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2002 Features Index

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 13/07/2003

The following feature articles appeared on The Fishy at some point during 2002.

DateAdded RivalsID HeadlineMedium Description Category 23-Apr-2002 8254460 What A Great Night!! Nick talks about the Awards Night at the Winter Gardens and the people there who made it a great evening out. 133

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25-Dec-2002: Merry Xmas
Billo in his festive message conveys Merry Xmas from the Fishy to all our subscribers, readers and contributers.
23-Dec-2002: November Player of the Month Winner
John Oster was the popular choice for our November player of the month, voted by the Fishy's readers.
17-Dec-2002: Perfect Xmas Present
Mariners World are giving fans a chance to win a half season ticket covering the remaining home games at BP.
15-Dec-2002: Where Are They Now? - Gary Childs
Tony Hamilton of The Fishy caught up recently with Gary Childs to talk to him about his time at Blundell Park.
12-Dec-2002: Send A Christmas Card
Send a musical Christmas Card to your friends and family using our electronic facility! Merry Xmas to you all!!
10-Dec-2002: Same Old Story!
The Mariners appeared to be the best footballing side on the field against Walsall on Saturday but finished the losers.
08-Dec-2002: November Player of the Month
Vote for the month's best Town player. The winners will go towards the Fishy's player of the year at the end of the season.

21-Nov-2002: Where Are They Now? - Dean Crombie
Tony Hamilton of The Fishy caught up recently with Dean Crombie to talk to him about his time at Blundell Park.
17-Nov-2002: Cockney Scout
In a return of the Fishy's "Scout" feature Cockney Scout has been down to Underhill to check out Junior Agogo.
17-Nov-2002: Harry's Chin Wag - Week 5
Harry Ellis takes his regular look at the last seven days of happenings in and around Blundell Park.
15-Nov-2002: GTST - The Future!
The Public meeting of GTST is on Monday 18th November at the Memorial Hall, Cleethorpes. Will you be there?
13-Nov-2002: Our Youth - Our Future!
Andy Stephenson outlines the future of the youth development programme and where it stands today
10-Nov-2002: Harry's Chin Wag - Week 5
Harry Ellis takes his regular look at the last seven days of happenings in and around Blundell Park.
10-Nov-2002: October Player of the Month Winner
The Fishy's third ever Player of the Month can be revealed in our unique award voted for by readers of this site.
07-Nov-2002: Milestones!
With some players reaching milestones in their careers, Billo reflects on the modern day trends.
03-Nov-2002: October Player of the Month
Vote for the month's best Town player. The winners will go towards the Fishy player of the year at the end of the season.
03-Nov-2002: Harry's Chin Wag - Week 4
Harry Ellis takes his regular look at the last seven days of happenings in and around Blundell Park.
01-Nov-2002: GTST - What's It All About?
The Supporters Trust provide here some of the FAQ's that have been put to them over the last few weeks.

27-Oct-2002: Harry's Chin Wag - Week 3
Harry Ellis takes his regular look at the last seven days of happenings in and around Blundell Park.
24-Oct-2002: Past And Present!
Alan Readman looks at the past and how it has affected today's game and club finances.
22-Oct-2002: Who Is To Blame For The Football Crisis?
Hilton Hurst looks at the current crisis in football and trys to ascertain what went wrong.
20-Oct-2002: Harry's Chin Wag - Week 2
Harry Ellis takes his regular look at the last seven days of happenings in and around Blundell Park.
20-Oct-2002: Sell The Club!
Glyn Atkinson suggests that the club should be offered for sale to attract the money men.
17-Oct-2002: Last Chance Saloon?
Alan Readman answers a few questions and looks at the future... if there is one that is.
15-Oct-2002: A Fishy Story?
Black'nWhiteBarmy looks at the Fishy and gives his view of where it stands in the grand scheme of things.
13-Oct-2002: Grimsby Town Fans Survey
The Fishy team are performing a bit of market research and would like the fans to have their say on the matter.
13-Oct-2002: Harry's Chin Wag
Harry Ellis takes his regular look at the last seven days of happenings in and around Blundell Park.
10-Oct-2002: September Player of the Month Winner
The Fishy's second ever Player of the Month can be revealed in our unique award voted for by readers of this site.
07-Oct-2002: Billo's Survival Kit
Billo's believes Town cannot survive without all the supporters gritting their teet and hanging in there!
01-Oct-2002: Your Last Chance!
Please do not forget the Fishy raffle that is intended to support the Youth Development Programme!

29-Sep-2002: September Player of the Month
Vote for the month's best Town player. The winners will go towards the Fishy player of the year at the end of the season.
28-Sep-2002: This Time In 1997
We look back to a season just 5 years ago, when a difficult start to a campaign culminated in two trips to Wembley.
26-Sep-2002: Calling Dr Quincy
Jamie Wood looks at what he believes is holding the club back in this season of doom and gloom.
24-Sep-2002: Keeping the Faith 2
As part of the "Keeping the Faith" series, Janusz Przeniczny explains where he thinks Town are going wrong.
23-Sep-2002: Keeping the Faith
As Alan Readman's affinity with Grimsby is for life with no remission, at times like this he has to have faith to stay sane!
23-Sep-2002: The Last Word!
Gutted Grimbarian has his rant on the Alan Buckley debate!
22-Sep-2002: Sing When We're Sinking!
Town fan Timmy has had enough of observing the GTFC ship sinking, and will be watching it from the shore from now on.
21-Sep-2002: The End is Nigh!
Graham Howes feels Town's recent results reflect a catalogue of poor, short-sighted decisions made by the GTFC board..
21-Sep-2002: Have the Board Got it Wrong?
Tony Hamilton believes it was the biggest mistake in the history of Grimsby Town FC to appoint Paul Groves as manager.
17-Sep-2002: Buckley Baloney: Give Green Light to Groves
Dan Humphrey argues that bringing back Alan Buckley is a bad idea and the game has moved on since AB's time.
17-Sep-2002: Bring Back Buckley!
Tony Hamilton thinks the time has come to bring back former Town manager Alan Buckley to help Paul Groves.
15-Sep-2002: Is it Time for a Consultant?
Steff Keightley asks whether Grimsby would benefit from a consultant, and has a certain former Town manager in mind!
11-Sep-2002: Been There Before, Bought The T-Shirt....
In the midst of Grimsby's latest goal drought, Richard Lord asks the question: Haven't we been here before?
10-Sep-2002: A Message From Canada
William Davies in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada gives his opinion on Grimsby Town's new stadium.
08-Sep-2002: Board - Time for Action
Mertle believes a fundamental change of thinking by the board is required for Grimsby to claw their way out of the doldrums.
08-Sep-2002: Dr Fishy's September Depth Chart
Dr Fishy has updated his invaluable aid in picking the optimal Grimsby team from the players available to Paul Groves.
07-Sep-2002: August Player of the Month Winner
The Fishy's first ever Player of the Month can be revealed in our unique award voted for by readers of this site.
07-Sep-2002: Your Help Needed!
Please do not forget the Fishy raffle that is intended to support the Youth Development Programme!
06-Sep-2002: Have You Had Enough?
Billo looks at the latest boardroom battle and asks "have the the fans had enough"?
06-Sep-2002: The Jevons' Situation
Has Paul Groves made the right decision in loaning Phil Jevons to Hull City? Richard Lord takes a look at the situation.
04-Sep-2002: What's Been Happening?
Richard Hubbert has been on holiday for six weeks and missed the whole start of the season - and Town's one goal!
03-Sep-2002: Dear Mr Rouse!
Billo rants about the recent troubles in the boardroom at Blundell Park in an open letter to Michael Rouse.
02-Sep-2002: August Player of the Month
Vote for the month's best Town player. The winners will go towards the Fishy player of the year at the end of the season.
01-Sep-2002: Cull at Hull?
Dan Humphrey discovers that his plea for Scunthorpe and Hull to have good seasons have thus far been ignored!

27-Aug-2002: The Men In Black
Tony Hamilton reflects upon refereeing standards in Division One games after a dubious showing from Matt Messias on Monday.
15-Aug-2002: Mariners Depth Chart
Dr Fishy has devised an invaluable aid in picking the optimal Grimsby team from the players available to Paul Groves.
14-Aug-2002: Pipe Dream Or Dead Duck!
Billo considers whether Grimsby Town's proposed new stadium at Great Coates is just a pipe dream or a dead duck.
12-Aug-2002: Us and Them
Tony Butcher looks at the farcical situation which Town's next opponents Wimbledon and their supporters are having to endure.
11-Aug-2002: El Tel: Clubs Set To Buy British
Terry Venables believes the change in the climate of domestic football is making British players more attractive.
11-Aug-2002: Mariners World - The Matchday Live Experience
Mike Worden spent his Saturday afternoon trying out the new Mariners World commentary service, and gives us his views.
09-Aug-2002: The Story So Far ...
Richard Lord looks at the story so far and recalls the ups and downs of being a Mariners fan this summer!
08-Aug-2002: Will You Be There?
Mariners World is the way to go if you cannot get to the game!! Why not join today?
05-Aug-2002: Chettle Can Make Us Great
Ray Lucas is excited at the prospect of the new signings arriving at Blundell Park, especially Steve Chettle.
04-Aug-2002: A Perfect Day
Alan Readman found "Football's a funny old game" the best way of describing Friday's remarkable events!
03-Aug-2002: Up The Tigers! Up The Iron!
Dan Humphrey thinks it is high time Hull and Scunthorpe got their acts together so we could have some proper rivals!

28-Jul-2002: Fishing For Talent Part 3
Dr Fishy has been casting his nets and has bagged a pair this week, after a trip down the River Mersey.
28-Jul-2002: The Enigma, Or Variations Thereof
Billo looks at the latest boardroom fallout at Blundell Park and wonders why it happened this week.
27-Jul-2002: Fishing For Talent Part 2
Dr Fishy has been down to the river bank again with his fishing equipment looking for some new Town recruits.
25-Jul-2002: Fishing For Talent Part 1
Dr Fishy has been down to the river bank with his fishing equipment looking for some new Town recruits.
23-Jul-2002: The Magic Carpet Rides Again!
Tony Butcher looks back at last season and wonders what will happen during this one!
21-Jul-2002: Is There A Future?
Nicko peers into his crystal ball to see where the future could lie, and looks back on mistakes that were made.
18-Jul-2002: Rant: The Future Of GTFC
Alf Evans, a supporter in South Africa, gives his views on the future of GTFC, who he has supported for 50 years.
17-Jul-2002: Supporters Trust
An explanation about The Grimsby Town Supporters Trust, what it means, and how you, the ordinary fan, can contribute.
14-Jul-2002: Your Club Needs You!
Alan Readman believes that Grimsby Town fans should rally and get behind the team as never before, now times are hard!
16-Jul-2002: The Working Party
The creation of a trust requires first an organising committee and then a working party.
16-Jul-2002: Supporters Direct
Who are Supporters Direct and what do they do to help us?
16-Jul-2002: What Is A Supporters Trust?
The Fishy answers some Frequently asked question about Supporters trusts.
09-Jul-2002: Rant: Critical Factors
Graham Howes airs his views on our future given the present economic climate at Blundell Park.
03-Jul-2002: Football Has Lost Its Head!
Graham Howes thinks recent developments around the UK show that football has lost its head.

25-Jun-2002: Winds Of Change
Alan Readman looks at football and the changes needed to save the English game.
24-Jun-2002: Business As Usual
With players and managers returning from holidays it's 'business as usual' in English Football.
22-Jun-2002: England R.I.P. - The Inquest
A selection of the Fishy's readers express their views on England's exit from the world cup to Brazil on Friday!
19-Jun-2002: A World Cup Poser
Mike Worden asks a question about this year's world cup relating to one of Town's famous victories in years gone by.
19-Jun-2002: Time To Get Real
Billo's rant on the forthcoming player negotiations with Town's hands left completely tied in the wake of ITV Digital.
14-Jun-2002: Can We Field A Team Yet?
Dan Humphrey looks at the position facing Town in fielding a team with contracts still in limbo.
09-Jun-2002: The Kiss of Death
Rob Sedgwick sees Town have once again been installed as the Bookie's pre-season favourites to get relegated next season.
02-Jun-2002: The Future : Mini-Mariners
Dan Humphrey looks at the implications for Grimsby of the decision to abolish the reserves and create an under 19 team.

27-May-2002: The Reality Game
Alan Readman looks at the current problems facing Grimsby and takes a realistic view on how they could be resolved.
27-May-2002: Time For The Share Issue
Martin Copass suggests that a new share issue is one way to solve the club's financial problems!
26-May-2002: On Sponsorship
Matt Stead wonders if the Grimsby Town board are doing their utmost to attract wealthy businessmen to the club.
25-May-2002: A Sad Time For Our Team
Brian Keightley has followed Town from both near and far since 1947 and hopes he is able to continue to do so!
25-May-2002: A Proud History
After 56 years of supporting the Mariners through thick and thin Barry West is now just hoping that they can survive!.
23-May-2002: Calm Down Fishy Folk!!
ScottMcgarveysGreat has a rant at the Fishy and doom-mongers saying: "It'll Be Alright On The Night!"
22-May-2002: Who is to Blame?
Graham Howes looks at who is to blame for the serious financial crisis Town find themselves in.
20-May-2002: Why Do We Always Get It Wrong?
Ben Miall feels offering the wrong players the wrong contracts in the past is a major cause of Town's current problems.
19-May-2002: Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers
Richard Hubbert feels aggrieved at the loss of two of Town's senior professionals in the new financial climate.
17-May-2002: The Lincolnshire Brigade: Brigg Town
With Boston United joining the football league, Richard Lord looks to see who could be next to join the Lincolnshire Brigade!
16-May-2002: Have G14 Learnt the Error of Their Ways?
Graham Howes looks at the reasons why G14 are prepared to salary cap and reduce squad numbers to 25.
12-May-2002: Should Celtic And Rangers Join The Nationwide?
A look at the proposal that Celtic and Rangers be invited to join the Nationwide League Division One.
11-May-2002: Sharpe Must Come To BP!
Ray Lucas looks at the possibility of Groves signing Lee Sharpe and the effect he would have on the team.
09-May-2002: The Best Game!!
Richard Lord talks about his most memorable game of last season, which was one of Town's most memorable campaigns.
08-May-2002: Special Offers to Season Ticket Holders!
Grimsby Town Club Shop are offering Cashback to season ticket holders on certain products. Don't miss out!
08-May-2002: Lightning Can't Strike Twice!
Ryan Collins recounts his most memorable visit to Blundell Park since the Crystal Palace game.
07-May-2002: A Buyers Market!
Billo looks at the availability of players in the changing marketplace of League Football.
04-May-2002: My Mate Graham!
John Pakey recalls his most memorable day at Blundell Park last season with his mate Graham.
03-May-2002: Oh What A Night
Phillip Norton will never forget October 9th 2001, when Town came from behind to defeat Liverpool 2-1 at Anfield.
02-May-2002: Town Steamroller the Wolves!
Tim Smith looks back on his personal highlight of the 2001-2002 season as part of the "Time To Look Back" series.

29-Apr-2002: Peter Salsbury Looks Back
Peter Salsbury looks back on the 2001-2002 season as part of the "Time To Look Back" series.
29-Apr-2002: Time To Look Back!
How do you remember last season? What were the good times? The game, goal or player you remember best? Send us your story!
26-Apr-2002: The Cost Of Seeing The Mariners
Steff Keightley looks at the cost of seeing the Mariners in comparison with other clubs in Division One.
24-Apr-2002: A Big Thank You
Billo's message of thanks to all the contributors and readers of The Fishy throughout the last season.
23-Apr-2002: The Ray Lucas Column: My Top Night!
Ray Lucas looks back on a memorable evening at the GTFC Players Awards Night as an early brithday present.
23-Apr-2002: What A Great Night!!
Nicko talks about the Awards Night at the Winter Gardens and the people there who made it a great evening out.
23-Apr-2002: Awards Night On-Line
Mike Worden looks back on an evening following the GTFC Awards Night coverage on the Internet.
20-Apr-2002: The Retained List Debate
Fred and Bert spent their Saturday afternoon wondering who Paul Groves should keep at Blundell Park.
17-Apr-2002: The Ray Lucas Column: Don't Let Our Big Boys Go!
Grimsby are having to postpone celebrating our great escape, as the vultures are circling over our top stars.
15-Apr-2002: Remember, Remember The 16th Of February!
It has been a memorable come-back for Grimsby to stave off relegation for another year. Where did it all start?
11-Apr-2002: Possible Weekend Scenarios
Richard Hubbert takes a look at the possible outcomes of Saturday's games and how the league table might unfold.
11-Apr-2002: The Ray Lucas Column: My Birthday Wishes
Ray Lucas hopes to celebrate his 21st birthday by witnessing a Grimsby win against Paul Gascoigne's Burnley.
10-Apr-2002: The Price Of Survival!
Billo gives his view of the future of Grimsby Town during the course of the next year or so.
09-Apr-2002: Grimsby Are Playing For Youth's Future
The future of some young footballers may be determined by the first team and if they escape relegation.
07-Apr-2002: Can You Blame Bad Luck?
Richard Lord looks at where Grimsby's season went wrong, and assesses whether you can blame anyone or anything in particular?

29-Mar-2002: Contract Season Looms Again
James Caroline speculates who Paul Groves should be inviting first into his office to discuss new contracts.
29-Mar-2002: If Danny Should Go
Ray Lucas looks at possible successors to Danny Coyne if the Town 'keeper were to depart in the summer for a large transfer.
24-Mar-2002: Complaints by Disabled
Mike Welchman responds to the earlier artictle by Ray Lucas in which Ray told how he was refused Ade Akinbiyi's autograph.
24-Mar-2002: Don't Let Them Get Away With It!
Town supporter Alan Breese has written an e-mail to the chairmen of ITV Sport's parent companies Granada and Carlton.
24-Mar-2002: I'm Ashamed to Be A Football Fan
Disabled Town supporter Ray Lucas made the "mistake" of asking Palace's Akinbiyi for his autograph and was snubbed.
21-Mar-2002: League Clubs Facing Financial Disaster!
Some league clubs will face financial ruin and close down if the League accept ITV Digital's offer at today's meeting.
17-Mar-2002: Not A Good Forecast!
Richard Lord's predictions before the weekend didn't quite go to plan, we're pleased to say!
15-Mar-2002: Predictions For The Weekend's Fixtures
This weekend's fixtures could see the Mariners pull out of the bottom three, or it could see them sit just above Stockport!
08-Mar-2002: Not A Match For The Faint-Hearted
Richard Lord looks back at the last few weeks and describes what recent days have been like for a Mariners' supporter.
03-Mar-2002: A Mascot's Experience
Jason Ives relates the experience which his daughter Lauren had when she was mascot for the Town game against Stockport.
01-Mar-2002: Is Pompey Chief Right?
Graham Howes asks whether Pompey chief Milan Mandaric is correct to withhold players wages due to recent poor performances.

28-Feb-2002: Have Grimsby Broken Any Mirrors?
Richard Lord looks at why Grimsby have had to endure so much bad luck over the past few months
18-Feb-2002: The Paul Futcher Interview
Interview from IAGE of former Grimsby hero Paul Futcher, one of the greatest Town players of recent years
08-Feb-2002: Grimsby Have Lots To Learn From Ronnie Moore
Graham Howes comments on the notable differences in attitudes at Grimsby Town and at Rotherham.
06-Feb-2002: Is it the Right Time to Look Ahead?
Do Town plan ahead for Division 2 now, and accept the reality of relegation, or do they carry on fighting?

28-Jan-2002: Moore of the Same
Richard Lord looks at the similarities between Grimsby Town and Tuesday's opponents Rotherham United.
27-Jan-2002: Your Support Matters
Dan Humphrey makes some interesting observations after studying the First Division attendance table.
27-Jan-2002: A Season To Remember - Special Offer
Mariners Net are offering internet subscribers a special deal on a much prized Mariners book that records our greatest season
24-Jan-2002: Prudent Management or Plain Lunacy?
A number of players have contracts that run out at the end of the season, and Graham Howes thinks we should act now.
23-Jan-2002: A Chance To Win!
Mariners Net, the club's official web site, are offering you a chance to win a 20 pound club shop voucher.
22-Jan-2002: Lack of Professionalism At GTFC
Jamie Roberts believes the unprofessional attitude of both players and club officials at Blundell Park is costing Town dear.
22-Jan-2002: Division Two Beckons!
Ray believes barring intervention from the man upstairs, Grimsby's spell in Division One will be ended this season.
22-Jan-2002: Sack The Board? No Way!
Billo has had another rant today. This time it is about the GTFC board and why they should be supported.
17-Jan-2002: Groves - Time To Decide: Player Or Manager?
Graham Howes believes Paul Groves is at a crossroads in his career when he must decide whether to continue playing.
17-Jan-2002: Looking Ahead
Jason Ives peers into his crystal ball to try and find what fate lies in the Mariners' path over the remainder of the season.
13-Jan-2002: Is Axing Youth A Cut Too Far?
Graham Howes thinks Mr Furneaux's announcement that the youth set-up is the latest to feel the axe is very short-sighted.
09-Jan-2002: Yellowbelly League Blues
Graham Howes looks at the region and wonders who will be first to hit the big time!
07-Jan-2002: Mentioned Part 36
05-Jan-2002: Bring In A Bootroom
Ray Lucas thinks a Liverpool-style bootroom is what the Mariners need to ensure continuity at the club.
03-Jan-2002: Annual Awards Ceremony
Dan Humphrey takes a look at the highs and lows of 2001 (there were plenty of each!) and chooses his winners and losers.
02-Jan-2002: The Ray Lucas Column: Good Start Grovesie
Ray Lucas salutes the promising start which Paul Groves' brave new world has heralded for the Mariners in less than a week.
02-Jan-2002: The Time Has Come To Protect The Club's Future!
Billo looks at the current need to cut costs at Blundell Park and where savings might be found.
02-Jan-2002: Where Is Our Future?
Nicko asks if is there a future for GTFC and have we already missed our chance of financial survival?
01-Jan-2002: Lennie Just Had To Go
Richard Hubbert argues that Lawrence's dismisal last week was inevitable but finds some of the comments made astounding.
01-Jan-2002: Ambition and the Board
The Fishy's Readers have their say on the Town board and other matters following the sacking of Lennie Lawrence.

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