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Spend it Wisely!

Beat the Bookies: Week 37

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 18/04/2013

LAST week the losing sequence came to an end, but the one win exactly cancelled out the four losses. There's just one weekend of the full regular season left to place your bets, so make the most of it!

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Grimsby and Newport have both finished the season strongly, they've both rested players in the build-up and doubtless they will do again. It's easy to forget before the three successes away that Town have actually been quite poor at Blundell Park. With that in mind the best value is probably the away win at 2.63.


  • Watford v Blackburn - away win (4.60, Sky Bet). Blackburn have won their last two and are close to having avoided relegation. Watford have just won one from six.

    Blue Square Premier League

  • Mansfield v Wrexham - away win (7.50, Bet 365). This is a daft price. Yes Mansfield have been better in recent weeks but over the course of a long season there's not been that been much in it. Both teams need to win this game too - albeit Wrexham's desire to finish fourth isn't quite as powerful as Mansfield's to finish ahead of Kidderminster.

    Scottish Division 3

  • Rangers v Peterhead - away win (11.0, Marathon). Peterhead are the form team in the division with five straight wins. Rangers are already promoted with their minds on next season.

    bet365 12/04Burton Albion v Plymouth - away win4.60£-10.00 12/04Southend v Bristol Rovers - away win3.55£-10.00 12/04Tranmere v Hartlepool - away win5.00£40.00 12/04Brentford v Portsmouth - away win6.25£-10.00 12/04Leicester v Birmingham - away win5.81£-10.00 04/04Burnley v Bristol City - away win4.33£-10.00 04/04Yeovil v Shrewsbury - away win4.80£-10.00 04/04Gillingham v Torquay - away win5.75£-10.00 04/04Kidderminster v Lincoln City - away win7.50£-10.00 29/03Preston v Portsmouth - away win5.75£-10.00 29/03Man City v Newcastle - away win12.35£-10.00 29/03Grimsby v Barrow - away win6.50£-10.00 29/03Northampton v Torquay - away win4.75£-10.00 21/03Swindon v Notts County - away win6.25£-10.00 21/03Brentford v Preston - away win4.33£-10.00 21/03Gillingham v Accrington Stanley - away win7.00£-10.00 21/03Fleetwood Town v Dag & Red - away win4.01£-10.00 21/03Port Vale v Aldershot - away win5.50£0.00 21/03Bradford v Bristol Rovers - away win4.00£0.00 21/03Grimsby v Wrexham - Wrexham to win by 2 or more5.50£-10.00 21/03Dunfermline v Dumbarton- away win4.50£35.00 14/03Sheff Wed v Cardiff - home win3.20£-10.00 14/03Doncaster v Portsmouth - away win7.00£-10.00 14/03Brentford v Preston - away win4.33£-10.00 14/03Accrington Stanley v Barnet - away win3.05£-10.00 14/03Woking v AFC Telford - away win5.00£-10.00 07/03Reading v Aston Villa - away win3.16£21.60 07/03Leicester v Sheff Wed - away win6.00£50.00 07/03Bournemouth v Doncaster - away win4.50£35.00 07/03Swindon v Walsall - away win5.77£-10.00 07/03Fleetwood Town v Exeter - away win3.27£-10.00 07/03Rochdale v Wycombe - away win3.23£-10.00 01/03Swansea v Newcastle - away win3.88£-10.00 01/03Blackpool v Bristol City - away win5.75£-10.00 01/03Brighton v Huddersfield - away win6.00£-10.00 01/03Doncaster v Hartlepool - away win5.00£-10.00 01/03Cheltenham v AFC Wimbledon - away win5.00£-10.00 01/03Gateshead v Braintree Town - Away Win3.40£24.00 01/03Macclesfield v Grimsby - Draw3.40£0.00 21/02West Brom v Sunderland - away win4.65£-10.00 21/02Brentford v Walsall - away win4.89£-10.00 21/02Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd - away win3.60£26.00 21/02Dag & Red v AFC Wimbledon - away win4.26£32.60 21/02Grimsby v Dartford - Over 4.5 goals4.65£-10.00 14/02Tranmere v Shrewsbury - away win4.60£36.00 14/02Cardiff v Bristol City - away win7.50£-10.00 14/02Bury v Coventry - away win2.40£14.00 14/02York v Barnet - away win4.20£32.00 14/02Arsenal v Blackburn - away win12.50£115.00 14/02Grimsby v Dartford - away win6.20£-10.00 07/02Stoke v Reading - away win4.60£-10.00 07/02Notts County v Crewe - away win3.75£-10.00 07/02Chesterfield v AFC Wimbledon - away win5.00£-10.00 07/02Newport County v Tamworth - away win5.20£-10.00 01/02Reading v Sunderland - away win31.00£-10.00 01/02Blackpool v Barnsley - away win5.25£42.50 01/02Blackburn v Bristol City - away win5.54£-10.00 01/02Watford v Bolton - away win3.60£-10.00 01/02Rotherham v Northampton - away win4.00£-10.00 01/02Forest Green v Wrexham - away win3.00£-10.00 24/01Bournemouth v Crewe - away win5.58£-10.00 24/01Bradford v Wycombe - away win5.12£0.00 24/013.44.35£-10.00 24/01Reading v Sheffield United - away win6.00£-10.00 24/01QPR v MK Dons - away win6.00£50.00 18/01Liverpool v Norwich - away win11.00£-10.00 18/01West Brom v Aston Villa5.50£-10.00 18/01Wigan v Sunderland - away win3.88£28.80 11/01Norwich v Newcastle - away win3.50£-10.00 11/01Hull v Sheff Wed - away win6.03£50.30 11/01Stevenage v Doncaster - away win2.75£17.50 11/01Rotherham v Barnet - away win7.50£65.00 11/01Bradford v Oxford Utd - away win4.06£30.60 11/01Sutton v Wrexham - home win6.20£-10.00 11/01Gateshead v Barrow - away win5.50£0.00 11/01Dartford v Bromley - away win6.00£-10.00 03/01Hull City v Leyton Orient - away win9.00£-10.00 03/01Southampton v Chelsea - home win5.50£-10.00 03/01West Ham United v Manchester United - home win5.50£-10.00 03/01Gateshead v Nuneaton - away win4.90£-10.00 03/01Kidderminster v Barrow - away win7.00£-10.00 27/12Stoke v Southampton - away win5.20£-10.00 27/12Arsenal v Newcastle - away win9.00£-10.00 27/12Fulham v Swansea - away win3.65£26.50 27/12MK Dons v Coventry - away win4.41£34.10 27/12Rotherham v Accrington Stanley - away win6.60£-10.00 27/12Exeter v Barnet - away win4.80£-10.00 27/12Dartford v Cambridge Utd - away win3.20£-10.00 27/12Southport v Hyde - away win3.15£21.50 20/12Bury v Shrewsbury - away win3.21£-10.00 14/12Hayes & Yeading v Dover - away win2.00£10.00 14/12Dartford v Tonbridge - away win6.00£-10.00 14/12Woking -1.5 v Welling United - home win (AH)3.70£-10.00 14/12Accrington Stanley v Wycombe - away win3.10£21.00 14/12Doncaster v Coventry - away win3.25£22.50 14/12Liverpool v Aston Villa - away win10.19£91.90 07/12Fulham v Newcastle - away win4.75£-10.00 07/12Leicester v Derby - away win5.91£-10.00 07/12Swindon v Doncaster - away win4.26£-10.00 07/12Forest Green v Macclesfield - away win4.33£-10.00 07/12Grimsby v Tamworth - draw4.31£-10.00 07/12Luton v Alfreton Town - away win6.50£-10.00 07/12Woking v Stockport - over 4.5 goals4.75£-10.00 30/11West Ham v Chelsea - home win4.30£33.00 30/11Liverpool v Southampton - away win9.00£-10.00 30/11Oldham v Doncaster - away win5.50£-10.00 30/11Crawley v Chelmsford - away win8.50£-10.00 23/11Tottenham v West Ham - away win6.28£-10.00 23/11Barnsley v Cardiff - away win2.24£12.40 23/11Walsall v Hartlepool - away win4.70£-10.00 23/11Cheltenham v Barnet - away win5.50£-10.00 23/11Woking v Farnborough - away win5.15£-10.00 23/11Stafford v Southport - home win3.75£-10.00 16/11Rotherham v Cheltenham - away win4.20£-10.00 16/11Gillingham v Morecambe - away win6.00£-10.00 16/11Norwich v Man Utd - home win8.00£70.00 16/11Man City v Aston Villa - away win (DNB)13.00£-10.00 08/11Everton v Sunderland - away win8.60£-10.00 08/11Reading v Norwich - away win3.40£-10.00 08/11Cheltenham v Burton Albion - away win4.75£-10.00 08/11Forest Green v Stockport - away win5.09£-10.00 08/11Tamworth v AFC Telford - away win3.25£-10.00 01/11Liverpool v Newcastle - away win6.90£-10.00 01/11Sheff Wed v Peterborough - away win4.60£-10.00 01/11Swindon v Macclesfield - away win11.00£100.00 01/11Aldershot v Hendon - away win10.00£-10.00 01/11Cambridge C v MK Dons - home win11.00£-10.00 25/10Dartford v Mansfield - away win3.15£-10.00 25/10Chesterfield v Barnet - away win6.20£52.00 25/10Leicester v Crystal Palace - away win7.11£61.10 25/10Tranmere v Preston - away win3.75£-10.00 25/10Stoke v Sunderland - away win4.57£-10.00 19/10Brighton v Middlesbrough - away win5.60£46.00 19/10Fleetwood Town v AFC Wimbledon - away win6.50£-10.00 19/10Forest Green v Dartford - away win5.00£-10.00 19/10Grimsby v Kidderminster - draw3.60£-10.00 19/10Woking v Ebbsfleet - away win4.20£32.00 12/10Bournemouth v Leyton Orient - away win4.31£-10.00 12/10Fleetwood Town v Wycombe - away win5.82£48.20 12/10Gateshead v Cambridge Utd - away win3.44£-10.00 12/10Telford Utd vs Grimsby Town - draw3.52£-10.00 12/10Eastbourne Borough v Sutton Utd - draw3.60£-10.00 05/10Man City v Sunderland - draw or away win4.10£-10.00 05/10Blackpool v Charlton - away win5.60£46.00 05/10MK Dons v Portsmouth - away win8.00£-10.00 05/10Notts County v Tranmere - away win3.60£26.00 05/10Morecambe v Burton Albion - away win2.75£-10.00 05/10Hereford v Stockport - away win3.96£29.60 05/10Sutton Utd v Tonbridge - draw3.50£25.00 28/09Fulham v Man City - home win4.80£-10.00 28/09Reading v Newcastle - away win2.50£-10.00 28/09Bournemouth v Walsall - away win5.56£45.60 28/09Forest Green v Lincoln City - draw4.33£-10.00 28/09Dover v Maidenhead Utd - away win4.33£-10.00 28/09Stockport v Ebbsfleet United - home win2.30£13.00 21/09Walsall v Preston - away win2.50£-10.00 21/09Braintree Town v Stockport - away win6.00£-10.00 21/09Crawley Town v Tranmere - away win3.75£27.50 21/09Leicester v Hull - away win4.19£-10.00 21/09Liverpool v Man Utd - away win2.79£17.90 12/09Sunderland v Liverpool - home win3.60£-10.00 12/09Reading v Tottenham - home win4.00£-10.00 12/09Brighton v Sheff Wed - away win4.00£-10.00 12/09Shrewsbury v Scunthorpe - home win1.93£-10.00 12/09Stevenage v Crewe - away win5.52£-10.00 12/09Forest Green v Alfreton Town - away win (DNB)4.33£0.00 06/09Dover v Hayes & Yeading - home win1.95£-10.00 06/09AFC Telford v Lincoln City - home win2.20£-10.00 06/09Northampton v AFC Wimbledon - home win1.83£8.33 31/08Southampton v Man Utd - home win6.80£-10.00 31/08Man City v QPR - Draw8.00£-10.00 31/08Swansea v Sunderland - away win3.67£-10.00 31/08Hartlepool v Scunthorpe - home win2.20£12.00 31/08Tranmere v Colchester - home win2.05£10.50 31/08Fleetwood Town v Aldershot - away win5.25£-10.00 24/08Chelsea v Newcastle - draw4.52£-10.00 24/08Charlton v Hull - home win2.40£-10.00 24/08Scunthorpe v Yeovil - away win3.75£27.50 24/08Shrewsbury v Tranmere - away win3.10£-10.00 24/08Aldershot v Cheltenham - away win3.10£21.00 24/08Lincoln City v Macclesfield - home win3.00£-10.00 17/08Reading v Stoke - draw3.40£24.00 17/08Crawley Town v Scunthorpe - home win2.10£11.00 17/08Grimsby v Nuneaton - Grimsby to win by 3 or more4.80£-10.00 10/08Lincoln City v Kidderminster - home2.83£18.30 10/08Southport v Grimsby - home win2.97£-10.00 10/08Hereford v Macclesfield - home win2.42£14.20 Premier Total £43.70 Champ Total £188.30 L1 Total £135.20 L2 Total £90.73 BSP Total £-119.40 BSS Total £-15.00 Scotland Total £35.00 Cups Total £147.00 Grand Total £505.53

    2012 Summer Record (1 or 2 bets, around £10 per week each of Rob's own money)

    Rugby League Total£43.10
    Tennis Total£-30.80
    Euro 2012 Total-£15.00
    Cricket Total£21.00
    Baseball Total-£10.00
    Olympics Total£27.50
    Grand Total£37.80

    2011-2012 Record (1 or 2 bets, around £10 per week each of Rob's own money)

    Premier Total£-170.60
    Champ Total£-24.90
    L1 Total£4.88
    L2 Total£198.80
    BSP Total£-83.00
    BSS Total£111.80
    Cups Total£21.85
    Grand Total£58.83

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