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By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 04/08/2000

Jul 21, 2000 0:08:19 Damian Outlaw Preston UK
Good luck with the cause, I hope it works out...

Jul 21, 2000 03:24:27 Blair Edinburgh
Just keep fighting, never give up hope, we have been there, done it and won! Go on the Hibs

Jul 21, 2000 04:12:03 Charlie Rudde
people were nice to me and i enjoy the game, but you really need new stadium. you deserve it. Italia

Jul 21, 2000 04:22:39 Nigel Allen Aberdeen Scotland
Stick at it, keep going, Best of Luck. Hope the game between Grimsby and Dundee will be a good one.
I'll be there...

Jul 21, 2000 04:47:19 Colin Beales Brighton UK
Keep fighting! Never give up it amazing what a fan base can do if you stick together - We have achieved a lot @ Brighton..however we also have a long way to go and a new ground to develop.
Councils never realise the business that FC's do for a town!

Jul 21, 2000 04:58:06 DeanoPFC Portsmouth(the pride of the south) England
Having visited Grimsby and seen for myself what a friendly warm welcoming club you are I wish you all the best in your battle for your new ground. As a Pompey supporter I know how you feel, we have had numerous projects rejected by the local council but in the end we stuck at it and at last it looks like our own dreams of a new Fratton park will finally become reality, so keep persevering
All the best
Play Up Pompey

Jul 21, 2000 06:16:00 Steff Loughborough England
Keep up the good work your doing here.....the more pressure from the more angles the NELC WILL crack and back down....also glad to see you ficking the arse of the poor effort of an oficial site.....See you at the match long as me car works!!!

Jul 21, 2000 06:16:15 Simon Clannachan Utrecht Netherlands
I'm sure other Nottingham Forest fans will join me in supporting your cause.
Good luck

Jul 21, 2000 07:03:27 Tony Johnson London England
The very best of luck from a QPR fan in your battle against beaurocracy and short sightedness.
Keep fighting!

Jul 21, 2000 07:10:38 Rob Litawski Peterborough UK
It's not just the Manchester United's of this world that make this game so special, its also the so-called smaller clubs as well! Stand tall, be proud, and don't let the 'men in charge' pull you down!

Jul 21, 2000 07:41:25 Bridport Red Nottingham UK
Good luck in your quest to defeat the one-eyed forces of NIMBY-ism. The game needs the Grimsby Towns just as much as it does the Man Uniteds of this world.
Keep fighting - look at what Brighton achieved!

Jul 21, 2000 09:48:06 Jon Grime Preston Lancs
Good luck with your campaign from a North End fan

Jul 21, 2000 1:39:27 Jill Freeman Watford England
Good luck with your campaign from a PNE White in Exile!

Jul 21, 2000 10:08:54 Jillian Binnie Sunny Edinburgh Scotland
A hibees fan glad to lend support from the sun-baked north.

Jul 21, 2000 10:39:29 Rob Cocking Preston Ingerland
Good luck- a worthy cause

Jul 21, 2000 10:42:34 Kevin Ramsdale Lincoln UK
Hope it works out for you.
From a Lincs based PNE fan.

Jul 21, 2000 11:29:34 Eric C Spall Sydney Australia
keep at em,short sited councilors should have short terms in office.

Jul 21, 2000 3:18:18 Drew Ramsay Dundee Scotland
Good luck, hope you get everything you ask for

Jul 21, 2000 3:54:41 Paul L Frost Lincolnshire England,
I'm very disappointed in the lack of foresight in this decision. There's no such thing as a democracy in North East Lincs - Minority Rules.
I'm sure the majority will have their say come the next local election.
Don't give up, Town ! How some people of Great coates can say that it is one of the last unspoilt villages in N E Lincolnshire. What as it got to offer?
From 06.30 till 09.00 Hrs in the morning, the traffic that drives through the village, from the people that work on the bank, is non stop, then again from 15.00 till 18.00 Hrs, is just as bad, as they go home. Then there is the view? What view? All the factories on the bank, the KP warehouse, (not much was said about that, was it because, alot of people from Great coates worked there, and it was more Convenient not to rock the boat). Then there is the A180, no more than a stones throw, with traffic rumbling past all hours of the day. And as for facilities, once again, what facilities, they have none, they have to go out of their village and use yours and mine. So come on Great Coates, stop being N.I.M.B.Y`s. Instead of just taking, give something back, Change the habit of a lifetime!!!!!!

Jul 21, 2000 4:30:31 Graham Bunting Blackheath London
I live near Charlton Athletic's ground. I remember how CAFC had to battle to return to the Valley because local residents were scared about hooligans and their house prices. In the end, these fears came to nothing, and the new stadium is helping to revitalise the area. Keep up the fight... every community needs a football club.

Jul 21, 2000 4:52:44 Paul Wakefield GRIMSBY TOWN England
I am totaally appalled at the decision of the Councillers,to say we live in a democracy is a joke, the majority of NE Lincs & the majority of the UK, is behind us, so why isnt our local Council, who infact should be looking at the commercial aspects, Fishing Heritage Centres & the Auditorium were the councils own doing, no one wated one & thats why they lose hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum, but when a poll suggests that we need a new Stadium for GTFC, they vote against it, I am disgusted & will not be voting in any election from now on I swear on it!

Jul 21, 2000 5:10:57 Paul Martin Botswana
Good luck
Vote them out when they need support!

Jul 21, 2000 5:27:17 Padraig McKenna Nottingham
Best of luck for your campaign - football clubs are worth the effort.

Jul 21, 2000 5:40:22 Bob Nutcher Burnley England
I agree with whatever it is you want this petition for........ maximum respec for the Grimsby massive in the area biggedy biggedy bong!!!!!!!!

Jul 21, 2000 6:01:17 TonyP Chesterfield England
How dare they do this to you and take no notice ... complete bastards the lot of them. Vote with your club in mind when the councilors are begging for your support so they can keep their poxy jobs and fat cat salaries.

Jul 21, 2000 6:08:32 Andrew Billings Cardiff Wales
Here's a message of support from a Forest fan! This whole business sounds, if you'll pardon the pun, a little fishy. How on earth can any councillor who might have voted for the new stadium have been banned from voting? It all suggests the term "local democracy" is an oxymoron.
Anyway, this is an obvious no-brainer. A new stadium can help Grimsby Town survive (and no true football fan in Britain wants to see any club go to the wall) as well as bringing economic benefits to the area. So what's the problem?

Jul 21, 2000 6:54:56 STEVE PARIS FRANCE

Jul 21, 2000 7:13:33 Loz York UK
good luck in your battle for a new stadium

Jul 21, 2000 7:33:42 Elise Gratland Cleethorpes UK
Up the Mariners! Down the Great Coates residents!

Jul 21, 2000 7:49:59 Richard Nicholls Southampton England
There is hope.......believe me!

Jul 21, 2000 8:32:58 stan roberts hyde uk
Good luck with your petition. It's sad that they won't listen. They treat you well when they want your vote, but with contempt when they want your opinion.

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