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Gamba Osaka v Shimizu S-Pulse Head to Head

Last 10 Gamba Osaka
Comp Date H A S WDL
JL04‑Oct‑19Gamba OsakaSapporo5‑0W
JL28‑Sep‑19Cerezo OsakaGamba Osaka3‑1L
JL14‑Sep‑19Gamba OsakaSagan Tosu1‑0W
JL31‑Aug‑19Yokohama FMGamba Osaka3‑1L
JL23‑Aug‑19Kashima AntlersGamba Osaka2‑2D
JL18‑Aug‑19Gamba OsakaJubilo Iwata1‑1D
JL10‑Aug‑19Gamba OsakaSanfrecce Hiroshima1‑1D
JL02‑Aug‑19Vissel KobeGamba Osaka2‑2D
JL20‑Jul‑19Nagoya Grampus EightGamba Osaka2‑2D
JL13‑Jul‑19Gamba OsakaShimizu S-Pulse1‑0W
Last 10 Shimizu S-Pulse
Comp Date H A S WDL
JL06‑Oct‑19Urawa Red DiamondsShimizu S-Pulse2‑1L
JL29‑Sep‑19ShonanShimizu S-Pulse0‑6W
JL13‑Sep‑19Shimizu S-PulseNagoya Grampus Eight3‑2W
JL01‑Sep‑19Shimizu S-PulseKashima Antlers0‑4L
JL24‑Aug‑19Kawasaki FrontaleShimizu S-Pulse2‑2D
JL17‑Aug‑19Shimizu S-PulseSapporo0‑8L
JL10‑Aug‑19Shimizu S-PulseMatsumoto Yamaga1‑0W
JL03‑Aug‑19Yokohama FMShimizu S-Pulse0‑1W
JL20‑Jul‑19Shimizu S-PulseFC Tokyo0‑2L
JL13‑Jul‑19Gamba OsakaShimizu S-Pulse1‑0L
Last Meetings
Comp Date H A S
JL 13‑Jul‑19 Gamba Osaka Shimizu S-Pulse 1‑0
JL 02‑Mar‑19 Shimizu S-Pulse Gamba Osaka 2‑4
JL 21‑Sep‑18 Shimizu S-Pulse Gamba Osaka 1‑2
JL 22‑Jul‑18 Gamba Osaka Shimizu S-Pulse 1‑2
JL 08‑Jul‑17 Shimizu S-Pulse Gamba Osaka 2‑0
JL 05‑May‑17 Gamba Osaka Shimizu S-Pulse 1‑1
League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Kashima Antlers2816755024+2655
2FC Tokyo2816573823+1553
3Yokohama FM2816485133+1852
4Kawasaki Frontale28121154626+2047
5Sanfrecce Hiroshima2813874024+1647
6Cerezo Osaka28144103222+1046
8Oita Trinita28101083127+440
9Vissel Kobe28105135051-135
10Urawa Red Diamonds2898113041-1135
11Shimizu S-Pulse28105134060-2035
12Gamba Osaka28810103941-234
13Nagoya Grampus Eight2889114142-133
14Vegalta Sendai2895143240-832
16Sagan Tosu2894152846-1831
17Matsumoto Yamaga28610121731-1428
18Jubilo Iwata2856172041-2121
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1FC Tokyo1512032711+1636
2Kashima Antlers1410312810+1833
3Yokohama FM149322711+1630
4Vegalta Sendai157442119+225
5Sanfrecce Hiroshima146531910+923
6Cerezo Osaka14725179+823
8Kawasaki Frontale154921812+621
9Oita Trinita146351611+521
10Gamba Osaka145542015+520
11Nagoya Grampus Eight136251915+420
12Sagan Tosu146261926-720
13Vissel Kobe135352522+318
14Shimizu S-Pulse136071735-1818
15Urawa Red Diamonds144371423-915
17Matsumoto Yamaga14266815-712
18Jubilo Iwata141491224-127
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Kawasaki Frontale138232814+1426
2Sanfrecce Hiroshima147342114+724
3Cerezo Osaka147251513+223
4Kashima Antlers146442214+822
5Yokohama FM147162422+222
6Urawa Red Diamonds145541618-220
7Oita Trinita144731516-119
9FC Tokyo134541112-117
10Shimizu S-Pulse154562325-217
11Vissel Kobe155282529-417
13Matsumoto Yamaga14446916-716
14Gamba Osaka143561926-714
15Jubilo Iwata14428817-914
16Nagoya Grampus Eight152762227-513
17Sagan Tosu14329920-1111
18Vegalta Sendai1321101121-107
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Cerezo Osaka6501115+615
2Kashima Antlers6420113+814
3Yokohama FM6411155+1013
4Vissel Kobe64021712+512
5Sanfrecce Hiroshima6321106+411
6Sagan Tosu63121114-310
7Matsumoto Yamaga623154+19
8Kawasaki Frontale6222138+58
10Gamba Osaka6222119+28
11Shimizu S-Pulse62131218-67
12Vegalta Sendai613288+06
13Oita Trinita613245-16
14FC Tokyo612347-35
15Urawa Red Diamonds6123812-45
16Jubilo Iwata6114310-74
17Nagoya Grampus Eight6033713-63
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Kashima Antlers10631189+921
2Yokohama FM10613219+1219
3Sanfrecce Hiroshima105411711+619
4Cerezo Osaka106131510+519
5Gamba Osaka103521714+314
6Vissel Kobe104242120+114
7FC Tokyo104241010+014
8Sagan Tosu104241621-514
9Shimizu S-Pulse104151421-713
11Kawasaki Frontale103341815+312
12Matsumoto Yamaga1025378-111
13Urawa Red Diamonds102531517-211
14Oita Trinita102531012-211
16Vegalta Sendai102441014-410
17Nagoya Grampus Eight101541420-68
18Jubilo Iwata10217818-107
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Gamba Osaka6420102+814
2Kashima Antlers6420115+614
3Sanfrecce Hiroshima6330126+612
4Yokohama FM6402115+612
5FC Tokyo6402117+412
6Cerezo Osaka631295+410
7Vissel Kobe63121411+310
8Oita Trinita631286+210
10Kawasaki Frontale623185+39
11Shimizu S-Pulse6303617-119
12Urawa Red Diamonds622288+08
13Sagan Tosu62221015-58
15Vegalta Sendai6132610-46
16Nagoya Grampus Eight6123812-45
17Matsumoto Yamaga604247-34
18Jubilo Iwata6006415-110
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Kashima Antlers6411134+913
2Cerezo Osaka641196+313
3Sanfrecce Hiroshima632186+211
4Yokohama FM6312138+510
5FC Tokyo622266+08
6Matsumoto Yamaga622255+08
7Kawasaki Frontale62131310+37
8Shimizu S-Pulse6213129+37
10Vegalta Sendai621355+07
11Vissel Kobe62131314-17
13Sagan Tosu621379-27
14Jubilo Iwata621358-37
15Urawa Red Diamonds6132912-36
16Oita Trinita604247-34
17Gamba Osaka6033915-63
18Nagoya Grampus Eight6033915-63
Gamba Osaka Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Shimizu S-Pulse Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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