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Seeing Red - Forest Report

By: Tony Butcher
Date: 22/09/2002

A SUNNY, warm, still autumn afternoon with the Osmond Stand full of Forest fans. The tannoy announcer kept imploring the Forest fans to go to their seats, as they were seemingly milling around outside, awestruck by the post modern architecture that fuses flapping aluminium and crumbling brickwork.

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Grimsby Town 0 Nottingham Forest 3
21 Sep 2002, Nationwide League Division 1

The Forest team warmed up with a game of fast, furious one-touch football, whilst Town did their usual arbitrary amblings, although a new variation is the standing still arm pumping, which looks a little like those dances you see on grainy footage of "Ready Steady Go" in 1965. But with Town it looked more like the dancing you see on "Ready Steady Cook".

Oh look, Galli’s back. Nothing can go wrong now.

Town lined up in a sort of 4-4-2 formation as shown. Robinson tended to drift out to the right, with Campbell being a ghostly presence "somewhere" in the centre, other than that it was a straight 4-4-2. Forest also had a nominal 4-4-2 formation, with two very fast strikers, Harewood and Johnson, who looked like the male member of Boney M.

As the kick off approached, Livvo was wheeled out to present some charidee thing and received politely enthusiastic clapping from the Town fans.

1st half

Forest kicked off towards the Pontoon, chipping the ball down the Town right and out of play. Despite this seemingly being a mundane moment, it was a portent. They had appeared to set themselves to go down the other side, leaving just the left back to creep down the touchline. No Town player was within 20 yards of him when he glanced the ball into the Lower Smiths/Stones/Findus.

It was rapidly apparent that Forest were a much better passing team than Town. They not only passed, they moved! They kept on infiltrating the spaces between the Town defence and midfield with short passes, buzzing around the edge of the Town area. After about 2 minutes they nearly scored. Pass, pass, pass, flick - Jess received a clipped pass from their right and flicked the ball between Gallimore and Chettle with a little volleyed back heel.

McDermottyellow card
Gallimorered card
Barnardyellow card


Ford43 mins
Mansaram80 mins


Graham Laws
(Whitley Bay)


League Table

Harewood, well, hared after the ball and swerved into the area, slicing a terrible right foot drive yards wide of Coyne’s right hand post. A couple of minutes later some more triangular football on Town’s right ended with Jess scuffing a shot from 25 yards, which dribbled over the bye-line in embarrassment a few yards wide of Coyne’s right hand post.

What about Town? Yeah, what about them?

A couple more Forest attacks were repelled by the linesman, who was proving to be Town’s best defender. He was rarely out of position and made all the decisions the Pontoon would have made. The second one was slightly comical, as Gallimore marked Johnson at a corner, in the sense that Gallimore stood 5 yards away and looked at Daddy Cool. The ball drifted over both, Gallimore wafted his right boot at the ball, missed, Johnson got the ball back and dinked a reverse pass to Harewood who rounded Coyne and.... was offside. There was a very curious moment when Coyne collected a through ball, looked up and threw the ball towards McDermott. It was far too soft and really just went straight to video, er, I mean Johnson, who thankfully flopped around and passed to Harewood, who was offside. Johnson was clearly put off by the medley of Boney M hits that was, fortuitously, being sung to him at that exact moment by the Pontoon male voice choir. Tra-la-la-la-la.

After 17 minutes Forest again counter attacked down the Town right, using Harewood’s strength and pace to frighten Waldorf and Stadtler in the centre of Town’s defence. Harewood burst across the face of the Town area, seemingly barging past dozens of little striped men. He crossed at chest height towards Bopp, who controlled with what may be best described as his upper body. The Town fans claimed handball, but the referee tapped his own chest three times, to ward off evil spirits. Bopp played the bal out wider to the right back, Louis-Jean, whose cross from the left edge of the Town box was deflected and ballooned up into the penalty area. Coyne came off his line, whilst Johnson ran in. The crowd were complacently contemplating Town’s counter attacking options as JOHNSON outjumped Coyne about 6 yards out right in the centre, and the ball plopped up over Mr Coyne’s head, rolling gently into the net with barely enough energy to reach the net itself. Silence in the studio, everyone turned to look at the linesman, then the referee, who both looked non-plussed. A goal. A very, very soft goal, and for which Coyne has no excuse. And everyone knew it, for no-one stood up and moaned. Embarrassed silence.

Still waiting for a Town attack? Well, there was a brief moment, just after their goal, when hope transcended the grim reality. A corner was cleared to Gallimore who, at least 40 yards out in the centre, leant back and volleyed a spectacular shot that curled away from the goal in the last 25 yards. To clarify the position for historians - the "Ooos" from the Town fans were ironic. A minute later Groves fell over when he was the last Town player, about 10 yards inside the Town half near the Stones/Smiths/Findus. His attempts to rugby tackle Johnson were unsuccessful, as Johnson had long since run off. The opportunity was, thankfully, wasted as Johnson had run miles offside and they still passed to him.

A-haaaaaaa, a Town shot, and from "crowd favourite", pacy Stacy too. A bit of fast passing around the left edge of the Forest box saw Kabba flick the ball back to Coldicott, who wellied a firm, rising, shot straight at Ward as defenders threw themselves towards him like desperate suitors. There wasn’t much more Town attacking to describe, just a brief flurry of activity when Kabba fell with a twist and a spin on the Town right. Free kick whacked in, cleared for corner, corner cleared out to Campbell, 20 yards out on the centre left. His attempted volley seemed to career off the referee’s backside and out for a goal kick. And in the very last minute Robinson twisted, turned, fended off three tackles and passed through to Kabba, unmarked in the centre. For once he eschewed a shot and passed out to the even more unmarked Barnard, who waited for a defender, cut inside and hit what would be kindly described as a speculative right foot drive which drifted wide. Accurately, it is described as a rubbish, soft shot which was sliced yards, yards wide.

Forest attacked sporadically, but were incisive. Brennan tricked McDermott (almost a footballing first that will have FIFA statisticians calling for the video of the game for proof) inside the Town area, feigning to go outside, but knocking the ball between McD’s legs and thus being free on the bye-line, about 10 yards wide of goal. Luckily for Town, he chipped his cross way too high. About 5 minutes before half time Town were really, really lucky. Campbell made a rare visitation to planet earth, passing directly to a Forest player when Town were trying to counter attack. Johnson outpaced Groves down the Town right as the ball was knocked down the touchline. He sprinted clear, making a bee-line for the bye-line. He looked up, saw Harewood alone, 7 yards out at the far post and rolled the ball behind the Town defenders to the marauding Marlon. His right leg was raised, then swung like a pendulum do, and the ball rolled between his legs. Yes sirs, he can boogie, right in front of the Pontoon too. A perfect air shot which was so outrageously bad the Pontoon took a few seconds to react.

Half time: Grimsby Town 0 Nottingham Forest 1

That was the first half. A scrappy game, with Forest the superior team. Town barely sniffed the Forest ‘keeper’s socks, with Kabba and Robinson working furiously outside the penalty area, particularly Robinson, who was having a stormer. His hold up play was most encouraging, as was his ability to spin and dribble through several challenges. Pouton and Campbell were together in electric dreams, for they certainly weren’t on the green, green grass of our home, Blundell Park. Town’s right hand side was, essentially McDermott and Robinson, who spent most of his time tracking back to cover Campbell. Groves and Chettle were simply too old and slow to deal with the pesky Johnson and the downright annoying Harewood. Pouton was fortunate to avoid a booking when he tangled with Harewood when chasing back. He seemed to trip the gangly nuisance, "exchange words", then push him to the ground. Harewood hit the ground far too easily for such a soft push in the chest, but still, hands were raised, which always gives the referee a chance to send someone off. Chettle was substituted after 43 minutes after spending a couple of minutes grimacing and holding his back. On trotted Ford to a major ovation.

It wasn’t good. Town were a redundant attacking force and very vulnerable at the back. Half the team appeared to be either out of its depth or in another timezone. Perhaps they were affected by the suspicious breakdown in all electronic time pieces in North East Lincolnshire. No scoreboard, the GET building clock was turned off, as was Ramsdens’. We didn’t even know the temperature. Perhaps everyone was confused by a home game at 3 o’clock on a Saturday. How quaint, one for the romantics.

Whatever, Town were lacklustre, a bit of fire and brimstone wouldn’t go amiss in the second half.

Stu's Half Time Toilet Talk

"Elephants aren’t molluscs, they are marsupials".
"Pouton’s so bad he’s bound to be the sponsors’ Man of the Match".
"There’s a stall in Louth that sells very large cushions, but only on Wednesdays".
"It takes two to lie. One to lie, and one to listen".
"Can you hear sawing?"

The report continues in the second half.

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