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Petition #14

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 04/08/2000

Jul 22, 2000 03:53:26 Naomi Brockbanks Manchester
Good luck with your fight .
Its time the council listened to the views of the voters and gave the people of Grimsby a stadium to which people will proud of and want to attend. Remember Sunderland in their last year at Roker Park when they struggled to get 16000 for premier games, yet the following season in division 1 but playing at the stadium of light they played to 40000 sellouts every week. Modern ground attract more supporters.
If the council refuse to support the local football club then maybe its time to think of moving out of town.
Come on council listen to what is being said and give the loyal supporters of GTFC the stadium
they need and deserve

Jul 22, 2000 04:57:07 Stuart Paterson Grimsby England
Grimsby history is marked by the short sightedness of its council. They gave us a flyover when there were no fish trains to run under it. They pulled down the historic Bull Ring/Old Market area and gave us a concrete and glass eyesore shopping centre. They laid a road into the centre of town! on the trackbed of the Louth line while the rest of the world built tramways/light railways/park and ride. The present council has now decided that a stadium should not be built on the site that a previous council stated was the only site a stadium could be built on!!!! Confused? No doubt a new stadium while rise from a green field site on somebody else's doorstep when Town are reduced to playing in the Lincs League.

Jul 22, 2000 04:59:35 Martyn Bell Burnley England
The town needs an investment like this.Proof of civic confidence.In Burnley these people would not have dared to vote against the local football club.Mind you, I'm not sure that there would have been anyone eligible to vote due to the ridiculous ruling.

Jul 22, 2000 06:46:18 Ann Allen Lincoln England
This is typical of the small minds on Grimsby town Council. Why on earth would any fan want to visit Great Coates unless they live there? The new Stadium plan caters for all the fans needs with no need for them to go into the village on match days.When I moved away from the area 15 years ago there was no pub or shop in Great Coates so I cannot see how the residents think they would would have any problem with visiting fans

Jul 22, 2000 07:25:50 martin longshaw grimsby uk
A scandalous decision. The town is desperately short of any sort of culture and probably the major identity of Grimsby outside of the town is its football club. By refusing this application the message is we shall stay in the dark ages and the image of the town suffers along with it. Lets move forward, new ground, new future but now!

Jul 22, 2000 11:03:56 Simon J Grimsby NE Lincs
Like all town fanshat is the
point of electing a council to represent the the
peoples view and act on their wants and needs if
a tiny minority gets its way by sentencing OUR
football club to death? The planning application
should have been approved immediately if there
was any justice. I'm dissapointed that the
council didn't offer more help to trying to save
GTFC. The proposed new stadium could have done
so much, not just for GTFC but for the whole town.
That one decision has cost our beloved club dear

Jul 22, 2000 2:58:47 Guy livingston Rockford, Illinios USA
I was tying to send this to the GET, but thet don't seem to accept e-mails from the USA. So this is the only place where I get to express my views. Thankyou for independent web sights and people who are prepared to do things.
I moved from Grimsby 10 years ago and have eventually ended up settling in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Throughout my travels I have continued to support Grimsby Town, attending any games that I could and keeping a close eye on results and table position. I have also been watching the ground debate with great interest.
When the result came through on the council's decision, the differences between the image of sport in the UK and the States really showed itself. Here in the States a town/city council will do everything in its power to attract sports teams, in Rockford we have minor league baseball, ice hockey and soccer. None of these teams get national coverage, however it is seen that sports are good for the community. For national coverage one has to go to the majors i.e. the large franchises, these are attracted to cities by large inducements such as a new stadium.
Contrast this to the UK, in this case Grimsby. A small town with a football club. This club is not big, however every Saturday afternoon, for nine months of the year it is mentioned on national radio and TV. It is also mentioned on an international stage by the World Service of the BBC, once it made headlines by beating Newcastle United stopping their record breaking run. This is free advertising for the town; I have met many people around the globe who have heard of Grimsby because of the football team. This is why I cannot believe the decision by the council.
On a local point, when the Great Coates junction was put in the A180, did people think that this was there solely for the village. These things are not put in for no good reason, or for small "villages". My feeling is that this was built ready for future expansion of Grimsby, which is what this stadium would have been. Grimsby has to expand to survive, there is no need for a green belt.
Keep fighting for the ground and Grimsby Town.
One last thing there is a page on the NE Lincs council web site, titled "Democracy". Who are they kidding!
Guy Livingston

Jul 22, 2000 3:16:13 Peter Forrester Cleethorpes England
I cannot believe that the stadium was rejected by the Council this past week. I bought the Evening Telegraph fully expecting the front page to say that we had got the new stadium but instead i found to mine and every other Town fans disgust that the new stadium had not been approved. I found this hard to swallow and has left many Town fans wondering what the future (if any) is going to be like. With us losing £15000 a week this stadium would of made us financially secure and would of left some money for us to buy some players and we could of then been put on the map and recognised as we deserve to be. Who do we have to thank for all this despair... Great Coates residents. They say it would ruin there community but it would not. They already have lots of factories to look at when they open their curtains in the morning. If the stadium were to be approved then they would have a better thing to look at in the morning. Added to all this the stadium would of created lots of jobs and there are only at the most 30 games a season. Well residents of Great Coates you have destroyed our season and many to come......

Jul 22, 2000 3:36:03 Nick Owen Stockport
Councillors, review your decision!
County want 3 points a season from a better stadium.
Nick O.

Jul 22, 2000 5:12:04 Matt Westcott southampton Scotland
I think it is a travesty that 12 people are wiped out of the voting procedure simply because they have been to a football match at Blundell Park. It is the only instance i can think of where such a thing could happen. Imagine if it was for a cinema and councillors werent allowed to vote because they'd once been to the flicks. Ridiculous!
I know im a fan of the club, the logic of the voting system seems totally ludicrous to me. Grimsby is a town dieing on it's feet, the loss of the football club would just make the situation worse. Its not only fans that will lose out, it worthwhile travelling 400 miles each way and getting stopped by Humber Police many times...all the best boys!

Jul 22, 2000 5:42:32 Andy Tingey Alton England
Please reconsider your decision. Think of the good of the community, not just your own self-interests

Jul 22, 2000 8:37:33 Grant Bain Dundee Scotland
After the Dundee game on friday I spoke to a few Grimsby fans who were very disapointed to say the least about their council's refusal. The local team is important to the community in many ways, and it is sad to see what the council have to the team and to the town. Last season, Dundee built two new (overdue) stands which helped give the club a new lease of life. I think the council should reconsider and remember who voted them in.
I enjoyed my time in Grimsby/Cleethorpes and wish the club and all fans good luck in the future.

Jul 22, 2000 8:51:02 Tom Bollan Withernsea England
Councillors - Sort your lives out, give us OUR Stadium.

Jul 23, 2000 07:45:48 The Mariner
Thanks to all the Dundee fans, Cambridge, and Brighton etc... for their kind words of support and encouragement. It saddens me however, that an element of moronic braindead Grimsby fans saw fit to attack Dundee fans in a pre-season FRIENDLY !!
Grow up children, you are a disgrace to the club and to man-kind.
As for the chants of ENGLAND, through the game, did you not watch Euro 2000. England who ?

Jul 24, 2000 04:23:06 Richard Boxall Marshchapel UK
Good luck from a Seagulls supporter

Jul 24, 2000 07:18:12 William Crotty Hammersmith, London
Planning decision sounds like another case of short-sighted local jobsworth councillors getting their priorites wrong - because of petty infighting?
PNE, White in Exile

Jul 24, 2000 09:22:55 Sean Smith Dublin Ireland
I thoroughly sympathise as over here Shamrock Rovers went through a similar ordeal before eventually we got planning permission for our new ground. There were numerous local objections but the county council eventually saw sense. However that is only the start of the problems, the delays mean added expense and a posponement of the proposed move in date. Anyway I wish you every success in your fishy endevours.

Jul 24, 2000 09:46:48 James Foulkes London UK
It's the same old story. Somebody wants to bring investment to Grimsby to help improve the lives of the many, and the few get their way. I strongly object to the way that this planning vote has been taken, and I just hope that it can be overturned. Development brings jobs and prosperity to an area. Stagnation doesn't.

Jul 24, 2000 10:27:49 Dominic Edwards chesterfield
A ridiculous hiss

Jul 24, 2000 2:29:40 James Hewland Brighton England
The nimby's seem to be at it again, Bournemouth had a similar problem last week when their council refused them a loan which would enable them to redevelope Dean Court in conjunction with a football trust grant.
Our fight for a new stadium is still on going we have it in the local plan but we still have a long way to go. Have you tried persuading the council to have a referendum on the site?
Best of luck with your ongoing struggle.

Jul 25, 2000 1:39:54 peter lyons bolton england
I am a West Brom Supporter and when I heard about this from a friend who supports Grimsby, even I thought it was ridiculous. You need to get rid of Alan Buckley by the way.

Jul 25, 2000 7:02:59 Richard Sullivan Burgess Hill (Sussex)
Hope you win in the end. Don't give up!

Jul 26, 2000 11:31:09 Richard Dawson Caistor England
The football club keeps Grimsby on the map - it deserves special treatment to keep it solvent.

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