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Cod Head

Cod Head's Gallery

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 18/06/2000 (Last updated: 11/08/2017)

This site is written by fans for fans and each week we interview a prominent "Cod Head" as part our commitment to fans of Grimsby Town FC.

We regularly need new cod heads, so would appreciate contributions from lifelong supporters of the Mariners.

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If you would like to be considered for an interview with us, send an e-mail to We need more Cod Heads soon so please contact us so that this feature can continue.

Here are our current and previous Cod Heads in all their glory:

11 dec 2011:
Richard Huntley

Richard, based in Manchester, has been supporting Grimsby since the 1970's.

11 dec 2011:
Simon Stephenson

David only started watching Town when they were crap and has almost nothing but dreadful memories of being a Mariner.

23 nov 2011:
David Miller

David only started watching Town when they were crap and has almost nothing but dreadful memories of being a Mariner.

13 oct 2009:
Dave Herriott

Dave first saw Town when they were in England's top division.

13 oct 2009:
Terry Hall

Terry has been supporting the Mariners since the late 50s and runs the Supporters' Club coaches to away games..

21 sep 2009:
Les Brechin

Les has been supporting the Mariners since the late 70s, has recently overcome a brain tumour.

04 jun 2009:
Jon Lilley

Town won a trophy at Jon Lilley's first game in 1979. It's been downhill ever since.

10 nov 2008:
Pete Turner

Pete has been supporting the Mariners since 1953.

19 feb 2008:
Charlie Jilling

Charlie lists his favourite game as the 1-0 win over Spurs.

10 sep 2007:
Jarrod Harvey

Jarrod works on an offshore platform in the North Sea.

10 sep 2007:
Jarrod Harvey

Jarrod works on an offshore platform in the North Sea.

18 jun 2007:
Craig Young

Craig's father used to play professional football.

12 mar 2007:

Robbo has been supporting Town for over 10 years.

07 jan 2007:
Steve Plowes

Steve has been supporting Town for nearly 50 years.

02 oct 2006:
Henry Barber

14-year-old Henry is a season ticket holder who lives near Louth.

04 sep 2006:
Paul Sweeney

Paul is now a soccer coach in Australia..

24 jul 2006:
John Dimitrovich-White

John has been supporting Town nearly fourty years, mainly in exile.

27 mar 2006:
Scott Charles

Scott has recently left Grimsby to move to Durham.

09 jan 2006:
Philip Borum

Phil lives in Grimsby and works at Pywipe.

15 aug 2005:
Richard Hubbert

Richard is a 19-year-old student at York University.

31 may 2005:
Chris Borum

Chris is a 35-year-old policeman from Barnsley.

21 feb 2005:
Andy Humberstone

Andy has been supporting Town since 1967!

17 jan 2005:
Adam Swallow

Adam is a 22-year-old retail manager in Freshney Place, Grimsby.

15 nov 2004:
Richard Lord

The Fishy's very own Richard Lord has now gone to univeristy, but hopes to be a professional sports journalist!!

11 oct 2004:
Jonathan Wacey

Jonathan has been to over 300 games and 70 grounds, and is still only 23!

27 sep 2004:
Steve Vigar

Steve is an exiled supporter from Norfolk who has followed Town for 24 years..

13 sep 2004:
Andrew Doherty

Andrew is an exiled supporter from Basingstoke who has followed Town for 35+ years.

09 aug 2004:
Paul Forrester

Paul lives in the USA but still follows the Mariners from afar.

26 jul 2004:
Matty Kurzon

Matty has been watching Town since the age of about four..

19 jul 2004:
Claire Carlile

Claire numbers amongst her interests Iron Maiden and Grimsby Town.

05 jul 2004:
Bev Altoft

Bev, from Great Coates, has only recently seen the light and started watching Town.

31 may 2004:
Brett Morris

Brett Morris still supports Town despite being a student in America.

17 may 2004:
Jason Jackson

Jason works at Pleasure Island.

03 may 2004:
Zola Budd

Zola has recently returned from exile in Plymouth to his beloved Grimsby.

19 apr 2004:
John Lewis

John will shortly be joining the Army after being part of the B&W one!

29 mar 2004:
Stu Cox

Stu is a season ticker holder who lives in Grimsby.

08 march 2004:
Johny Pawson

Johny is already a veteran supporter at the age of 18!.

03 february 2004:
Michael Yarborough

Michael lives in exile in Whitley Bay.

05 may 2003:
Peter Salsbury

Peter has been supporting Grimsby Town since the 1950's!

14 april 2003:
Phil Morgan

Phil wouldn't miss a Town game for a wedding or a birthday!

24 match 2003:
Dave Pearce

Dave has been supporting the Mariners since 1947!

17 march 2003:
Mark Worrall

Mark has been supporting the Mariners for almost twenty years.

10 march 2003:
Tony Hamilton

Tony has been supporting the Mariners for over two decades.

03 march 2003:
Kyle Young

Kyle has been supporting the Mariners since the age of six.

24 february 2003:
Mike Gray

Mike lives 30 miles away from Blundell Park but still gets to 30 games a season.

17 february 2003:
Kristine Fitzjohn

Kristine is 18 years old but has already supported Grimsby Town for over a decade.

10 february 2003:
Scott Pannell

Scott, an archeology student, has been supporting Grimsby since he was eight years old.

03 february 2003:
Ian Blakemore

Ian, from Lincoln Uninversity, has missed 2 games in 3 and a half years home and away.

27 january 2003:
Nick Bagshaw

Nick now finds himself living the life of an Exile - in Ascot.

10 december 2001:
Jack Kirwin

Jack is 16 years old and has supported Town for 5 years.

13 november 2001:
Wayne Lofts

Wayne is 31 years old and has supported Town all his life..

29 october 2001:
Melvin Clarke

Melvin is 36 years old and has lived in Grimsby all his life.

01 october 2001:
Bob Graves

Bob Graves is on duty at every home game as a steward in the Osmond Stand.

16 september 2001:
Kerry William Purcell

Kerry William Purcell, a freelance writer living in Brighton, has supported Town for 23 years

03 september 2001:
Bill Coxon

Bill Coxon has supported Town for 64 years and now lives in exile in Canada.

20 august 2001:
Phil Ball

Phil is a freelance football journalist now residing in Spain and has supported Town for 34 years.

13 august 2001:
Mark Standley

Mark now resides in South Africa and has supported Town for 35 years.

23 july 2001:
John Paul Teanby

John Paul has been supporting Town since he was four years old.

11 july 2001:
Gary Ladd

Gary Ladd's all-time hero is Trevor Whymark

27 june 2001:
Simon Lloyd

Simon has supported Grimsby from early childhood despite growing up in Kent.

14 june 2001:
Ryan Collins

Ryan goes to Matthew Humberstone school and has been supporting Town for 10 of his 14 years.

27 may 2001:
Peter Forrester

The Fishy's Peter Forrester is a student at Clee Sixth Form and regularly attends games.

28 march 2001:
John Pakey

John hails from a small village in North Essex and started supporting the Mariners through his Dad. John is now a student at Lincoln University.

06 february 2001:
Ben Brooks

Ben's been a regular at Blundell Park since his dad first took him five years ago.

29 january 2001:
Steff Keightley

Steff lives in Leicester now, and started supporting Town on his 5th birthday.

20 january 2001:

Chiffy lives in Grimsby, and has not missed a Town home game since the very first one he went to 12 years ago.

02 january 2001:
Calum Milne

Calum lives in Crawley, Sussex, but knows where he'd rather be on a Saturday afternoon!

21 november 2000:
Kevin Laister

Kevin is a regular at Blundell Park and referees the Town youth fixtures.

18 october 2000:
Emma Gillingham

Emma lives in London but still manages to go to nearly every game.

14 september 2000:

Evo met his wife Karen Cam in the cells at Stoke police station following a Grimsby game. The pair now live with their children and dog Fat Lad in a house just behind the away end at BP.

03 september 2000:
Sue Firth

Sue became a Town fan late in life through by accident rather by design, due to meeting her partner Tony Butcher, himself a Cod Head.

24 august 2000:
Richard Dawson

Richard grew sick of life in California, he missed Grimsby so much that he recently moved back from the USA to return to his home town.

17 august 2000:
Andy Lumbard

Andy lapsed as a Mariner for many years but his son's passion for football, and the birth of the Internet rekindled the flame that had always lingered in his heart.

06 august 2000:
Stu Morton

Stu lives in Paris and has been supporting Town longer than he can remember.

17 june 2000:
Dan Humphrey

Dan lives in Meryside but he used to be Livvo's neighbour.

17 june 2000:
Fat Lad

My name is George, my mates call me Fat Lad. I am a British Bulldog. I like to eat drink and sleep, bit like the players really.

08 june 2000:
Glenn Cowlam

Glenn lives in Leeds, and his childhood hero was Bobby Cumming.

02 june 2000:
Brian Robinson

Brian lives in Nottingham and has been supporting the Mariners for over 20 years.

23 may 2000:
Ivano Bonetti

Ivano lives in Scotland now, but reveals that he watches every game under the guise of the Mighty Mariner!

14 may 2000:
Paul Ketchley

Paul's been a Town supporter for nigh-on 45 years.

7 may 2000:
Nigel Fisher

Although Nigel lives in Malaysia he follows their matches on the net, and manages to watch a creditable 4 to 5 games a season.

29 april 2000:
Jostein Jensen

Jostein is a Norwegian Grimsby Town fan who watches his beloved Mariners from a distance.

21 april 2000:
Matt Westcott

Matt is a journalist from Darlington with some very amusing tales to tell of his experiences of being a Town fan.

12 april 2000:
Nick Osborne

Nick has supported the mariners for many-a-year through thick and thin.

07 april 2000:
John Sowerby

John lives in Germany and although he has never seen Town play, he follows their fortunes from a distance.

30 march 2000:
Pete Conboy

Pete follows the fortunes of the Mariners from across the Irish sea.

25 march 2000:
Mark Pulford

Mark reveals how he has a cat named after a Nottingham Forest player!

19 march 2000:
Bar Larder

Bar loves the Mariners so much she even got married on the beach in Oz wearing a Town shirt.

09 march 2000:
Paul Sleeth

Paul's in New Zealand right now taking part in an internet competition.

03 march 2000:
Rick Sullivan

Rick's a rugby man, but he always looks first for Town's result.

24 february 2000:
Ross Lumbard

Ross, son of Andrew, is by far the youngest Cod Head yet!

17 february 2000:
Tom Bollan

Tom saw the light in the early Nineties and has never looked back.

11 february 2000:
James Brown

James looks back (and forward) on his time spent watching Town.

03 february 2000:
Jeremy Baily

Jeremy reveals a very eventful lifetime following the Mariners.

27 january 2000:
Dave Larder

Dave lives in Oz but his heart lies at Blundell Park.

20 january 2000:
Alan Nocker

Alan lives in Peru now but always keeps an eye out for the Mariners.

13 january 2000:
John Firth

John's memories of the mariners stretch back over forty years.

06 january 2000:
Tony Butcher

The Fishy's No. 1 match reporter reveals all!

30 december 1999:
David Peasgood

Lived in Grimsby all his life and proud of it.

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