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Darlington v Chester Head to Head

Last 10 Darlington
Comp Date H A S WDL
FA Tphy27‑Feb‑21DarlingtonAFC Hornchurch1‑2L
FA Tphy06‑Feb‑21DarlingtonWealdstone4‑1W
FA Tphy16‑Jan‑21WeymouthDarlington0‑1W
NL Nth12‑Jan‑21Farsley CelticDarlington1‑0L
NL Nth05‑Jan‑21BrackleyDarlington2‑0L
NL Nth28‑Dec‑20DarlingtonBlyth Spartans6‑0W
NL Nth26‑Dec‑20DarlingtonSpennymoor Town0‑0D
FA Tphy19‑Dec‑20DarlingtonAFC Telford2‑2D
FA Tphy16‑Dec‑20DarlingtonCity of Liverpool2‑0W
FA Cup29‑Nov‑20Bristol RoversDarlington6‑0L
Last 10 Chester
Comp Date H A S WDL
NL Nth19‑Jan‑21Bradford PAChester3‑3D
NL Nth05‑Jan‑21ChesterGuiseley1‑0W
NL Nth02‑Jan‑21ChesterAFC Telford3‑0W
NL Nth28‑Dec‑20ChesterChorley1‑2L
NL Nth26‑Dec‑20AFC TelfordChester1‑2W
FA Tphy19‑Dec‑20AltrinchamChester2‑1L
FA Tphy15‑Dec‑20ChesterBradford PA3‑1W
NL Nth12‑Dec‑20Boston UtdChester0‑0D
NL Nth08‑Dec‑20ChesterHereford5‑3W
NL Nth05‑Dec‑20YorkChester2‑1L
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
NL Nth 25‑Jan‑20 Chester Darlington 3‑0
NL Nth 07‑Dec‑19 Darlington Chester 2‑0
NL Nth 27‑Mar‑19 Darlington Chester 0‑1
NL Nth 01‑Dec‑18 Chester Darlington 3‑1
L2 02‑May‑09 Chester Darlington 1‑2
L2 25‑Nov‑08 Darlington Chester 1‑2
L2 22‑Mar‑08 Chester Darlington 2‑1
L2 04‑Mar‑08 Darlington Chester 1‑0
L2 06‑Apr‑07 Chester Darlington 1‑1
L2 03‑Nov‑06 Darlington Chester 1‑0
L2 11‑Mar‑06 Darlington Chester 1‑0
L2 27‑Aug‑05 Chester Darlington 4‑4
L2 02‑Apr‑05 Darlington Chester 1‑0
L2 28‑Aug‑04 Chester Darlington 0‑3
L2 08‑Jan‑00 Chester Darlington 1‑2
L2 15‑Dec‑99 Darlington Chester 3‑1
L2 01‑May‑99 Darlington Chester 1‑2
L2 12‑Dec‑98 Chester Darlington 1‑0
L2 13‑Apr‑98 Darlington Chester 1‑0
L2 13‑Dec‑97 Chester Darlington 2‑1
L2 15‑Mar‑97 Darlington Chester 1‑1
L2 14‑Dec‑96 Chester Darlington 2‑1
L2 27‑Apr‑96 Darlington Chester 3‑1
L2 25‑Nov‑95 Chester Darlington 4‑1
L2 22‑Jan‑94 Chester Darlington 0‑0
L2 09‑Oct‑93 Darlington Chester 1‑2
L1 29‑Feb‑92 Darlington Chester 1‑1
L1 04‑Jan‑92 Chester Darlington 2‑5
L1 21‑Feb‑87 Chester Darlington 6‑0
L1 27‑Sep‑86 Darlington Chester 1‑0
L2 23‑Feb‑85 Chester Darlington 5‑2
L2 03‑Nov‑84 Darlington Chester 2‑1
L2 17‑Mar‑84 Chester Darlington 2‑1
L2 08‑Oct‑83 Darlington Chester 2‑1
L2 19‑Feb‑83 Chester Darlington 2‑3
L2 09‑Oct‑82 Darlington Chester 0‑2
L2 16‑Apr‑75 Chester Darlington 1‑0
L2 28‑Dec‑74 Darlington Chester 1‑1
L2 10‑Feb‑74 Chester Darlington 1‑0
L2 22‑Sep‑73 Darlington Chester 1‑2
L2 10‑Feb‑73 Chester Darlington 5‑0
L2 16‑Sep‑72 Darlington Chester 1‑1
L2 19‑Feb‑72 Chester Darlington 2‑1
L2 30‑Oct‑71 Darlington Chester 1‑1
L2 06‑Feb‑71 Chester Darlington 2‑1
L2 05‑Dec‑70 Darlington Chester 5‑1
L2 31‑Jan‑70 Chester Darlington 1‑3
L2 04‑Oct‑69 Darlington Chester 1‑2
L2 03‑Mar‑69 Darlington Chester 2‑2
L2 04‑Jan‑69 Chester Darlington 1‑2
Darlington Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Chester Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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