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Cod Widow's Diary Week 19

By: Chez Osborne
Date: 13/02/2001

Mon 5th Feb. Saddo's at work so its a quiet start to the day with last Saturday's match being off I have been able to read the papers before him and I have been able to use the PC, so have the girls. I am afraid the vote in our house (from me and the girls anyway) is rain rain and more rain.

The more postponements the better. Life is so much easier when the footie is off. I know it's not what you lot want but its my column and I'll write what I want. Having said that, if there is anything in particular you want me to tell you about leave me a message on the MB on the Fishy.

Tues 6th Feb.

It seems that last week was the calm before the storm. Sadtwat came home knackered yesterday and immediately demanded his dinner and a lift to the pub. DEMANDED I hear you thinking, well not quite, it was one of those whimpish sort of looks and a faint whisper of a request really. In case you haven't noticed already,Nicko is a WHIMP in this house. I wear the trousers and don't let him tell you differently (only fair really seeing as how he wears my...........err, better not go down this road, might cause him some embarrassment, hehehehehe). Don't worry sadtwat, your little err secret is safe for now. But you HAVE been warned.

Anyway, he sets his stall out for his 3 days off, pub last night, on the bleedin PC nearly all day today and off to a game on Wednesday if it's on, possibly the pub later as well. Oi, sadman, what about a little time with me and the girls? Why do I feel like a headmistress at school? Maybe it's because his face has just dropped, like a kids does when caught doing something wrong. Oh I forgot, he's a bloke and all blokes are kids at heart, I accept that but why does he always act like one as well. Had enough of him now, cya later in the week.

Thurs 8th Feb.

Heavens above, sadman did some DIY yesterday, that's destroy it yourself for him. Piss useless at this sort of thing he is. He did manage to put up a couple of mirrors though, under my supervision of course.

He also went to the pub, he said its to drown his sorrows for the reserves game being off. Now I can understand him being peeved when a Saturday game is off but come on, a reserves game? That's really sad that is.

Sat 1Oth Feb.

Another god awful 'match day'.He's on nights and leaves a note saying how late he finished and what time he wants to be woken up.(Be a shame if he missed the fun n games in the chat room eh?). Well I am so kind to him I woke him in plenty of time.Standard orders where issued, the usual keep quiet etc, me and the girls ignored them of course.

To make matters worse we had visitors turn up just before half time. That's when he has his tea and gets back in chat for 2nd half.Not this week honey, hehehehehe.

It was Evo and Karencam, they made too much noise and he didn't get back in. No point anyway, they lost (again).

Pissed off and no points he cleared off to work. You would have thought he would be used to it by now wouldn't you? Or is that a sore subject with all you footie fans? (Not that I care)

Anyway,I have to go.A woman's work is never done and all that.



Oh, before I go. My own little feature...'I don't believe I said that'. This week's effort involves our water filter. It's about the size of a food mixer and you put water in it and it filters through, got the picture?

Right here goes............I said to saddo the other day, when we go on holiday why don't we fill loads of bottles with filtered water, he replied...why don't you just take the filter? DOH!

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