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2004 Features Index

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 04/01/2004

THE following feature articles appeared on The Fishy at some point during 2004.

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22-Dec-2004: Who Cares?
A look at the future and how other clubs are suffering at the hands of their owners.
15-Dec-2004: An Offer You Can't Refuse!
We've got a fantastic offer for anyone who wants to bid for a special piece of Town memorabilia.
14-Dec-2004: November Player of the Month Winner
The Fishy can now announce its Player of the Month for November, selected by the readers from a shortlist of six.
12-Dec-2004: Send A Christmas Card
Send a musical Christmas Card to your friends and family using our electronic facility! Merry Xmas to you all!!
07-Dec-2004: Let Me Out Of Here
David Laister looks at what has happened to the Mariners and how the life of being a supporter shapes up.
06-Dec-2004: A Grimsby Exile
"01472" describes how financial constraints have stopped him attending games for now, forcing him into exile - in Grimsby!
02-Dec-2004: November Player of the Month?
Tony Hamilton reveals the final short list of six players for the month of November, in which Town played just four games.
01-Dec-2004: Dear Mr Fenty?
Billo writes an open letter to John Fenty about the tax bill, which is back in the news again.

25-Nov-2004: Back To Basics?
Jan Przeniczny thinks Town should go back to the basics of how to play football and forget about the fancy stuff.
22-Nov-2004: Notice To Rose Growers!?
Strong reaction on the Kidderminster game to both performance and the fans displeasure.
21-Nov-2004: Mentioned Part 64
19-Nov-2004: The First Time I Ever Saw The Town!?
Futchfan talks about the first time he saw Grimsby Town play and the events since which have kept him going.
18-Nov-2004: GTFC and Forbes!?
Billo thinks GTFC should sack Forbes right now in order to protect the club and the community.
16-Nov-2004: Review Or Whitewash??
Billo rants about the forthcoming review of the FA and the unfair distribution of TV money.
15-Nov-2004: Cod Head of the Week?
The latest Cod Head of the Week is the Fishy's Richard Lord, who has gone to univeristy but hopes to be a sports journalist.
15-Nov-2004: Exeter Man of the Match?
A chance to vote for your Man of the Match in the Exeter game, plus news of October's Player of the Month.
14-Nov-2004: How Much Time Is Too Much Time??
Has Russell Slade reached his time? Should he be given more time to get us clear of relegation? Billo has his say.
11-Nov-2004: Sack Slade? Keep Macca?
Post-Scunthorpe, a couple of the Fishy's readers give their views on the Town manager and on Macca.
09-Nov-2004: Ashamed to be a Town Fan
SittingBull takes a good look at Town following the defeat at Scunthorpe, and can only despair!
08-Nov-2004: October Player of the Month
Rob Sedgwick reveals the final short list of six players for the month of October, a month which saw four drawn games..
02-Nov-2004: We Have Enough To Worry About!
Sestanovich has apologised for his walkabout and Billo says let's forget it we have other things to worry about.

31-Oct-2004: The Bring Back 'Flash' Campaign
Some fans are calling for the return of Darren Mansaram, currently on-loan at Halifax, in this campaign.
31-Oct-2004: Arthur Daly & Co.
Billo despairs of the proposal by Rupert Lowe to hand over the FA responsibilities to the Premier League.
23-Oct-2004: Jon Who? Why?
Billo is not impressed by Russell Slade's new signing Jon Daly, yet another loan stiker from Stockport Couty.
11-Oct-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Jonathan Wacey, who has been to over 300 games and 70 grounds, and still only 23!
07-Oct-2004: Another Step Forward!
Billo believes the move by the club to take the players to a local factory is a huge step in the right direction.
06-Oct-2004: September Player of the Month
Rob Sedgwick reveals the final short list of six players for the month of September, which saw several key milestones.
06-Oct-2004: GTFC And Manchester United!!
Billo rants about the the share holdings at GTFC and why the fans should buy into their beloved Mariners!
05-Oct-2004: Doing It In Style!
For true Town fans, there can be no better day out than a visit to BP. Your chance to do it in style!

27-Sep-2004: Cod Head of the Week: Steve Vigar
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Steve Vigar, an exiled supporter from Norfolk who has followed Town for 24 years.
23-Sep-2004: The Football League Action - The Consequences
Billo looks at what will happen if the Football League win their claim for damages over ITV Digital?
22-Sep-2004: August Player of the Month Winner
Tony Hamilton reveals the identity of the first Fishy Player of the Month for August. Who will it be?!
13-Sep-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Andrew Doherty, an exiled supporter from Basingstoke who has followed Town for 35+ years.
07-Sep-2004: Player Of The Month - August
Tony Hamilton reveals the six candidates for The Fishy's August Player of the Month.

23-Aug-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Shane Artingstall, a season ticket holder who lives in Norwich.
22-Aug-2004: The Day We Went To Rushden
Andrew Doherty looks back on a day spent in rural Northants watching Grimsby lose a game they utterly dominated.
19-Aug-2004: Welcome Back Football!
Jack Johnson welcomes back the football season and casts off the unfinished household chores!
10-Aug-2004: The Youth Development Programme
The GTST are helping with the youth development programme by having a raffle. Will you help them?
09-Aug-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Paul Forrester, who lives in the USA but still follows the Mariners from afar.
03-Aug-2004: Success Or Failure?
Jason Ives looks at the forthcoming season wondering whether we will be cheering or jeering!
02-Aug-2004: The FA or Coronation Street? Take Your Pick!
Billo rants about the latest scandal from the FA over Sven Goran Erikson, comparing it to a TV soap.

31-Jul-2004: 2004-2005 Away Price Guide
How much does it cost to get to each Grimsby away game? Do they do concessions? We have all the answers.
30-Jul-2004: Fenty's Doomsday Book
Billo comments on the so-called "book of conditions" issued to the players at Blundell Park by the board.
26-Jul-2004: Cod Head of the Week: Matty Kurzon
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Matty Kurzon, who has been watching Town since the age of about four.
21-Jul-2004: Two Not So New Faces!
Town old boys Steve Croudson and Ben Chapman are at Blundell Park again. Will Slade sign them?
19-Jul-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Claire Carlile, who numbers amongst her interests Iron Maiden and Grimsby Town.
18-Jul-2004: A Family Day Out
Andrew Doherty concludes his nostalgic look back at last season with recollections of a six pointer against Rushden.
14-Jul-2004: Why Dowie Success Is Exception To Rule
Former Town boss Lawrie McMenemy talks about the the insatiable desire for immediate success.
12-Jul-2004: Going The Right Way?
Billo feels that Russell Slade looks like he is going the right way in preparation for the new season
11-Jul-2004: Mecca Revisited
In the second of his series looking back on last season, Andrew Doherty returns to Blundell Park to see Town play Bournemouth.
08-Jul-2004: A Trip to Mecca
In a new series looking back on last season, Andrew Doherty recalls a trip to BP in October to see the Mariners take on QPR.
07-Jul-2004: Looking Back!
Tim Harlow, one of our young subscribers, recounts here one of the memorable games he has seen at BP.
06-Jul-2004: The UEFA Proposal - Is It Time?
UEFA have announced that they are putting forward a proposal to limit the number of foreign players in clubs across Europe.
05-Jul-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Bev Altoft, who has only recently seen the light and started watching Town.

25-Jun-2004: A Younger Perspective
Feedback and views from our younger subscribers are always welcome. Today we have two airing their views!
24-Jun-2004: Grimsby Town Gold Bond Super Draw!
The Grimsby Town Gold Bond Super Draw is now bigger than ever, with bigger and better prizes.
21-Jun-2004: Paul Gaughan - Another View
An interview with former Morton defender Paul Gaughan who is on trial with the Mariners.
08-Jun-2004: The Slade Diary - The First Week
The Fishy has got its hands on new Town manager Russell Slade's diary, and publishes exclusive excerpts from them.
03-Jun-2004: We Are Here To Help You Mr Slade!
The Fishy takes a look at who is available to sign for our new manager Russell Slade, still needing many new players.
02-Jun-2004: Who's A Pretty Boy Then?
Fenland Seadog takes a light hearted look at the appointment of the new manager.
01-Jun-2004: Meet David Smith - GTFC Press Officer
Tony Hamilton talks to former Town player David Smith, who is now the press officer at Blundell Park.

31-May-2004: Cod Head of the Week: Brett Morris
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Brett Morris, who still supports Town despite being a student in America.
28-May-2004: Dear Monty
Jason Paget has a rant today about the decline of the club under the current Grimsby Town board of directors.
25-May-2004: Gee! It's Dark In Here!
Billo rants about the lack of information coming out of Blundell Park in the search for a new manager.
23-May-2004: Will He Or Won't He?
Tony Hamilton speculates on whether John Fenty will plough any of his recently acquired fortune into the Mariners.
20-May-2004: Town's Giants Of The Past - Part 3
David Harbord continues the series of "Town's Giants Of The Past" with Part Three.
20-May-2004: Town's Giants Of The Past - Part 2
Simon Dolan looks at our history and suggests that Mr AB is one of our all time "giants"
18-May-2004: Giants From Grimsby's Past
Barry West reflects on the giants of Grimsby Town's history at a time when legends are few and far between.
17-May-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Jason Jackson, who works at Pleasure Island and has been supporting Town since he was 7.
16-May-2004: Mentioned Part 63
16-May-2004: Craig Hutchinson Interview
Tony Hamilton caught up with football agent Craig Hutchinson and asked him a few questions about his job.
13-May-2004: Fishy Feedback
The Fishy's electronic postbag has been bulging following the relegation of Grimsby to Division Three.
13-May-2004: Jumping To Conclusions!
Billo talks about jumping to conclusions about the new manager, with many people assuming Alan Buckley is the man.
11-May-2004: Who Is To Blame?
More feedback from Fishy Regulars who ase looking at who is to blame for our present position.
10-May-2004: Why? And Where To Now?
David Wilkinson and Alan Readman look at the past season and where we go to from here.
06-May-2004: The Vicious Circle!
Billo rants about the lack of support at Blundell Park which he blames for Town's current predicament.
03-May-2004: Cod Head of the Week: Zola Budd
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Zola Budd, who has recently returned from exile in Plymouth to his beloved Grimsby.
03-May-2004: Back Where We Started!
Tony Hamilton rants "we are back where we started 10 years ago" and pins the blame squarely on those at the top.

28-Apr-2004: The Worst Team Ever!
Gill McIlveen father of player No.44 pulls no punches in his assessment of the current squad!
25-Apr-2004: It Is Not Over Yet!
After studing the Division Two table Richard Lord thinks it is not over yet despite the loss at Stockport!
21-Apr-2004: Players From Hell
David Todd is appealing to all Grimsby fans for their verdict on the worst ever player to play for the Mariners.
20-Apr-2004: Root of the Problem
Grim Lad believes Town's current problems have their root in the short-sighted policies of the Blundell Park board.
19-Apr-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is John Lewis, who will shortly be joining the Army after being part of the B&W one!
18-Apr-2004: The Continental Disease
Billo looks at the 'continental disease' afflicting English football also known by the curious term of "simulation".
13-Apr-2004: Can We Fix It? - Bob The Builder!
Billo looks for a miracle or two in his current Rant following Town's recent arrival in the relegation mire.
12-Apr-2004: Town Shirt Day Reminder
A reminder for fans who participated in the St Andrew's Hospice "Wear your Grimsby Town Shirt at Work Day"!
04-Apr-2004: Mentioned Part 62
04-Apr-2004: March Player of the Month
Rob Sedgwick this month reveals the six candidates for The Fishy's March Player of the Month.

29-Mar-2004: Cod Head of the Week: Stu Cox
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Stu Cox, a season ticker holder who lives in Grimsby.
16-Mar-2004: Are We Ever Satisfied?
Billo thinks Town fans should be a little more positive about our current position than they are inclined to be.
14-Mar-2004: Mentioned Part 61
11-Mar-2004: February Player of the Month
Rob Sedgwick this month reveals the six candidates for The Fishy's February Player of the Month.
08-Mar-2004: Cod Head of the Week: Johny Pawson
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Johny Pawson, already a veteran supporter at the age of 18!
07-Mar-2004: Mentioned Part 60
06-Mar-2004: Farewell Paul Groves!
Billo calls for the sacking of Paul Groves after yet another crushing defeat, this time against Port Vale.
06-Mar-2004: Sack The Board? Are You Crazy?
Billo responds in an editorial to people calling for the sacking of the Blundell Park board after Town's recent problems.
05-Mar-2004: Taking The Risk!
Billo looks at the ramifications to the club of appointing a new manager, in particular the question of money.
04-Mar-2004: The Missing Ingredient
A Grimbarian exile speaks of one thing most missing in his life: proper Fish and Chips, Grimsby style.

29-Feb-2004: Barnsley Wallpaper
The Fishy is delighted to be able to offer a wallpaper to celebrate Town's 6-1 victory over Barnsley.
29-Feb-2004: The Jack Reynolds Story
Alex Gerlis looks at one of the most unusual stories in GTFC history, a man who spent WW2 in a Nazi detention camp.
27-Feb-2004: Questions for the Board
A Mariners' exile puts questions to the Grimsby Town board which he thinks deserve an answer in the public domain.
22-Feb-2004: A Matter of Trust
Big Chris believes the Trust have been given information which suggests that the club are struggling to make ends meet.
20-Feb-2004: Flogging the Silver
Mertle has his say about the running of GTFC, epitomised by the lack of action over appointing a new manager.
19-Feb-2004: 'Piggy In The Middle'
Graham Rodger is looking to turn things around at Blundell Park during the extra time he has been given as GTFC manager.
15-Feb-2004: The New Manager
John Walter looks at the front runners for the Blundell Park hot seat, and weighs up their pros and cons.
15-Feb-2004: January Player of the Month
Tony Hamilton reveals the six candidates for The Fishy's January Player of the Month.
13-Feb-2004: Goverment Want Changes In Football!
The Government have released the report by The All Party Football Group (APFG).
12-Feb-2004: Who Can Stop The Rot At Town?
We reproduce Nigel Lowther's article "Who Can Stop The Rot?" from the Grimsby Telegraph
11-Feb-2004: Rants And Raves Again!
We present here the latest feedback submitted by subscribers to the Fishy following the sacking of Paul Groves.
09-Feb-2004: Fans Have Lost Confidence In Groves!
Billo rants about the fans' lack of confidence in player-manager Paul Groves after recent poor results.
03-Feb-2004: Cod Head of the Week
The latest Cod Head of the Week is Michael Yarborough, who lives in exile in Whitley Bay.!

28-Jan-2004: False Dawn!
Mertle has a rant at the board and the club in general, following the board's decision to stick with Paul Groves as manager.
27-Jan-2004: Wear Your Shirt At Work!
St Andrew's Hospice are once again this year having a "Wear your Grimsby Town Shirt at Work Day".
25-Jan-2004: What A Farce!
Tony Hamilton has his say on the Football League's proposed "re-branding" of the Nationwide League.
25-Jan-2004: Jack Lester: A Tribute
Shane Artingstall looks back at Jack Lester's time at Blundell Park, what happened when he left, and how he is still missed.
24-Jan-2004: You Have Your Say
We present here a selection of views submitted by the readers of the Fishy following the recent run of poor results.
21-Jan-2004: Sack The Board? Are You Crazy?
Billo responds in an editorial to people calling for the sacking of the Blundell Park board after Town's recent problems.
21-Jan-2004: Will It Ever End?
The mailbag has been full again this week with everyone wanting to have their say about the latest crisis.
22-Jan-2004: Move Over Paul Groves
Ruban McLeod has his say on the latest developments at Blundell Park, reaching the conclusion that Groves must go.
20-Jan-2004: Macca To Birmingham - Exclusive!
Billo looks in his crystal ball to see where Town are going, looking ahead to the year 2020.
19-Jan-2004: Supporters Rant Time!
Have you got something to say about the latest GTFC problems? Today we publish the reactions of the fans!
18-Jan-2004: Farewell Paul Groves!
Billo calls for the sacking of Paul Groves after yet another crushing defeat, this time against Port Vale.
15-Jan-2004: Blunderers At Football League Cop Out Again!
Pompey have still not paid Grimsby the parachute payment they promised. Time for action we think!
14-Jan-2004: December Player of the Month Winner
Tony Hamilton reveals the identity of the Fishy Player of the Month for December. Who will it be?!
13-Jan-2004: Train With The Town Team
Town have now got two extra places to train with the Grimsby first team up for grabs for a pair of lucky fans.
11-Jan-2004: Mentioned Part 59
11-Jan-2004: Mentioned Part 58
08-Jan-2004: Groves - The Easy Target
Mark Dillerstone thinks Grimsby Town manager Paul Groves is an easy target for critics.
05-Jan-2004: Let's Find Out!
Ruban McLeod wants to prove the assertion that no other manager could do better than Paul Groves by finding out!
05-Jan-2004: No Way To Downsize!
Mertle rants about the move to downsize and the losses Grimsby will incur on players when they do.
04-Jan-2004: Bring Back Buckley!
Papa-G thinks the time has come for Paul Groves to step aside, and believes the man to take Town back up is Alan Buckley.
04-Jan-2004: The "Groves In" Brigade
The response from the supporters of Paul Groves to the "Groves Out" brigade article which appeared on the Fishy.
02-Jan-2004: The 2004 Wish List
Steve Powell of the Football Supporters Federation presents his football wish list for the New Year.
31-Dec-2003: The "Groves Out" Brigade

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