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Petition #11

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 04/08/2000

Jul 19, 2000 10:55:40 Carolyn Cater Cambridge
I'm signing this petition as being a very loyal Cambridge United supporter i know what it's like getting the council to approve plans for a new ground as were going through it ast the moment. Us Nationwide clubs have to stick together.

Jul 19, 2000 11:08:08 Emma Camps Cambridge
The very best of luck from a Cambridge United supporter.
I can sympathise completely, as we've been going through much the same with our application to redevelop The Abbey Stadium.
Good Luck!

Jul 19, 2000 11:12:54 Chris Hope Cambridge UK
Small clubs like yours and ours must be allowed to develop or they will die. Luckily our council has recognised this recently. I'm sure yours can be made to see sense too.

Jul 19, 2000 11:24:05 Ian Hoskins Dundee Scotland
Good luck with your struggle to build the new stadium. I hope your council sees sense. Happy to sign your petition. Best wishes.

Jul 19, 2000 11:27:48 Justyn Medd Cambridge UK
Strong and secure local football clubs with safe, modern facilities are a vital part of any community. They provide employment, entertainment and useful facilities to the community, generate local pride in an area and encourage investment and income from visitors. I hope NELC listens to its voters and sees the benefits, as Cambridge City Council finally have for us after 12 years of trying. Good luck from a Cambridge fan.

Jul 19, 2000 11:43:54 Graham Renn Birmingham west midlands
As a Brighton fan I know only to well the problems you are having lets hope the council see sense and give the go ahead.
Good Luck in your struggle

Jul 19, 2000 11:51:08 David Stroud Cambridge UK
Yet another Cambridge United fan wishing you every bit of luck with your endeavour in getting the permission you need for a new stadium. I think every Cambridge fan would sign your petition if it were possible due to the 15 years plus it has taken us to finally get to a stage where we can redevelop the Abbey due to our inept Councillors in Cambridge. Good luck.

Jul 19, 2000 11:55:19 Colin Judge Edinburgh Scotland
The upcoming game between the Dee and Grimsby has no doubt led to loads of DFC hits on your site. Having viewed the proposals on the official website I was appalled to learn that the local council had rejected them. These people are accountable! Make them explain their logic in turning down what seems to be an excellent proposal for a new ground and associated facilities. Good Luck, don't give up.

Jul 19, 2000 11:55:19 John Grimsby Scotland
I am genuinely shocked by those supposed councillors who are supposed to be representing US - the community!!! Their small minds have cost Grimsby something which it could be proud of. Lets face it, there's not much else in this town for us to pride ourselves on!
Also football IS like a religion, unlike what Mr DeFreitas said. It is something which is immensely popular. Despite our small attendances, the majority of NE Lincs like to see our football team prosper. The Wembley season of 97-98 proves this.
I will not be voting for ano be an excellent proposal for a new ground and associated facilities. Good Luck, don't give up.

Jul 19, 2000 2:15:19 Lucy Hayles Grimsby N.E.Lincs
All you who voted against the new stadium I have 1 question for you (or maybe 2). Do you want a Grimsby Town as a community to succeed? If that's a no, then why are you on our council? If that's a yes, then surely a successful football team can put Grimsby on the map. If you do want them to succeed then do you want Cleethorpes to be run down with football hooligans? Or would you rather keep them at arms length - like at the end of the motorway near Great Cotes! Recently in the paper there have been numerous complaints about pubs and clubs turning Cleethopes into a run down town full of "young louts" well (no offence to all the football fans around) are you not making that so called problem worse by keeping the stadium between a housing estate in the middle of the town?
Please think again about your decision before you really regret it. - Oh, and lose all your voters!

Jul 19, 2000 2:41:37 Zoe Cram Dundee Scotland
As a Dundee fan we know what it is like having probs with your stadium - everybody seemed against us when we were trying to built our 2 new stands but we got there in the end. The best advice we can give you is to keep at it and don't just lie down and take! Good luck with it and see you all on Friday when the Mighty dees come into town!

Jul 19, 2000 3:07:16 Will Douglas London UK
Look at the messages of support flooding in from all over the country. I too back this petition.
GTFC must not lie down and give into these idiots standing in the way of our new stadium.

Jul 19, 2000 3:07:52 Geoff of Wessex Dorset UK
As a Brighton supporter, I know what you're going through - we still haven't finished fighting our corner and have NIMBY councillors to contend with as well. Keep the Faith - a football club is bigger than the temporary councillors, but only if you fight with every weapon at hand - nag those nice people in the papers and at the BBC (even David Mellor took our side!) and keep your fight in the public eye. The internet is just a start - try a 'Fans United' day - I'm sure there'll be plenty of Brighton fans who'll support you.

Jul 19, 2000 3:19:13 andy thirde grimsby (born and proud) iinngggerllunddddd!!!!!!!abb grimsby
to the 'people' of coates (u don't deserve the title 'great'), i hope u sleep well at night safe in the knowledge that you've condemned our club to a slow painful death
i hope an asteroid crashes on your poxy little village, followed by a plague of locusts then finally a nice v.d. epidemic
to the narrow minded, pathetic "we're all scared of a bunch of n.i.m.b.y's, so we'll vote no" council......i'll remember you all at the next elections
and finally ray lauwrence...oh raymond, dear raymond
i hope yer friggin house burns down, preferably with you in it...arrogant git!!
rant over.....up the mariners!!!!

Jul 19, 2000 3:42:32 Evagy GRIMSBY
Well, well what have we here.
The people of the town gave their opinions time and time again, the press agreed with us, the club were desperate.
The town councillors looked on, smiling and nodding their approval, as we directed them on how to vote .
THEN when we weren't looking they bent us over the nearest table and well and truly shagged us.

Jul 19, 2000 4:08:44 ally and norrie dundee scotland
its terrible that your narrow minded town council won't let you build a new ground keep on hassling them you never know!!
all the best to grimsby town from a couple of dark blues!!

Jul 19, 2000 4:20:05 Roger Burnley England
Persist with your attempt to get the stadium built! I've been told that Planning Permission is often refused for the first few applications so that the Planning Committee can flex their muscles and show you who's in command. Keep applying!!! Good luck from Burnley...

Jul 19, 2000 4:25:48 Paddy McGlone Dundee
Tell the council to get it right up them!
All the best.

Jul 19, 2000 4:55:57 Trevor Cleethorpes England
just returned from holiday cannot believe the result,thought we lived in a democratic land (favouring popular majority rights)were was our councillors who voted against the stadium,,,born ?? can,t have been in this country thats for sure anyway lets hope we can succeed and go ahead with the stadium ...UP THE MARINERS..

Jul 19, 2000 4:57:55 Dr Jonathan Cullis Salisbury United Kingdom
I'm a Brighton fan - our club is looking for a new ground too. I wish you every success.

Jul 19, 2000 5:04:37 Antony Chaplin Barcelona Spain
Don't give up. The club, the town and the people need to move with the times. GTFC cannot and will not survive losing £15K a week. The commercial benefits of a new ground cannot be ignored.
Up the Mariners.

Jul 19, 2000 5:10:44 Patrick Conway Durham UK
A slate of footy candidates for the next election. No more drinking in Bill Parkinson establishments

Jul 19, 2000 5:13:50 Jon Thomson Stockport England
Keep going, don't give up - they'll buckle eventually.

Jul 19, 2000 5:14:09 Chic Haggart Perth Scotland
Keep the fight going - football's too important to give up !
The '62 Perth Dees look forward to meeting you on Friday !!

Jul 19, 2000 5:35:13 Tony Allan Perth Scotland
I really feel for all the fans and the directors at the club who are trying to promote the game and get the facilities a club that grimbsy deserves. I wish you well for the future and get a short sighted council to back your plans. But of course Dundee FC will win tomorrow.

Jul 19, 2000 5:53:59 Wellingborough Cobbler Northampton
NTFC wouldnt exsist without our New Stadium, and it seems a shame your council want to stop your club going forward where it was our council which helped ours survive!
Good Luck
ps. You ***** didnt deserve to win at wembley!!!!

Jul 19, 2000 5:59:42 Sam Smart Cambridge England
I wish u all the best. We know what it is like to have the council delaying the progression of a football club. Good luck for the future, I hope u succeed as we have at Cambridge United.

Jul 19, 2000 6:13:16 Sarah Kelly Swindon
Well well yet another council that know nothing about football or times changing, keep faith and hassling them your new staduim will come, it worked for us. Good luck from a Swindon fan.

Jul 19, 2000 6:20:33 Woolter Stockport England
All the best with the fight. If a lynchpin of a proud community (such as GTFC) is put at risk because of some non-sensical beurocratic half-wits not having the inteligence to foresee the long term ramifications for them and their town, then it will be a total and utter disgrace. Good luck to you all. Keep it going and they will have to see reason...job creation...leading to more visitors to the area through the year...meaning localised increases in trade. Money talks just as loud as football.

Jul 19, 2000 6:25:22 Roy Ackrill Chesterfield
I have been a season ticket holder at Grimsby for twenty years and I am appalled at the way in which the local council has acted.
I have worked in local government as a Committee Clerk for fifteen years and I cannot remember an occasion where a Council or Committee has gone against the specialist advice of an officer. Councils use local taxpayers money to employ officers specifically to advise councillors on complex issues such as this. Hopefully revenge will be sweet at the next elections.

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