81 Leicester Chelsea 1‑1
Champ 05‑Apr‑80 Leicester Chelsea 1‑0
Chelsea Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Leicester Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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