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USL Championship Form Table

USL Championship Form (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS G15 km15
1Indy Eleven6600134+918431226
2Colorado Switchbacks6510134+916331373
3FC Tampa Bay Rowdies6411103+713137612
4New Mexico United640286+212432887
5Oakland Roots640286+212331637
6North Carolina6321103+71122675
7Louisville City FC6321138+511532680
8Memphis 901632196+311441001
9Loudoun United631295+410120
10El Paso Locomotive631287+11043813
11Phoenix Rising623175+2943974
12Detroit City FC622289-18334114
13Charleston Battery622234-18121102
14Las Vegas Lights FC614176+17433350
15Hartford Athletic621369-37333030
16Birmingham Legion61325506221851
17Sacramento Republic6132550623223
18FC Tulsa6123614-85321697
19San Antonio FC611447-34342361
20Rhode Island604248-44331868
21Monterey Bay611429-74133832
22Pittsburgh Riverhounds603349-53331482
23Orange County SC6105715-83431826
24Miami FC6006315-120323488
USL Championship Form (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS G15 km15
1Indy Eleven108111910+925731226
2New Mexico United107031513+221632887
3Louisville City FC106222511+1420632680
4Charleston Battery10622209+1120421102
5FC Tampa Bay Rowdies106222010+1020437612
6Colorado Switchbacks10622168+820431373
7Memphis 901105321911+818741001
8Detroit City FC105231413+117534114
9Sacramento Republic10442137+61643223
10Phoenix Rising104421310+31673974
11Oakland Roots105141415-116631637
12Loudoun United104241210+214320
13Birmingham Legion103431010013421851
14Pittsburgh Riverhounds103431010013431482
15North Carolina103341410+41252675
16El Paso Locomotive103251114-31163813
17Orange County SC103161117-610431826
18FC Tulsa102441222-1010621697
19Hartford Athletic103161021-1110533030
20San Antonio FC102351012-29642361
21Rhode Island10163712-59531868
22Monterey Bay10226615-98333832
23Las Vegas Lights FC101451019-97733350
24Miami FC10109925-163623488
USL Championship Form (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS
1Louisville City FC6600265+21183
2New Mexico United6600135+8184
3FC Tampa Bay Rowdies6420133+10142
4Detroit City FC642093+6143
5Charleston Battery6411154+11132
6Colorado Switchbacks6411116+5133
7Indy Eleven6402129+3125
8Memphis 9016321127+5115
9North Carolina632195+4113
10Phoenix Rising631276+1103
11Hartford Athletic6312990104
12Orange County SC6312880102
13San Antonio FC623165+193
14Loudoun United622274+381
15Las Vegas Lights FC622287+184
16Sacramento Republic622276+183
17Monterey Bay622266082
18Pittsburgh Riverhounds622255082
19Birmingham Legion621378-172
20Oakland Roots621348-472
21FC Tulsa6123913-455
22Rhode Island604215-441
23Miami FC6105616-1034
24El Paso Locomotive6015511-614
USL Championship Form (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS
1Indy Eleven6411118+3134
2Sacramento Republic633082+6122
3Charleston Battery632195+4112
4El Paso Locomotive631287+1103
5New Mexico United630379-293
6Birmingham Legion623157-292
7Louisville City FC622299084
8FC Tampa Bay Rowdies622288083
9Phoenix Rising614198+175
10Memphis 901621387+173
11Colorado Switchbacks621356-171
12Oakland Roots6213810-274
13Detroit City FC6213711-473
14Pittsburgh Riverhounds613257-262
15Rhode Island6132711-465
16Monterey Bay6204410-662
17Las Vegas Lights FC6123612-653
18FC Tulsa6123412-852
19North Carolina611489-144
20Loudoun United6114712-544
21Orange County SC6114611-543
22San Antonio FC610569-334
23Hartford Athletic6105314-1132
24Miami FC6015512-713

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Goals scored and conceded (Last 10)
1Indy Eleven19109297/10 (70%)6/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)3/10 (30%)29
2New Mexico United15132286/10 (60%)5/10 (50%)5/10 (50%)2/10 (20%)24
3Louisville City FC251114366/10 (60%)7/10 (70%)2/10 (20%)4/10 (40%)25
4Charleston Battery20911294/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)3/10 (30%)5/10 (50%)33
5FC Tampa Bay Rowdies201010304/10 (40%)6/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)43
6Colorado Switchbacks1688244/10 (40%)7/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)4/10 (40%)23
7Memphis 90119118307/10 (70%)5/10 (50%)5/10 (50%)2/10 (20%)15
8Detroit City FC14131275/10 (50%)7/10 (70%)2/10 (20%)4/10 (40%)27
9Sacramento Republic1376204/10 (40%)6/10 (60%)3/10 (30%)5/10 (50%)26
10Phoenix Rising13103237/10 (70%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)3/10 (30%)24
11Oakland Roots1415-1296/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)6/10 (60%)2/10 (20%)29
12Loudoun United12102223/10 (30%)3/10 (30%)6/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)18
13Birmingham Legion10100204/10 (40%)3/10 (30%)6/10 (60%)3/10 (30%)36
14Pittsburgh Riverhounds10100204/10 (40%)4/10 (40%)4/10 (40%)4/10 (40%)19
15North Carolina14104245/10 (50%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)4/10 (40%)28
16El Paso Locomotive1114-3256/10 (60%)7/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)2/10 (20%)35
17Orange County SC1117-6284/10 (40%)3/10 (30%)6/10 (60%)3/10 (30%)20
18FC Tulsa1222-10346/10 (60%)5/10 (50%)5/10 (50%)1/10 (10%)21
19Hartford Athletic1021-11315/10 (50%)2/10 (20%)8/10 (80%)1/10 (10%)21
20San Antonio FC1012-2226/10 (60%)6/10 (60%)3/10 (30%)2/10 (20%)33
21Rhode Island712-5195/10 (50%)5/10 (50%)2/10 (20%)4/10 (40%)19
22Monterey Bay615-9213/10 (30%)3/10 (30%)6/10 (60%)2/10 (20%)33
23Las Vegas Lights FC1019-9297/10 (70%)1/10 (10%)8/10 (80%)1/10 (10%)24
24Miami FC925-16346/10 (60%)1/10 (10%)9/10 (90%)0/10 (0%)33
Key to column names
  • F - Goals "for" (scored)
  • A - Goals "against" (conceded)
  • GD - Goal difference (F - A)
  • MG - Match goals (F + A)

  • BTTS - Both Teams to Score (number of games, max 10)
  • SF - Team to Score First (number of games, max 10)
  • CF - Team to Concede First (number of games, max 10)

  • CS - Clean Sheets (number of games, max 10)
  • TF - Mean Time of First Goal (in minutes, by either side)

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players (Last 10)
Pos TeamPts SP Pl
1Indy Eleven251824
2New Mexico United212026
3Louisville City FC201923
4Charleston Battery201523
5FC Tampa Bay Rowdies201424
6Colorado Switchbacks201927
7Memphis 901181421
8Detroit City FC171821
9Sacramento Republic161924
10Phoenix Rising162025
11Oakland Roots162327
12Loudoun United141828
13Birmingham Legion131822
14Pittsburgh Riverhounds131624
15North Carolina122127
16El Paso Locomotive111727
17Orange County SC101926
18FC Tulsa101924
19Hartford Athletic101925
20San Antonio FC92027
21Rhode Island91924
22Monterey Bay81924
23Las Vegas Lights FC71924
24Miami FC32129
Key to column names
  • Pts - Team points
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes
Distance travelled in 15 days (Km)
Pos Team km miles
1FC Tampa Bay Rowdies76124730
2Detroit City FC41142556
3Monterey Bay38322381
4Miami FC34882167
5Las Vegas Lights FC33502082
6Hartford Athletic30301883
7New Mexico United28871794
8Louisville City FC26801665
9San Antonio FC23611467
10Rhode Island18681161
11Birmingham Legion18511150
12Orange County SC18261135
13FC Tulsa16971054
14Oakland Roots16371017
15Pittsburgh Riverhounds1482921
16Colorado Switchbacks1373853
17Indy Eleven1226762
18Charleston Battery1102685
19Memphis 9011001622
20Phoenix Rising974605
21El Paso Locomotive813505
22North Carolina675419
23Sacramento Republic223139
24Loudoun United00

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