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By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 04/08/2000

In July 2000 The Fishy launched a petition in protest at North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC)'s decision not to modify the area's draft local plan to allow GTFC to relocate to a new stadium at Great Coates. The full petition appears below.

Jul 15, 2000 0:55:26 Alan Williams Chorley UK
Let the codheads move to where they want. !!!!!!!

Jul 15, 2000 0:57:50 Andrew Coulson Scawby, Brigg.
How can short sighted unambitious individuals such as these be allowed to represent the area and not support our local team when needed most, ignoring the wishes of the majority of people who put them there.
I hope that the voters remember this when these idiots start crawling for votes next elections.

Jul 15, 2000 02:54:13 Rob Sedgwick UK
I would like to express my disgust at NE Lincs Council disregard to the views of the people they are supposed to represent

Jul 15, 2000 03:40:07 Robert Penketh Barnsley South Yorkshire
I will be advising my mom dad and all relatives to vote for pro stadium candidates at next election , everybody else should do the same

Jul 15, 2000 04:15:28 Jostein Jensen Stavanger Norway
It seems like Blundell Park gonna stand for the next 100 years, good for the quiz shows who can ask; Do you know whom that play on the worlds oldest stadium, with a bad view, that don't even is in their hometown?

Jul 15, 2000 04:57:02 Matt Beer Leicester UK
Absolute joke. The decision is a disgrace

Jul 15, 2000 04:58:14 Richard Hubbert Lincoln UK
I think it is a discrace that our plans for this new stadium have been scuppered. Some people need to wake up into the 21st century here, we cannot and will not survive living at Blundell Park any longer, its impossible. Brayn Huxford is so right in saying that Grimsby is a ghost Town, it is decaying and so is the football team, however, a new stadium would make it so much better.
These idiots who voted against the new stadium need to reconsidor that their decision did not reflect the views of their people, and therefore are not doing their job right. I call for the resignation of all these Councillers.

Jul 15, 2000 05:02:23 Mick Jarvis Grimsby
These people are elected to represent their town,yet have been influenced by a small minority. WHY?

Jul 15, 2000 05:07:58 Jon Harrowing Grimsby UK
A disgraceful decision made by 'aged geriatric bureaucrats' who do not possess the ambition or foresight to push this town into the 21st century. These councillors aim to drag us all down into a mire of hopelessness… Isn't it about time that OUR councillors started working for and representing us as they were tasked when we voted for them!!! Instead of them attempting to protect their seats (jobs) in the next local elections.
The NEL council, as it stands, is spineless, inept and shoddy. This town needs GTFC to survive!!

Jul 15, 2000 05:42:03 Paul Coulson Letchworth England
These people are a joke. It is a totally short sighted and the interests of the few, rather than the town in general. I believe that most of these people are elected councillors, so come the next local elections, VOTE THE W*NKERS OUT!!!!!

Jul 15, 2000 05:43:57 Carl Burnett Coningsby England
We shall remember you, the narrow minded 20.I hope you are as smug when you don't get re-elected as you are now.

Jul 15, 2000 05:54:24 Matthew Cormack Grimsby England
The councillors ovbiously don't care about the future of the town.The stadium would have brought many more jobs and people to the town and it would have provided a long needed improvement to prove that we are worthy of the first division

Jul 15, 2000 06:25:14 Stuart Murkin Grrimsby UK
I can not believe this decision. You would have thought they would want a new just as much as the fans and the club. Thanks for nothing North East Lincolnshire council!

Jul 15, 2000 06:35:14 Matthew Croy Cleethorpes UK
This decision is a disgrace, do the council wish to destroy the creditability that the Town would have got from the new stadium. It would have put Grimsby on the map and would be the focal point of the town when any visitors to Grimsby entered down the A180. I urge the 20 coucillors and the small minority of Great Coates to thoroughly read the proposals FOR the new stadium so they will realise how detrimental their decision will impact not only on the football club, but the entire town.

Jul 15, 2000 07:04:41 karen grimsby england
well done n.e.lincs. council for standing in the way of progress.For the sake of the residents of great coates,and there view of the a180 slip road.

Jul 15, 2000 07:27:13 Keith Foster (Tartan Tranmere) Glenrothes Scotland
I don't support Grimsby (Motherwell and Tranmere are my clubs) yet I'm saddened yet not surprised by the incompetence of your local council. Football clubs pay such a vital role in their communities, creating employment and working with local youngsters for instance. Your home support is probably greater than the number of people who voted for any one of these councillors. The sickest part is, if Grimsby were to reach a cup final, these same people would be telling the press how good it was for the town, not to mention milking all the various photo opportunities.
Don't forget them at the next election.

Jul 15, 2000 07:38:28 Stu Grimsby NE Lincs
I would like to express my utter discust with the elected councillors of NE Lincs, so much for the democratic process of them representing the views of the majority as opposed to those of the minority!I would really love to be able to slag off my local represensitive but in my local area one was ill, one was not allowed a say and one actually had the sense to vote for the stadium. I'll just have to be satisfied with slagging off the rest of them and I would like to say thankyou very much for sticking two fingers up to my beloved football club if I can do the same for your beloved golf clubs just let me Know.

Jul 15, 2000 07:39:13 Allen Price Neston, Wirral UK
Having travelled into Cleethorpes on many occasions, following my team, Tranmere Rovers, I was delighted to hear of a new, out-of-town development. The parking and traffic effects around Blundell Park are quite the worst in the country, outside of London. It is about time that those elected by the people tuned into just what the people want. The decision to block the development is truly very poor indeed!

Jul 15, 2000 07:40:27 ANDY OLIVER GRIMSBY
What do you expect from a bunch of out of touch freeloaders. maybe town should have asked to build on macauly tip. The smug looking gits would not have blocked that would they.

Jul 15, 2000 07:46:22 Daniel Gent Hull England
This decision is a disgrace. I sincerely hope that the councillors voting against the ground are not voted in in the next election.
Daniel Gent

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