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Grimsby Town v Crewe

The chart below shows the breakdown of the outcome of all the matches which have ever taken place between Grimsby and Crewe. The table below it shows a complete list of all the games and the competitions they took place in.

Complete Record: Grimsby Town v Crewe
Competition Season H/A Score Outcome
Division 2 (old)1892-1893A0-1L
Division 2 (old)1892-1893H4-0W
Division 2 (old)1893-1894A3-3D
Division 2 (old)1893-1894H3-2W
Division 2 (old)1894-1895H5-0W
Division 2 (old)1894-1895A1-2L
Division 2 (old)1895-1896H2-0W
Division 2 (old)1895-1896A1-0W
FA Cup1910-1911A5-1W
Division 3 North1921-1922H3-0W
Division 3 North1921-1922A2-1W
Division 3 North1922-1923H2-3L
Division 3 North1922-1923A0-3L
Division 3 North1923-1924H2-0W
Division 3 North1923-1924A0-0D
Division 3 North1924-1925H0-0D
Division 3 North1924-1925A1-3L
Division 3 North1925-1926H2-0W
Division 3 North1925-1926A1-1D
Division 3 North1951-1952H0-1L
Division 3 North1951-1952A2-1W
Division 3 North1952-1953H1-0W
Division 3 North1952-1953A2-1W
Division 3 North1953-1954A1-1D
Division 3 North1953-1954H3-1W
Division 3 North1954-1955H2-1W
Division 3 North1954-1955A0-2L
Division 3 North1955-1956A0-0D
Division 3 North1955-1956H5-1W
FA Cup1966-1967A1-1D
FA Cup1966-1967H0-1L
Division 41969-1970A0-3L
Division 41969-1970H0-2L
Division 41970-1971A0-4L
Division 41970-1971H2-0W
Division 41971-1972H2-3L
Division 41971-1972A1-0W
Division 41977-1978A2-0W
Division 41977-1978H2-2D
Division 41978-1979A3-0W
Division 41978-1979H2-2D
Division 41988-1989A2-2D
Division 41988-1989H0-0D
League Cup1990-1991H2-1W
League Cup1990-1991A0-1L
Division 3 (old)1990-1991A2-1W
Division 3 (old)1990-1991H0-1L
Division 11998-1999H1-1D
Division 11998-1999A0-0D
Division 11999-2000A1-1D
Division 11999-2000H1-1D
Division 12000-2001A0-2L
Division 12000-2001H1-3L
Division 12001-2002H1-0W
Division 12001-2002A0-2L
League Cup2006-2007H0-3L
League Two2009-2010H0-4L
League Two2009-2010A2-4L
League Two2016-2017H0-2L
League Two2016-2017A0-5L
League Two2017-2018H1-0W
League Two2017-2018A0-2L
League Two2018-2019A0-2L
League Two2018-2019H2-0W
League Two2019-2020H0-2L
League Cup2022-2023H4-0W
League Two2022-2023A3-0W
League Two2022-2023H2-0W
League Two2023-2024H2-1W
League Two2023-2024A3-0W
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