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Lost at Sea Somewhere
Lost at Sea Somewhere

On What Fun it is to Follow Town

By: Alex Green
Date: 24/02/2011

LADIES and gentleman, boys and girls, join us on our merry-go-round of F**ktardery. Hopefully this continued circle of insanity will throw up twenty minutes of entertainment and progress within the next decade, so get comfy and hold on tight cause no one is allowed to get off.

It’s a pretty easy target to s**t on Grimsby Town right now like an Albatross about to unleash the cause and affect of a vindaloo of such epic proportions you worry about the Main Stand roof. Everyone is doing it, the forums here and there and web sites filling with disgusted rage and why the hell should I be the one to stop it? The local rag is so terrified of the consequences if they somehow stumble across writing anything close to quasi-controversial against Fenty and his boardroom of dullards. That they could be thrown out in the cold again by some sort of moronic SS of Blundell Park like every media outlet which continually follows the club giving it airtime and column inches seems to do. Heaven forbid anyone somewhere asks if this is how it should be done considering the club has fallen so far that there is a distinct possibility there maybe nothing below to break the fall when it finally ends.

Year in year out we see nothing but pointless crap on and off the pitch. The closest thing that comes to well run at the club is the Youth Team who continually punch above their financial might yet who are being discussed as irrelevant, pointless and look set to fold if the club don't get out of this league sharpish. Everything at the club has been left to rot - the silly things which don't seem to matter at the beginning which sure as hell don't seem to matter when your fighting against continued relegation season after season all add up to the huge pointlessness of this club right after they've been left since the early 90’s. Especially when mine and many others match day experience seems to go like this....

You pay your £18, you sit in a drafty cold stand and straining to hear a 1960’s speaker which doesn't work because no one thought of updating it to help with atmosphere or heaven forbid rifle out some company's names over it and grab a little more money for sponsorship. You watch these so-called players you support but in your heart of hearts don't care about or have any affiliation with because they'll be gone this time next year much like the manager. Then you sit around ever dwindling crowds watching nothing, which comes close to football trying to dig deep and find that passion that once burned in your stomach, which was extinguished long ago. You half-heartedly celebrate a goal against Histon, go and buy a Cheeseburger at half time because apparently no one associated with the club can f***ing spell or cook for that matter once you taste the oozing puss they call meat and you throw it in the bin which you've effectively just done with your £3 you paid for it. Then you read the programme and wonder why the people who do that can't do the web site or the PR because the guy in charge of that side of thing thinks he’s actually doing a good job when he’s mocked continually from all angles for not being able to do it close to competently and is on about par with Tommy Forecast for ineptitude at his profession.

Then you watch us f**k up in the second half because fitness is apparently the thing we need to concentrate on but that doesn't seem to have happened yet and you slink back to your car after another defeat against a team ten years ago you thought played Louth on a Sunday and wait in the ever diminishing queue of cars leaving the area (which is one good point I suppose) and you sit listening to Scunny and Hull fans moaning about defeats to Forest and Palace and you wish you could just have that sort of pain again just for a while. Then you go on the web site and watch 2 minutes of highlights you paid £40 for and strain to hear a bloke doing interviews with the exuberance of a corpse and a manager reeling off the same excuses knowing tomorrow's vote of confidence from our so-called hero chairman means f**k all because he’s a moron who has money but nowhere near the right grey matter to do anything close to intelligent. Then you try and ignore the club because you know you shouldn't have anything to do with them but it doesn't work like that. But I've had enough now because this sort of rant has been written several times and it’s been expressed a thousand times over but nothing changes and that’s the problem. The Board - all of you even the supposedly new white knight Mr Parker - hand in your resignations and leave, you have been found amazing wanting.

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