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Petition Part 5

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 17/10/2001

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Robert Clarke ( Octo 15, 2001 - 7:50:11
Grimsby [England]
We don't need a new ground. Its just a fad.
Robert Clarke ( Octo 15, 2001 - 7:43:37
Grimsby [England]
We don't need a new stadium, we can't fill the one we have.Although I have no doubt that you will ignore this and pass me off as either a great Coates resident (I am not) or not a fan (I am).
Trevor Lynn ( Octo 15, 2001 - 6:05:01
Cleethorpes [UK]
The new ground is long overdue. It is also vital for the future of GTFC.
James Farr ( Octo 15, 2001 - 5:51:03
Manchester (ex. Grimsby) [UK]
Until GTFC move to a new ground, I'm afraid that Town are condemned to scrapping for survival in the first division. The club cannot access the resources to progress unless we get a new ground. They have worked elsewhere, upping interest in the local club and becoming a source of civic pride. A new stadium will be a boost to GTFC and the area as a whole.
Don't pass up this opportunity to do something POSITIVE for the whole town. Don't let the narrow minded opinions of a self-interested few destroy the prospect of a brighter future for the football club, which is an integral part of any town like Grimsby. This investment in the area and its people must go ahead.
Gareth Griffith ( Octo 15, 2001 - 5:37:36
Cleethorpes [NE Lincs, England.]
This is absolutely the only site this stadium can be built on. Having attended the public meeting to alter the local plan, I feel very strongly that both the developers and the local council have taken the concerns of the very small minority who oppose the site extremely seriously and have taken all necessary steps to address those concerns.
Darren Todd ( Octo 15, 2001 - 5:25:23
Grimsby (where else?) [England]
I agree.We need this ground and they are taking it too long.Whos running this show the people making the new wembley??
Ryan Collins ( Octo 15, 2001 - 5:00:19
Grimsby [England]
I think Grimsby should get a new stadiam because we only got a 10,000 stadiam.We should get a 25,000 maybe it would bring in more people.
Larry Boyce ( Octo 15, 2001 - 4:56:14
Leicester [U.K.]
The residents of Great Coates must be made to realise that the time for putting self before community has long past. The new stadium will be a constant source of prestige and pride, not only for NE. Lincs. but for supporters of this Great Football Club throughout the country and beyond. The Grimsby/Cleethorpes community is indeed, worldwide and together we are a force that will not be ignored, bullied or denied. Build the stadium and BUILD IT NOW.
Robert Clark ( Octo 15, 2001 - 4:39:08
Grimsby [England]
How come all premiership teams get permision to build a new stadium in weeks when Grimsby have to wait a YEAR?
Grimsby is a small club with a small stadium but with BIG hopes.With a new stadium we would be able to generate more match day income and be able to attract good players and be able to aford them.
Grimsby needs a new stadium to be able to move forward but without the right stepping stones we cant go anywhere.
Adam Pannell ( Octo 15, 2001 - 3:32:55
Grimsby [England]
Lets have something in Grimsby that the locals can be proud of. It's time to move Grimsby and GTFC away from the national perception of being a little back-water fishing village and tin-pot team.
Peter Gerrish ( Octo 15, 2001 - 2:52:58
Lancaster [England]
As a grimsby ex-pat my main interest in the town is GTFC. It is clear that if the club is to survive and hopefully progress it can only do so with a new stadium.
What Bolton, Wigan and even Rushden and Diamonds have, so should we!!
Dave Cousin ( Octo 15, 2001 - 2:36:58
Eastbourne [U.K.]
Town enjoys a large number of fans spread far and wide yet a large dense nationwide fan base could come from the marketing value of a new modern stadium. Bring new fans to a forward looking club!
Andy Oliver ( Octo 15, 2001 - 2:34:09
Surely it must be realised that a new stadium with modern facilities, will attract better players, more supporters. And something to be proud of for the town of grimsby and it`s people. There`s to many negatives around here. lets have something positive for a change. UP THE MARINERS.
Stuart Triffitt ( Octo 15, 2001 - 2:23:03
Plymouth [England]
We need a new ground not just for the team and fans but for the area, and we need it to be given the go ahead NOW/YESTERDAY
Norman Douglas ( Octo 15, 2001 - 2:05:37
The only possible viable site, for ease of access etc; is the one at Great Coates.
James Rumsby ( Octo 15, 2001 - 2:00:09
Grimsby [England]
In a democracy the majority of peoples views should prevail over minorities. Of - course we should protect minorities wherever possible, but this project will benefit all of the town including many other minorities. The Not In My Back Yard mentality of the Great Coates residents is holding the town back. Should we stop progress on account of a few hundred residents as opposed to the interests of thousands of other people in Grimsby, even those not interested in football? The Council made up of local representatives have made thier decision, looking at every other option possible - this is the nature of local democracy and democracy in general. It may not be a perfect system but is the only one we have to ensure that the voice of the many is heard over those with an interest to themselves and not to the wider community of Grimsby of which they are a part. Support the Stadium Project for the majority of people in Grimsby!!!!
Duncsn Ford ( Octo 15, 2001 - 1:49:46
Cleethorpes [England]
Without a new ground the club face a bleak future.
Carl Burnett ( Octo 15, 2001 - 1:41:48
Coningsby [UK]
Don't let the narrow minded minority win, I want my young children to support Town but if we don't get a new ground there will be no Town for them to support. Down with the NIMBYs.
j.coleman ( Octo 15, 2001 - 1:34:25
grimsby [north east lincs]
we need a new ground to full fill our goal of premiership football

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