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Hartlepool v Stockport Head to Head

Last 10 Hartlepool
Comp Date H A S WDL
Nat Lg20‑Jun‑21HartlepoolTorquay1‑1D
Nat Lg13‑Jun‑21StockportHartlepool0‑1W
Nat Lg06‑Jun‑21HartlepoolBromley3‑2W
Nat Lg29‑May‑21HartlepoolWeymouth4‑0W
Nat Lg23‑May‑21Sutton UtdHartlepool3‑0L
Nat Lg15‑May‑21AldershotHartlepool1‑3W
Nat Lg08‑May‑21HartlepoolMaidenhead Utd2‑4L
Nat Lg03‑May‑21BromleyHartlepool1‑0L
Nat Lg01‑May‑21HartlepoolChesterfield3‑1W
Nat Lg17‑Apr‑21WealdstoneHartlepool2‑7W
Last 10 Stockport
Comp Date H A S WDL
Nat Lg13‑Jun‑21StockportHartlepool0‑1L
Nat Lg29‑May‑21YeovilStockport0‑1W
Nat Lg22‑May‑21StockportWoking1‑1D
Nat Lg16‑May‑21StockportTorquay2‑2D
Nat Lg11‑May‑21StockportDagenham1‑1D
Nat Lg03‑May‑21StockportWealdstone4‑0W
Nat Lg01‑May‑21FC HalifaxStockport0‑1W
Nat Lg27‑Apr‑21Kings Lynn TownStockport0‑4W
Nat Lg24‑Apr‑21Boreham WoodStockport0‑3W
Nat Lg17‑Apr‑21StockportMaidenhead Utd2‑2D
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
Nat Lg 13‑Jun‑21 Stockport Hartlepool 0‑1
Nat Lg 27‑Mar‑21 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑1
Nat Lg 22‑Dec‑20 Hartlepool Stockport 4‑0
Nat Lg 25‑Jan‑20 Hartlepool Stockport 2‑0
Nat Lg 09‑Oct‑19 Stockport Hartlepool 2‑1
L1 13‑Apr‑10 Hartlepool Stockport 3‑0
L1 29‑Sep‑09 Stockport Hartlepool 2‑2
L1 10‑Mar‑09 Stockport Hartlepool 2‑1
L1 23‑Aug‑08 Hartlepool Stockport 0‑1
L2 17‑Mar‑07 Stockport Hartlepool 3‑3
L2 14‑Oct‑06 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑1
L1 26‑Feb‑05 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑0
L1 11‑Dec‑04 Hartlepool Stockport 3‑1
L1 16‑Mar‑04 Hartlepool Stockport 2‑2
L1 16‑Sep‑03 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑2
L1 05‑Mar‑94 Stockport Hartlepool 5‑0
L1 11‑Sep‑93 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑0
EFLC 24‑Aug‑93 Hartlepool Stockport 2‑1
EFLC 17‑Aug‑93 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑1
L1 23‑Mar‑93 Stockport Hartlepool 4‑1
L1 28‑Nov‑92 Hartlepool Stockport 3‑2
L1 06‑Mar‑92 Stockport Hartlepool 0‑1
L1 18‑Feb‑92 Hartlepool Stockport 0‑1
L2 29‑Mar‑91 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑3
L2 29‑Jan‑91 Hartlepool Stockport 3‑1
L2 10‑Feb‑90 Hartlepool Stockport 5‑0
L2 15‑Sep‑89 Stockport Hartlepool 6‑0
L2 28‑Feb‑89 Hartlepool Stockport 2‑2
L2 24‑Oct‑88 Stockport Hartlepool 3‑0
L2 09‑Apr‑88 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑3
L2 03‑Nov‑87 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑0
L2 01‑May‑87 Stockport Hartlepool 0‑2
L2 28‑Nov‑86 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑0
L2 14‑Mar‑86 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑1
L2 11‑Oct‑85 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑3
L2 03‑Apr‑85 Hartlepool Stockport 5‑1
L2 25‑Aug‑84 Stockport Hartlepool 4‑1
L2 05‑May‑84 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑2
L2 02‑Jan‑84 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑0
L2 19‑Feb‑83 Hartlepool Stockport 3‑2
L2 08‑Oct‑82 Stockport Hartlepool 1‑1
L2 10‑Apr‑82 Hartlepool Stockport 2‑2
L2 25‑Jan‑82 Stockport Hartlepool 0‑2
L2 28‑Mar‑81 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑0
L2 27‑Oct‑80 Stockport Hartlepool 0‑2
L2 06‑Nov‑79 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑2
L2 22‑Oct‑79 Stockport Hartlepool 0‑0
L2 13‑Mar‑79 Hartlepool Stockport 1‑3
L2 11‑Sep‑78 Stockport Hartlepool 4‑0
L2 08‑Apr‑78 Hartlepool Stockport 2‑0
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Stockport Over/Under (last 6 months)
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