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Calling Dr Quincy

By: Jamie Wood
Date: 26/09/2002

WELL it's not even October and we are already calling for the coroner! But seriously now is the time to act before we do the proverbial Stockport and are relegated, (and subsequently bankrupt), by Christmas.

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As an avid Town fan I have watched with dismay, as the start of our season has resembled the organisation and strength of the Marconi balance sheet.

I will not write about the collective failing of the team at present in this article. The majority of us are well aware of our shortcomings. I will however try to redress a more pressing problem, one that is undermining the manager, the team, the club and the fans.

However, I do feel the need to counter the profits of doom. They should note that there is still time to put things right and save our season; indeed there is a lot of time. Indeed it may even be fair to state that the problems we currently face are better to arise in September while there is time to correct them, instead of half way through a season with less time and more pressure to start a revival.

That is why we have to act NOW! The club has to take a long hard look at itself, how it's organised, and most importantly how the community and the fans at large see it. It has long been the case that the club appear to have absolutely no knowledge of the concept of public relations. It appears that every time our chairman speaks to the press he has his head buried in the sand, (or up some other more personal orifice).

The attitude this puts forward to the fans is one of the confrontation. Rather than admit our problems and failings and ask for the fans help to take the club forward, the board seems more concerned with defending its actions and pointing the finger, (whether it be other members of the board, the general lack of cash in Football, etc.)

One thing is clear; this club is a small community club with no major moneymen behind it. Therefore the only way this club can survive and prosper is for a spirit of unity to exist between the board, the players and the fans. At present this is clearly not the case, and while the board remain stubborn and players appear unbothered, the fans will not back the club.

I strongly agree with the idea of a share issue, however I also believe that the fans at present feel let down and maybe betrayed, and while this is the case the majority will not be prepared to back the club purely on the grounds of blind faith. And why should they?

The club has to get proactive and make us want to be part of something. I remember the spirit of 1998, for the first time in my memory the town as a whole really got behind the club. I don't see why this can't happen again, it won't be easy but now is the time this spirit is needed most. It's needed by the team to lift the collective confidence of our squad. Lets make BP a fortress again, and more importantly a place our players look forward to playing at. It's also needed to secure the financial viability of the club.

If the current board are not prepared to partake in this, then action is needed now. I will point to the example of community football clubs like Lincoln and Brentford. Regardless of the success of these teams, it is certainly clear that the fans feel more a part of the club for being actively involved in the running of the clubs. Compare this to the current situation at BP were the board seems to be no more than a 'boys club', run for their benefit and to give them a little feeling of power.

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