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Tees Interview Part 3

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 06/08/2000

Matt Tees Interview Part Three

Matt Tees
Matt (above, center) in interview with David Peasgood
November 1st 1998 at the Cleethorpes Golf Club

Click here to download part three of the Matt Tees interview in Real Audio.

One of our members is Martyn Platt out on an oil rig near Malaysia or thatway on. He asks; why did you go to Charlton with Rod Green and what made you return?

Well I didn't really have much of a choice you know. In those days if a club came in for you and it was accepted that was the way. We went for 25,000 quid which was a lot in those days. I read about it first and enquired but was told it was only paper talk, but then a week later Jimmy McGuigan called us in and told us Bob Stokoe was interested and so we went down to London and we signed up and that was it really. Of course in those days you weren't allowed to approach other clubs yourself, it was always the other way round and the clubs had the power, now it's all changed and the players have the power. So I never had much of a choice really in it all.

Another member Pete Conboy asks who was the best goalscorer for Grimsby (apart from yourself) out of the following: Jackie Lewis, Kevin Drinkell, Paul Wilkinson or Clive Mendonca? Now I know you won't have seen much of some of those, but what do you reckon?

No I've not seen Drinkell or Wilkinson. Jack used to class himself as a twenty minute player, when he'd come on for the last 20 minutes and turn the whole game around. He used to score a lot of great late goals did Jack you know. Clive Mendonca, hmm, well I've only ever seen Clive on television. I've been invited down there in a few weeks to visit the place and I'll have a chat with him then, but he has done well for Charlton. He was good in the play off final and he made a good start in the Premiership too.

Do you think Grimsby could ever survive in the Premiership?

No. I don't think they have ever really intended to go into the premier division. They seem to get close and then just slip away at the end and I don't think it's what they want because if they did it'd cost a hell off a lot of money.

And is that with the boardroom? Are they just not interested in it?

Aye. I think you've just hit it on the nail there. A lot of the boardroom, a lot of the directors just haven't got the money.

Do the club look after ex players, or did they ever in the past, invite you to games free gratis or what have you?

No. I've never been invited at all. I've had the odd invite to a match from a charity group as a guest but not from the club. When I was speaking to Don Donovan he said how he'd been invited to Everton, who he played for before Grimsby, and there they have a big room where all the ex players can meet and all this and all that, but they have none of that at Grimsby at all which is a bit disappointing, you know. I don't know. They just think that when your gone you're out of sight out of mind really.

You're still recognised though aren't you Matt? Does that please you or cheer you up a little bit?

Oh yes. It certainly does. I always used to think of the supporters you know. I mean when I was at Charlton we'd go out and we'd meet the supporters and you know they go out and work and they pay their money on a Saturday to watch their football. I'd sit and speak with them and they might say "You were rubbish on Saturday" and I'd say "Well I didn't try to be" because that's often how it is. You can't be the cock of the north every week. And it's the same in everything like in your golf or whatever, you cant be good all the time. But the supporters, they've paid their money so they're entitled to their say and I used to respect that. I couldn't always convince them but I'd try to say that we are just ordinary blokes just the same as them except when they work 3, 4 or 5 days a week, we train and then on a Saturday we'd work from 3 to 5. But it was an honour to play.

Was it a hard life? Was it glamorous?

Ahh I think it was nice and I enjoyed it. The difference nowadays is money and in those days we weren't like they are nowadays.

What do you think of the idea of Grimsby moving to a new Stadium?

You mean the one down the road out of town idea eh? No I don't think it'll work. People like to come to Grimsby, to catch the bus or walk to the ground. it's the heart of the club, and I don't think they'll want to travel out of town. Its just another obstacle to getting to the game.

1972 champs!
The 1972 Championship winning side, complete with Swin's tin o'ale!

We've a member called Roger Swindell who says he gave you a can of brown ale after the Exeter 1972 promotion game. Do you remember it?

Aye I do indeed. It was all a bit hectic and very exciting and I remember this lad shoving a can in my hand before I think I was carried off the pitch by the supporters, and next I remember standing in the old directors box and someone said to me "Eh where'd you get that from then?" and then I realised what it was and had a drink.

I believe that young lad named his lad after you.

Oh. well that's nice. and very kind.

What do you think of the press these days and the way they treat players?

Oh well I don't hold with a lot of that. I think all this business with Hoddle and the Eileen woman, the faith healer is not really to do with anyone but themselves, but some folk do invite it a bit. I think Gascoigne is a good player but he attracts publicity, and he'll always be knocked by the press now.

Do you have a favourite all time goal?

Aye I do actually but it wasn't a very well known one. We used to practise moves each day and in training I used to practise one where the cross would come in, Brace would play it back and I'd volley it with my left foot but I don't think in all the times we practised I ever got it right, but then one evening match I think it was away somewhere like Brentford in the cold and the rain and Worthy crossed and Brace laid it back and I just hit it and it flew straight into the net like I could never do that again. I remember that one.

Finally then Matt who was your favourite Manager?

Oh I don't really think I had a favourite one really. I probably had three favourite managers for different reasons and I wouldn't want to decide really. I liked Bob Stokoe for his enthusiasm. He was a very big fella with his charisma and he could always build you up and get you going and he was very genuine too. I liked Jimmy McGuigan a lot at Grimsby because he was a very shrewd tactician and he had a wonderful football mind and he was always a fair man, and I guess at the end I liked Lawrie Mac. He could be fun and he was easy to respect and he loved his PR and he summed up very much the excitement and great times we had in those 2 years he was with Grimsby.

Well Matt I thank you for finding the time to see me, and for your honesty and humour, and on behalf of Grimsby Town International Supporters Club I offer our sincere thanks and best wishes.

Oh it's been a pleasure. It's always an honour to be remembered.

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