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Petition #8

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 04/08/2000

Jul 18, 2000 0:30:05 JIM CONNOR GRIMSBY UK
Sing When were fishingshares everyones sentiments over the pathetic decision by the council-LETS STORM THE TOWN HALL!!!!!!!!
Jim SWWF -the Town fanzine

Jul 18, 2000 0:31:45 Chris Shuttleworth Cleethorpes England
If councillors who are supporters of GTFC had to abstain, surely those who dislike football, or GTFC, should alsomabstain from voting on new stadium. Also, those with interest in Gt. Coates. That would be democracy. Plus, aren't they supposed to reflect constituents views.??

Jul 18, 2000 04:19:14 Pauline Stewart Dundee Scotland
Football is life itself to a true football fan - gives these voters the right to watch their football in comfort - new stadiums bring in new fans - families start going to matches instead of just fathers and sons - Back your team - give them their stadium - your voters deserve nothing less!!!!!

Jul 18, 2000 04:20:45 Brian Earp Worcester Park UK
Good luck, carry the battle against beaurocracy.

Jul 18, 2000 05:09:54 Jim Peebles Dundee UK
Well done on organising the petition. I can't understand why some local councils still fail to see the many benefits that the local football team bring to their area. It must be that they are badly advised or that they have other interests in mind. In either case the position is clear - let them know that if they don't back you - then you won't back them!!

Jul 18, 2000 05:44:41 Graham Everitt Grimsby UK
If thats democracy at work then it beats the s**t out of me!! At least i've stil got my vote come next election. Bye, bye messers Defreitas and co.

Jul 18, 2000 06:54:52 Steve Leggett Grimsby England
Absolutely gobsmacked - do these people not want a football club. If this is democracy, then the dictionary definition should read: 'democracy:-decision making using farce'!

Jul 18, 2000 06:58:25 Max Molenaar Hitchin Herts
This is a ridiculous situation. I can't believe that elected officials can fail to look at the big picture and put their public first

Jul 18, 2000 07:07:41 Steve Kirby Grimsby England
Disgusted by N.E.Lincs Council Decision,they have not voted for the majority of the Grimsby people.
Strongly suggest the call for a public meeting or a ballot vote immediately because this decision is a disgrace and will sign GTFC's Death Warrant

Jul 18, 2000 07:18:41 Ade McCormick Grimsby England
Nice to see another democratic decision being made by local goverment. Talk about moving the goal posts!!!!!!!!

Jul 18, 2000 07:29:22 Mike Hazzard GRIMSBY
What a joke of a decision, not only have they relegated town to the lower reaches but they have also prevented Grimsby from improving as a town. The stadium would have been a flagship for Grimsby, created thousands of jobs, put millions into the local economy and attracted more investment allowing us to become more than just a food town.

Jul 18, 2000 07:38:09 Scott Fell Grimsby N.E. Lincs
Are they real? Do they want their local club to die? The names of these so-called locals who voted against it should be broadcast on every Grimsby web site available. So the true fans can know who the traitors are.

Jul 18, 2000 07:38:59 Mel Thurlby Barton-upon-Humber England
Once again the public have been let down by a council that is so far behind the times, it is totally unbelievable. Come on council members, take your blinkers off, look at what the new stadium could do for Grimsby Town FootBall Club, and the people of Grimsby and surrounding areas.
Up the Mariners, (with or without council support!)

Jul 18, 2000 07:40:48 Peter Blake grimsby
I find it incredible that so called representatives of the local population can go against the wishes of a large majority of that population
lets vote the culprits out at the next election

Jul 18, 2000 07:49:33 Steve Gladwin Louth England
For the first time in my life I've actually e-mailed an MP (Austin Mitchell)expressing my feelings about this farce. - I urge everybody else to do the same. I think the electors need to know which side of the fence AM and SMcI are sitting on?

Jul 18, 2000 07:50:34 Mike Chase grimsby england
I find it amazing how NELC can turn down the
opportunity to bring more capital into the town.
I feel that the case given by the Great Coates
residents was unfounded (sleepy hamlet, increase
in traffic, hooligans etc.)

Jul 18, 2000 08:09:32 Scott Fell Grimsby
Harking back to my earlier comment. If this decision is not overturned. We must NOT forget these people come election time regardless of their political persuaions. Just as they are trying to damage our club, we all should make quite sure that they are all out a job!

Jul 18, 2000 08:42:49 Alan Speed Edinburgh Scotland
All the best in your struggles with the forces of darkness
Kinghorn DFC's

Jul 18, 2000 08:47:04 Dave Gymer Maldon UK
As Harry Enfield would say, "Oi! Council! No!"

Jul 18, 2000 1:20:09 Simon Gymer Hoddesdon United Kingdom
Give us a decent stadium! Please!!

Jul 18, 2000 1:58:31 Matt(FFC) London UK
It's about time councils realised that football clubs are an important part of their local community. Re-building stadia & providing the right facilities is the only way of ensuring their long term survival. It's about time planning permision was granted for projects other than supermarkets & houses.

Jul 18, 2000 11:25:08 Jack Connor GRIMSBY UK
I was really looking forward to watching the Mariners play at a brand new stadium
It would have been great
I and many people I know are very disappointed
at the decision the council has made
Jack Connor-age 10

Jul 18, 2000 11:31:51 Emily Connor GRIMSBY
I really wanted to see my favourite team Grimsby Town play in a new stadium.
Up the Mariners!!!!!!!
Emily Connor age 8

Jul 18, 2000 2:01:51 Steven Higgins Dundee Scotland

Jul 18, 2000 2:18:22 Crwn Wales
you should have a new stadium, somwhere the ex Albion players could play !!!!
Hope you get the new stadium i worked in Grimsby for a couple of years and i have fond memories of the place...

Jul 18, 2000 2:38:51 Andy Marchant Porthleven Cornwall
Comment from a long range supporter who only manages to see Town a few times a year, but will remain a true supporter forever.
We want a statement from the council saying what has gone wrong, don't they realise that the people of Grimsby voted them in? Don't they agree with progress our are they only prepared to listen tto the minority??

Jul 18, 2000 2:59:59 Dave Webster Dundee Scotland
I have read the problems you're having with local councillors. Dundee Football Club were at one point (just over a season ago) threatened with expulsion from the Premier league because they didn't have a ground up to the required standards. Local councillors here were saying it was time for the two Dundee teams to amalgamate and form one team. They were against the rise and progress of our team as well. Yet our directors and fans stood by their team and a buy a brick campaign and massive bank loans ensured we stayed independent. Now with the arrival of Bonnetti we're on the verge of a revolution at Dens. Good luck with your fight to build the new stadium. Best wishes.
Dave Webster.

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