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Bore Will Tear You Apart Again

By: Chris Smith
Date: 02/01/2011

I f******* can't stand the false jollity at this time of year when some drooling lightweight slurs a meaningless greeting in your face but would like as not want to punch your lights out if you told them to f*** off as you really want to.

They remind me of those individuals you see at one of our bigger games, unseen from one season to another, facing the stand and imploring the regular diehards to take part in their fantasy to lead the travelling choir and getting p****d off when nobody joins in. Well sunshines, if you cared that much you'd come more often so haunt someone else.

As for the fireworks, loud enough to remind you of that irritating tosser with hanging jowls who broke wind in class in a risible attempt at status elevation but so visually pathetic that even the most compulsive pyromaniac would struggle to raise an inch of excitement.

For this left wing Town fan with chav-induced sleep deprivation, anything less than three points against a Nottinghamshire side (that is forever linked to strike breaking in my neck of the woods) would be a disaster.

One thing I don't have to cope with now is NYD hangovers (Barnsley away in 1983 still makes me wince with memories of the vain hope that the walk to Cleethorpes to pick up the supporters' bus would clear me of quaking nausea after over indulgence with the mad apples on The Barge) so Gary and I decided to pay homage to Nigel Batch in the Hainton and stuff ourselves into the bargain (which it was!).

Whilst we arrived fairly early at the ground, it was clear that this fixture hadn't exactly gripped the imagination despite a long gap from BSP football. I had the rare experience of getting paid to visit BP when the refunds for the aborted Boxing Day tickets were forthcoming before conceding that it couldn't be put off any longer and I'd have to go in the ground.

The Pontoon was empty and stayed pretty much that way and we actually had company in Row K of the Upper Findus for a change though we were confident we could drive them away when the game got underway.

As if we weren't disbelieving enough at the pinpoint ball in from the left that Peter Bore converted at the far post after just a few minutes, the second goal had us bouncing in a proper manie just as we were trying to get our breath back from the previous exertions. I later read that it had taken a deflection but what a way to set about dominating a game that was only to be marred by the brutality of some Mansfield tackling (although that probably isn't the right word).

As we pinched Little Rich's invention and sang "Bore Will Tear You Apart Again" (apologies to Joy Division), the crowd were treated to any number of won balls, feints, nutmegs and accurate passes into space. This game could last for ever. The only disappointment was Charles Ademeno hitting the crossbar. I really think he adds something to our game.

Town wouldn't be Town without giving the faithful something to worry about and a goalkeeping error led to a soft Mansfield goal and the Town fans having to listen to the great unwashed for the first time in the game. I could really get used to forgetting there is any away support. Having said that, we'd dominated the first half, won virtually everything and warmed our hearts.

My only concern was Town going to sleep early in the second half but whilst Mansfield briefly tried to take the game to us, the Mariners struck again within five minutes. Peter Bore again struck at the far post to set off wild celebrations amongst our lot who'd relocated to the Pontoon end of the Findus. As if these goals hadn't been taken well enough, Connell banged in a free kick to really get us going. I don't care that I can't pogo the way I did thirty two years ago, I'll still try. I don't really hug my mates when celebrating, I'm clinging on to stay upright.

I missed the Mansfield response whilst frantically texting updates to all and sundry and whilst I understand it was a good strike (not something Notts are famous for), I wasn't fussed about missing an opposition score.

I can honestly say that Town haven't been prolific goal scorers for the majority of my time as a fan, even when we've been doing well, so the teenage Chris I'd regressed to was enjoying this rampant display.

When we won the corner that led to the fifth, I turned to Gary and said this would be another. What a great header from Coulson. I was a little more taciturn when we were given a free kick from an improved position than the one Town had proposed due to a fussy referee. However, when the wall started to break before Connell lambasted it, I knew goal number six was coming. Another fantastic strike, there was absolutely no doubt where that was going.

If the fifth goal celebration had generally been a bit muted as a bit of extra icing on the cake, joy was unconfined at this one. I've not seen us score six many times, Boston away in 2007, Cardiff and Rotherham in the 1984/5 season and I think that's it.

You know, before the game, I was asked whether my overall memories of Blundell Park were good, bad or indifferent and I didn't hesitate when I said "good". And whilst those goals were flying in yesterday, I was able to relate to that younger version of me who regularly danced up and down in the Pontoon stand in the 1980s and early 90s as his heart burst with pride as the Mariners put another side to the sword.


I'd never seen us score seven, Darlington in 1978/9 being a season too early and Luton in the cup was played when I was living down in London. Peter Bore flew down the pitch in the last minute and before he struck the ball, I knew that was going to change. A superb goal to top a great individual and team performance. I don't care that we were a non league team when I saw us score seven. Would have been nice to get eight though...

Personally, the last goal was the best for me.

This could be the game to get the confidence going and there is all to play for in quite an open division, well the play-offs anyway. Either way, the rot has stopped and as I said after the Hayes away game, I'd love to see us put in a strong run like we did in 1989/90.

I always go away for a few weeks at the end of February and invariably miss the biggest win of the season so for all you stay-aways, you read it here first. don't miss the eight goal bonanza.

Of course, the best thing about a big win is that your friends who support other teams, but know how much you love yours, will start sending congratulations. In the next hour, I had texts from Oldham, Hearts, Preston and Sheffield United fans and a phone call from a Brentford supporter. We might only have had 3,600 spectators yesterday but plenty more were looking out for our score.

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