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Championship Injured Footballers

The following players are currently injured or unavailable for Championship games in the next week of the 2023-2024 season.

The player's number of league appearances this season, and the total minutes played in these games, are also shown.

Championship Injuries
Next game: 13-Apr - Leeds v Blackburn
A. SigurdssonThigh Injury1,454 mins in 29 appearances
H. LeonardKnock836 mins in 19 appearances
J. FleckCalf Injury17 mins in 1 appearances
R. HedgesMuscle Injury986 mins in 17 appearances
Y. AyariMuscle Injury837 mins in 20 appearances
P. StruijkGroin Injury1,989 mins in 23 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Birmingham v Coventry
A. ChangKnee Injury0 appearances
L. JutkiewiczMuscle Injury514 mins in 26 appearances
M. RobertsCalf Injury817 mins in 13 appearances
J. AllenBroken cheekbone1,120 mins in 19 appearances
T. SakamotoBack Injury1,842 mins in 29 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Bristol City v Huddersfield
Bristol City
A. BenarousKnee Injury0 appearances
K. NaismithCalf Injury886 mins in 13 appearances
R. AtkinsonKnee Injury0 appearances
R. DickieCalf Injury3,232 mins in 38 appearances
S. BellLeg Injury1,814 mins in 33 appearances
T. Gardner-HickmanCalf Injury2,171 mins in 36 appearances
J. HoggShoulder Injury2,696 mins in 34 appearances
J. RudoniMuscle Injury2,763 mins in 31 appearances
J. RuffelsGroin Injury780 mins in 11 appearances
K. HarrattSuspended492 mins in 15 appearances
R. BalkerThigh Injury408 mins in 7 appearances
T. LeesCalf Injury2,340 mins in 29 appearances
Y. NakayamaKnee Injury1,694 mins in 23 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Hull v QPR
L. DelapKnee Injury2,000 mins in 26 appearances
R. KolliLeg Injury162 mins in 10 appearances
T. RichardsCalf Injury55 mins in 4 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Ipswich v Middlesbrough
B. WilliamsLeg Injury797 mins in 15 appearances
G. HirstThigh Injury1,624 mins in 23 appearances
J. DonacienGroin Injury217 mins in 3 appearances
W. BurnsMuscle Injury2,187 mins in 32 appearances
D. FryGroin Injury2,520 mins in 28 appearances
D. LenihanAchilles Tendon Injury720 mins in 8 appearances
H. HackneyLeg Injury1,812 mins in 21 appearances
J. CoburnGroin Injury993 mins in 21 appearances
M. ForssMuscle Injury1,116 mins in 21 appearances
P. McNairMuscle Injury1,760 mins in 21 appearances
R. McGreeFoot Injury1,261 mins in 22 appearances
T. SmithAchilles Tendon Injury383 mins in 6 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Millwall v Cardiff
C. O'DowdaMuscle Injury1,064 mins in 20 appearances
J. AlnwickKnock2,160 mins in 24 appearances
J. Wilson-EsbrandMuscle Injury671 mins in 11 appearances
K. EteteLeg Injury1,090 mins in 28 appearances
M. McGuinnessMuscle Injury2,595 mins in 29 appearances
J. BryanLeg Injury1,446 mins in 23 appearances
K. NisbetMuscle Injury1,374 mins in 26 appearances
M. WallaceBack Injury2,070 mins in 30 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Preston v Norwich
D. GiannoulisMuscle Injury2,490 mins in 32 appearances
J. RoweMuscle Injury1,947 mins in 28 appearances
J. SorensenMuscle Injury417 mins in 10 appearances
O. HernandezFoot Injury1,180 mins in 30 appearances
B. PottsKnock2,660 mins in 31 appearances
R. LedsonKnock1,363 mins in 24 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Sheff Wed v Stoke
Sheff Wed
J. DelgadoHip Injury686 mins in 10 appearances
B. PearsonMuscle Injury1,848 mins in 29 appearances
L. GoochMuscle Injury1,717 mins in 31 appearances
R. MmaeeMuscle Injury1,512 mins in 24 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Southampton v Watford
J. LariosMuscle Injury0 appearances
R. StewartMuscle Injury17 mins in 2 appearances
J. NgakiaKnee Injury892 mins in 13 appearances
K. BaahMuscle Injury0 appearances
K. SemaMuscle Injury1,881 mins in 26 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - Swansea v Rotherham
A. GreenAchilles Tendon Injury651 mins in 9 appearances
C. TiehiAbdominal strain3,067 mins in 35 appearances
G. HallHip Injury217 mins in 6 appearances
J. HugillKnee Injury2,111 mins in 36 appearances
P. KiosoMuscle Injury923 mins in 11 appearances
S. MorrisonCalf Injury1,939 mins in 27 appearances
T. BlackettMuscle Injury900 mins in 10 appearances
H. AshbyMuscle Injury807 mins in 13 appearances
J. AllenToe Injury635 mins in 19 appearances
J. GinnellyMuscle Injury191 mins in 6 appearances
K. NaughtonMuscle Injury762 mins in 15 appearances
P. PlachetaMuscle Injury1,118 mins in 26 appearances
Next game: 13-Apr - West Brom v Sunderland
C. EvansKnee Injury0 appearances
D. CirkinHamstring Injury504 mins in 8 appearances
E. EmbletonThigh Injury0 appearances
J. SeeltKnee Injury1,029 mins in 17 appearances
N. HugginsKnee Injury1,337 mins in 19 appearances
N. RusynCalf Injury793 mins in 21 appearances
West Brom
D. DikeAchilles Tendon Injury49 mins in 4 appearances
J. MolumbyFoot Injury1,101 mins in 24 appearances

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