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2023-2024 Italian Serie A Women Table

2023-2024 Italian Serie A Women
Regular Season
1Roma W1817015111+4051
2Juventus W1814134716+3143
3Fiorentina W1812333619+1739
4Sassuolo W188282020026
5Inter Milano W188282829-126
6AC Milan W185672222021
7Como W186392033-1321
8Sampdoria W1853101229-1718
9Napoli W1813141136-256
10Pomigliano W1813141446-326
Championship Round
1Roma W2623127424+5070
2Juventus W2619256527+3859
3Fiorentina W2612684240+242
4Sassuolo W26113123941-236
5Inter Milano W26104124546-134
Relegation Round
1AC Milan W2611874330+1341
2Como W2695123043-1332
3Sampdoria W2684142542-1728
4Napoli W2728172048-2814
5Pomigliano W2626182365-4212
2023-2024 Italian Serie A Women (Home)
Regular Season
1Roma W9900274+233127
2Juventus W9711318+233922
3Fiorentina W9702188+102621
4Inter Milano W9423119+22014
5AC Milan W93421614+23013
6Sassuolo W9315910-11910
7Como W9225611-5178
8Sampdoria W9216417-13217
9Napoli W9117715-8224
10Pomigliano W91171026-16364
Championship Round
1Roma W131300418+334939
2Juventus W1310124012+285231
3Fiorentina W137242217+53923
4Sassuolo W135171920-13916
5Inter Milano W134451920-13916
Relegation Round
1AC Milan W137422717+104425
2Como W134361317-43015
3Sampdoria W134271022-123214
4Napoli W142571218-63011
5Pomigliano W132291636-20528
2023-2024 Italian Serie A Women (Away)
Regular Season
1Roma W9801247+173124
2Juventus W9702168+82421
3Fiorentina W95311811+72918
4Sassuolo W95131110+12116
5Como W94141422-83613
6Inter Milano W94051720-33712
7Sampdoria W9324812-42011
8AC Milan W922568-2148
9Pomigliano W9027420-16242
10Napoli W9027421-17252
Championship Round
1Roma W1310123316+174931
2Juventus W139132515+104028
3Sassuolo W136252021-14120
4Fiorentina W135442023-34319
5Inter Milano W13607262605218
Relegation Round
1Como W135261726-94317
2AC Milan W134451613+32916
3Sampdoria W134271520-53514
4Pomigliano W13049729-22364
5Napoli W130310830-22383
2023-2024 Italian Serie A Women (Overall)
Regular Season
1Roma W1817015111+406251
2Juventus W1814134716+316343
3Fiorentina W1812333619+175539
4Sassuolo W18828202004026
5Inter Milano W188282829-15726
6AC Milan W18567222204421
7Como W186392033-135321
8Sampdoria W1853101229-174118
9Napoli W1813141136-25476
10Pomigliano W1813141446-32606
Championship Round
1Roma W2623127424+509870
2Juventus W2619256527+389259
3Fiorentina W2612684240+28242
4Sassuolo W26113123941-28036
5Inter Milano W26104124546-19134
Relegation Round
1AC Milan W2611874330+137341
2Como W2695123043-137332
3Sampdoria W2684142542-176728
4Napoli W2728172048-286814
5Pomigliano W2626182365-428812

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players
1Roma W1820283.67122
2Juventus W1824323.37420
3Fiorentina W1822303.97420
4Sassuolo W1822283.47123
5Inter Milano W1826343.17322
6AC Milan W1824303.67124
7Como W1821273.86823
8Sampdoria W1821332.87618
9Napoli W1820253.17220
10Pomigliano W1818263.18113
Key to column names
  • P - Games played this season
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

See: Form Table

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