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Walsall v Chesterfield Head to Head

Last 10 Walsall
Comp Date H A S WDL
L210‑Apr‑21WalsallForest Green2‑1W
L205‑Apr‑21Leyton OrientWalsall0‑0D
L202‑Apr‑21WalsallHarrogate Town0‑0D
L216‑Mar‑21Crawley TownWalsall1‑1D
Last 10 Chesterfield
Comp Date H A S WDL
Nat Lg20‑Apr‑21ChesterfieldFC Halifax1‑2L
Nat Lg17‑Apr‑21ChesterfieldBromley1‑2L
Nat Lg13‑Apr‑21ChesterfieldBoreham Wood0‑0D
Nat Lg10‑Apr‑21Kings Lynn TownChesterfield1‑2W
Nat Lg02‑Apr‑21EastleighChesterfield0‑1W
Nat Lg27‑Mar‑21ChesterfieldWeymouth1‑0W
FA Tphy24‑Mar‑21AldershotChesterfield0‑1W
Nat Lg23‑Mar‑21AldershotChesterfield0‑1W
Nat Lg20‑Mar‑21BarnetChesterfield0‑2W
Nat Lg16‑Mar‑21ChesterfieldSutton Utd0‑1L
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
L1 07‑Mar‑17 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑0
L1 16‑Aug‑16 Chesterfield Walsall 2‑0
L1 12‑Mar‑16 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑4
FA Cup 15‑Dec‑15 Walsall Chesterfield 0‑0
FA Cup 05‑Dec‑15 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑1
L1 17‑Oct‑15 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑2
L1 28‑Mar‑15 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑0
L1 25‑Oct‑14 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑0
L1 07‑Apr‑12 Walsall Chesterfield 3‑2
L1 17‑Dec‑11 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑1
EFLT 31‑Aug‑10 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑2
L1 21‑Jan‑06 Chesterfield Walsall 2‑2
L1 17‑Sep‑05 Walsall Chesterfield 2‑3
L1 15‑Jan‑05 Walsall Chesterfield 3‑0
L1 18‑Sep‑04 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑0
L1 20‑Feb‑99 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑1
L1 12‑Sep‑98 Chesterfield Walsall 0‑1
L1 10‑Jan‑98 Walsall Chesterfield 3‑2
L1 09‑Aug‑97 Chesterfield Walsall 3‑1
L1 01‑Apr‑97 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑1
L1 27‑Aug‑96 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑0
L1 16‑Apr‑96 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑1
L1 16‑Mar‑96 Walsall Chesterfield 3‑0
L2 11‑Mar‑95 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑3
L2 10‑Sep‑94 Chesterfield Walsall 0‑0
L2 12‑Mar‑94 Walsall Chesterfield 0‑1
L2 18‑Sep‑93 Chesterfield Walsall 0‑1
L2 03‑Apr‑93 Chesterfield Walsall 2‑1
L2 09‑Mar‑93 Walsall Chesterfield 3‑2
L2 11‑Apr‑92 Walsall Chesterfield 2‑2
L2 17‑Sep‑91 Chesterfield Walsall 0‑1
L2 16‑Feb‑91 Walsall Chesterfield 3‑0
L2 25‑Nov‑90 Chesterfield Walsall 2‑2
L1 13‑Feb‑88 Walsall Chesterfield 0‑0
L1 28‑Dec‑87 Chesterfield Walsall 2‑1
L1 14‑Apr‑87 Walsall Chesterfield 2‑1
L1 30‑Aug‑86 Chesterfield Walsall 3‑2
L1 25‑Mar‑86 Chesterfield Walsall 2‑3
L1 31‑Aug‑85 Walsall Chesterfield 3‑0
L1 01‑Mar‑83 Chesterfield Walsall 0‑0
L1 19‑Oct‑82 Walsall Chesterfield 0‑1
L1 06‑Feb‑82 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑0
L1 12‑Sep‑81 Walsall Chesterfield 1‑1
L1 28‑Mar‑81 Walsall Chesterfield 4‑3
L1 25‑Oct‑80 Chesterfield Walsall 1‑2
L1 05‑May‑79 Walsall Chesterfield 0‑1
L1 31‑Mar‑79 Chesterfield Walsall 0‑0
L1 11‑Mar‑78 Walsall Chesterfield 2‑2
L1 15‑Oct‑77 Chesterfield Walsall 0‑1
L1 02‑Apr‑77 Walsall Chesterfield 2‑2
Walsall Over/Under (last 6 months)
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Chesterfield Over/Under (last 6 months)
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