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2023-2024 Tunisia Ligue 1 Table

2023-2024 Tunisia Ligue 1
Group 1
1ES Sahel12741155+1025
2Stade Tunisien127321810+824
3Club Africain12732147+724
4US Ben Guerdane124351311+215
5Olympique Beja12426814-614
6EGS Gafsa12336918-912
7AS Soliman121011719-123
Group 2
1ES Tunis121020205+1532
2US Monastirienne12822229+1326
3CS Sfaxien12624124+820
4CA Bizertin124441213-116
5ES Metlaoui122371020-109
6US Tataouine12237617-119
7AS Marsa12129418-145
Relegation Round
1Olympique Beja12633177+1024
2CA Bizertin12543138+523
3US Tataouine125431112-121
4EGS Gafsa1253498+120
5US Ben Guerdane124351011-119
6ES Metlaoui124351214-218
7AS Soliman12507913-415
8AS Marsa12408917-812
Championship Round
1ES Tunis742196+317
2US Monastirienne724162+412
3Stade Tunisien816133011
4CS Sfaxien715143+19
5ES Sahel806235-29
6Club Africain713328-67
2023-2024 Tunisia Ligue 1 (Home)
Group 1
1Stade Tunisien6411105+51513
2ES Sahel633072+5912
3Club Africain632173+41011
4US Ben Guerdane631294+51310
5Olympique Beja631265+11110
6EGS Gafsa621348-4127
7AS Soliman610559-4143
Group 2
1ES Tunis6510113+81416
2US Monastirienne6501125+71715
3CS Sfaxien6411101+91113
4CA Bizertin631287+11510
5ES Metlaoui621337-4107
6US Tataouine613256-1116
7AS Marsa602417-682
Relegation Round
1CA Bizertin6510102+81216
2EGS Gafsa651071+6816
3Olympique Beja6420111+101214
4ES Metlaoui6420115+61614
5US Tataouine642062+4814
6AS Soliman640285+31312
7AS Marsa640276+11312
8US Ben Guerdane632162+4811
Championship Round
1ES Tunis431073+41010
2Stade Tunisien413031+246
3US Monastirienne312051+465
4Club Africain311123-154
5CS Sfaxien403101-113
6ES Sahel403101-113
2023-2024 Tunisia Ligue 1 (Away)
Group 1
1ES Sahel641183+51113
2Club Africain641174+31113
3Stade Tunisien632185+31311
4US Ben Guerdane612347-3115
5EGS Gafsa6123510-5155
6Olympique Beja611429-7114
7AS Soliman6006210-8120
Group 2
1ES Tunis651092+71116
2US Monastirienne6321104+61411
3CS Sfaxien621323-157
4CA Bizertin613246-2106
5AS Marsa6105311-8143
6US Tataouine6105111-10123
7ES Metlaoui6024713-6202
Relegation Round
1Olympique Beja6213660127
2US Tataouine6123510-5155
3US Ben Guerdane611449-5134
4CA Bizertin603336-393
5AS Soliman610518-793
6EGS Gafsa602427-592
7ES Metlaoui601519-8101
8AS Marsa6006211-9130
Championship Round
1CS Sfaxien312042+265
2US Monastirienne412111025
3ES Tunis311123-154
4ES Sahel403134-173
5Stade Tunisien403102-223
6Club Africain402205-552
2023-2024 Tunisia Ligue 1 (Overall)
Group 1
ES Sahel12741155+102025
Stade Tunisien127321810+82824
Club Africain12732147+72124
US Ben Guerdane124351311+22415
Olympique Beja12426814-62214
EGS Gafsa12336918-92712
AS Soliman121011719-12263
Group 2
ES Tunis121020205+152532
US Monastirienne12822229+133126
CS Sfaxien12624124+81620
CA Bizertin124441213-12516
ES Metlaoui122371020-10309
US Tataouine12237617-11239
AS Marsa12129418-14225
Relegation Round
Olympique Beja12633177+102424
CA Bizertin12543138+52123
US Tataouine125431112-12321
EGS Gafsa1253498+11720
US Ben Guerdane124351011-12119
ES Metlaoui124351214-22618
AS Soliman12507913-42215
AS Marsa12408917-82612
Championship Round
ES Tunis742196+31517
US Monastirienne724162+4812
Stade Tunisien8161330611
CS Sfaxien715143+179
ES Sahel806235-289
Club Africain713328-6107

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players
Pos TeamP SP Pl
1ES Sahel122126
2Stade Tunisien122125
3Club Africain122328
4US Ben Guerdane122330
5Olympique Beja122425
6EGS Gafsa122326
7AS Soliman122636
Key to column names
  • P - Games played this season
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

See: Form Table

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